Nativity Scene Moved From Display At Shaw Air Force Base

This isn’t breaking news or anything, this occurred back in the early part of the month. However, if Obama can still Blame Bush, and media outlets can bring up things for months and years ago, the delay should be OK

(Fox News) A nativity scene at Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina was abruptly removed last week.

Now we know why.

The recommendation to remove a Nativity from a Christmas display at the base came from Pentagon lawyers who feared the plastic Baby Jesus could give the appearance that the military is endorsing religion.

A spokesperson for the South Carolina base told me that Pentagon lawyers were acting on a complaint filed by the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, a radical anti-Christian organization whose leaders appear to hold great sway over President Obama’s Pentagon.

This goes to several things, one of which is the s0-called “tolerance” of the political Left. They’re tolerant as long as they get their way. And then you get groups like the MRFF (the same group which complained and forced the removal of Nativity scenes at Guantanamo) who expose their intolerance by pushing this fake “endorsement” issue. It’d be nice if Leftists would read, and understand, the Constitution for a change.

Another is the wimpification and secularization of our military under Obama. And

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation said they were alerted by an undisclosed number of Airmen who said they were emotionally troubled by the sight of the plastic Jewish family.

Robert D. Raiford calls this the United States Of The Offended. “Emotionally troubled”? Seriously? Get a life. Get a backbone.

The Nativity scene was moved to near the base chapel from its position near Memorial Lake. So, it is still on base, just somewhere else. So, how is different? It’s all about whiners being whiners and wanting to create an issue. Their poor delicate eyes can’t take it or something.

Funny how these same Leftists do not seem too emotionally troubled as to what happens to women and gays in Muslim nations.

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5 Responses to “Nativity Scene Moved From Display At Shaw Air Force Base”

  1. Jeffery says:

    Hey Pirate,

    Wimps?? Did you serve in one of the organizations you now call wimps or something? Or are you a typical conservative war cheerleader or something – insulting those whom secure your freedom to type in an air conditioned office or something.

    The display was clearly in violation of the Air Force Instructions and was correctly moved to the chapel.

    Perhaps you military-mocking pseudo-Christians can amend the Constitution to repeal the 1st Amendment or something cause global warming.

  2. gitarcarver says:

    Please Jiffypop, read the Constitution before trying to comment on it.

    It really is embarrassing to see the ignorance you espouse.

  3. Conservative Beaner says:

    Hey Jiffy,

    I served in the navy for a total of 21 years, 6 active and 15 years reserve. I spent over 4 years on subs playing hide and seek with major combatants and submarines of the soviet navy. The military was not as PC is today. We could have Shellback, Bluenose and Chiefs initiations. I had my Crows and Dolphins tacked on after I was awarded them. We could openly display our faith in God and Jesus Christ. We could actually display the baby Jesus with no complaints.

    With that said they are a bunch of f’ing PC cv#ts, Jiffy.

  4. jl says:

    J- In your head, was that some sort of rebuttal to the post? Because it wasn’t.

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