Think Progress Not Happy NC Legislator Says Obamacare “Worse Than Nazis And Terrorists”

Obviously, only Democrats are allowed to make those kinds of comparisons, especially comparing Republicans to terrorists for daring to want to hold federal spending in check, or when they call Republicans the Taliban. And there’s that fun phrase “Reich-wing”. Anyhow

North Carolina Legislator: Obamacare Worse Than Terrorists, Stalin, Hitler Combined

North Carolina State Senator Bob Rucho (R) tweeted Sunday that he believes the Affordable Care Act ranks as worse than the worst atrocities of the past century.

The dentist and Finance Committee Co-Chair claimed:

After several other Twitter users criticized his comment, Rucho posted a follow-up observation: “Those that tweeted, put your thinking caps back on: ‘The PEN is mightier than the SWORD.’ Edward Bulwar-Lytton,1839. But surely you knew that.”

So Rucho’s claim is a bit different than what TP is proclaiming. And is certainly over the top hyperbole. Yet, Obamacare has done enormous damage to the USA. Neither the Soviets nor the Nazis actually did much damage to our country overall. Terrorists have hurt us, but the damage is short term. Obamacare takes over 1/6th of our economy, and will cause long term damage to our health care. Millions have lost their health insurance. Tens of millions more face losing their health insurance. And they will have to look at plans with expensive premiums, and, more important, very expensive deductibles. O-care has contributed to companies shifting workers to part-time hours, along with a reticence to hire. The damage matrix from Ocare continues on and on. We certainly lost people to the Nazis, Soviets, and Islamic terrorists. We haven’t seen that with O-care. Yet.

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3 Responses to “Think Progress Not Happy NC Legislator Says Obamacare “Worse Than Nazis And Terrorists””

  1. Trish Mac says:

    TP. Good name for Think Progress.
    I saw a comment on a moronic post about Benghazi, where the guy says Republicans are more worried about the four dead there, than the MILLIONS who would die of Obama had not passed this healthcare law. I couldn’t even respond to his enormous ignorance.
    What will happen to our healthcare access, our medical community, our economy and our actual health, is going to have worse effect on our country than wars have. So as you referred to it, the “damage matrix” is an atrocity that will have a mushroom cloud which will rain crap down on us like no body’s business.

  2. Done With Winter Gumballs says:

    Sounds like something J would say, Trish.
    Question, Teach: Isn’t that 1/6th of economy a bit low? If we are talking “of the budget”, then our budget being $4Trillion, then Ocare is already over 50%.

    If GDP, then of 2013 it was $17 Trillion, then 1/6th is about right. But, shouldn’t we be talking about how much the gov’t is going to be spending more on this? Instead of saving money and reducing the cost, this will ramp up the outlays.

    How many thousands of IRS employed? How many lawyers? How many inept technicians employed just for the website? How many tens of thousands of OFA lackeys hired to promote a gov’t program door to door? How many millions of pages of paper?

    I’m sorry, but no gov’t program should ever be advertised. Gov’t should also not advertise for other levels of gov’t and NGO agencies.

  3. Trish Mac says:

    gb- it does sound a lot like j, but it was someone else. Sadly, they are not alone. There are far too many people who refuse to see logic, and understand that this “plan” cannot ever work and we will never again have the best healthcare system in the world, until and unless it is repealed.
    Your stats are depressing, but true. And the government is doing shit that is unprecedented, and evil.
    It’s Christmastime, give me something nice for a change!

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