Kid Ballerinas Booted From Practice Hall For Obama Interview

Let’s imagine this occurred while a Republican was president

(Fox News) A group of young ballerinas rehearsing for “The Nutcracker” was kicked out of American University’s theatre so MSNBC host Chris Matthews could interview President Obama on Thursday.

American University admitted they dumped Ballet Petite’s two final dress rehearsals so they could host MSNBC’s “Hardball College Tour.” Matthews will be presiding over a one-hour conversation with the man he’s likened to President Kennedy’s last brother, President Abraham Lincoln and Jesus Christ.

The ballet company had been scheduled to rehearse on Wednesday and Thursday in preparation for their opening performance on Sunday.

But, wait, it gets better!

Melissa Carney, the ballet company’s artistic director told The Washington Post they had signed a contract to rent the theatre in January. They were told they were being shoved out so Matthews could interview Obama on Tuesday.

In the Era Of Obama, contracts can be violated without penalty, simply so Obama can engage in a softball tee-ball interview  with a guy who thinks Obama is the Messiah. How many health insurance contracts were cancelled? Anyhow, AU offered some concessions, but no apology for breaking the contract, but, really, had Bush done this the media would be up in arms about how shoddily he treated these 6 and 7 year old girls, and would trot out the “war on women” meme.

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9 Responses to “Kid Ballerinas Booted From Practice Hall For Obama Interview”

  1. Now_Frozen_Gumballs says:

    If they paid money on that contract, then they could sue – and should. Add Obama on to that suit.

    If it was more of a reservation, then they can be kicked at will.

    However, it is most definitely indicative of this liberal ideology: All for them and nothing for everyone else.

  2. […] And Chris Matthews later gushed “He came to us. He came amongst us.” Something tells me the little ballerinas weren’t feeling as tingly.Tweetvaso linkgoogle_ad_client = "ca-pub-1395656889568144"; /* In […]

  3. Jeffery says:

    I was flying home from Italy once and our flight was diverted to another city for fuel because George W. Bush’s Air Force One was on the tarmac of my home airport, adding hours to an already long trip.

    Definitely indicative of this conservative ideology: All for them and nothing for everyone else.

    And really, had Obama done this the right-wing media would be up in arms about how shoddily he treated these weary travelers and would trot out the “war on white people” meme

  4. gitarcarver says:

    Oh Jeffy, you really don’t know much, do you?

    Obama scheduled and approved a fluff interview is not the same thing as Air Force One sitting on the tarmac.

    Obama had control of the scheduled event.

    Bush did not have control of Air Force One.

    Once again you shot and miss.

  5. Now_Frozen_Gumballs says:

    You are really going to compare national security to a photo-op?

  6. david7134 says:

    I am afraid old Jeff has a gut full of hate, so bad that he can’t understand the world around him. For my part, I thing the security for the president is overblown and they need to tone it down and have him treated more like an ordinary guy.

  7. Jeffery says:


    I DO hate willful ignorance and cruelty, the mainstays of conservatism.

  8. Arshad Sherif, M.A., M.Ed. says:

    You have to ask yourself: Why? Why would Barack Obama do this to young girls? Young girls who are lovely ballerinas. Beautiful, young ballerinas. The management of the ballet company is placing some of the blame on Chris Matthews and some of it on American University, but neither is to blame. Chris Matthews is acting in his own best interests as a reporter, without knowledge or regard for other commitments the host university may have had. And that is fine. Every reporter looks out for his own best interests and landing an interview with the President is every journalist’s dream. As for the university, again, getting the President on their campus is the dream of every university administration, so reneging on previous commitments, while deplorable, is understandable: the university is placing the interests of its students above all else. No doubt the students feel honored that the President has chosen them over other colleges.

    According to the artistic director of the Ballet Petite, it “has turned the lives of 150 young dancers upside down.” And that “canceling the performances would crush the hearts of the young dancers.”

    But no one is blaming the one person who alone is deserving of blame. It is President Obama. He is the one who should have put the interests of those young girls above all else. If anyone should have been looking out for the interests of those girls, it is him. These young women look up to him and they trust him to always take into consideration what is best for them. And what is good for them. He has violated that trust. He has let them down badly. But you have to ask yourself: Why?

    The President is not some novice politician. But even a novice in politics knows that you don’t trample on those most vulnerable. Those who are most impressionable. You never, ever trample on the rights of young girls. It is a political blunder of the highest magnitude. A PR disaster for the White House. Everyone should see the video of the young girls who have been impacted by the President’s visit to American University and how so badly their routine and schedule has been disrupted. These are young women who are performing under enormous pressures and with rehearsals that have been carefully planned to produce ballerinas that will perform at their peak. The President saw fit to tamper with the meticulously planned schedules of these enormously disciplined ballerinas. But you have to ask yourself: Why?

    When something so weird happens, there is usually a very interesting explanation. Does anyone remember Sergeant James Crowley? Six months into his first term, Obama saw fit to disparage Sergeant Crowley, who was acting in his official duties. Obama commented publicly on Sergeant Crowley’s arrest of a black Harvard professor. Obama didn’t know all the facts at the time and the subsequent media outrage caused him to back down and make nice with Sergeant Crowley. He did this by inviting Sergeant Crowley and the Harvard professor to the White House for a beer. Obama learned something from that experience. Something profound, it seems.

    Now he will look to make it up to these young ballerinas. Using the tried and true method of inviting them to the White House to make things right. To make it up to them. As if nothing had happened. It was Sergeant Crowley who taught him how effective this approach can be. Obama had succeeded in restoring his image, and his relationship with police departments everywhere was fully restored. He will now look to make amends with those remarkably beautiful young ballerinas.

    But while the Sergeant Crowley case was inadvertent because Obama spoke about a police matter that he had no business discussing in public or as President, the ballerina incident was one he deliberately brought upon himself. It was premeditated. It was calculated. He wanted to hurt them so that he can make it up to them. And to make it up to them by inviting them to the White House.

    As a politician, indeed the highest ranking politician in the country, Obama knows that pushing aside the young girls of the Ballet Petite and taking over a place they had reserved long in advance for their rehearsals was not the thing to do. Their schedule was disrupted and they were thoroughly inconvenienced. No politician in his right mind would do that to young girls. But Obama did it deliberately so that he could invite them to the White House and make it up to them.

    We must remember something very important about Obama: he is a frustrated President. And he likely has a lot more in store for these girls. He is frustrated because he is a President with very little power. The President with the least power ever in the history of this nation. People thought that Dubya relinquished his power to Cheney, but it was a power that he could withdraw at any time from Cheney, and, in fact, Cheney was relegated to some extent in the last two years of Dubya’s reign. But Dubya had a hundred times more power than Obama. Obama is the first truly powerless President in American history. And so he is a very frustrated man indeed. He has no more power than any of the ex-presidents. And he will therefore lose no power at all when he retires. The second source of frustration for Obama is that he has to put up with Michelle, day in and day out. A very unappealing woman for any normal man and certainly for a two-term President. There is so much beauty out there, but Michelle is what Obama gets served day in and day out. He is a sexually frustrated man. A powerless male teenager meeting up with a female classmate after school is more sexually satisfied than Obama can ever hope to be with Michelle.

    And so Obama will invite the ballerinas to the White House to say sorry. But he likely has more in mind. A lot more. It could be that he will arrange for one or two of them to stay overnight. Maybe several nights. Remember: it is a big group of girls. We are talking about 150 girls. So one or two staying a couple of nights at the White House may not be all that noticeable. Michael Jackson and his Neverland Ranch come to mind. But while Jackson’s interests appeared to be in young boys, we know that Obama is very much a heterosexual male. And so the girls of the Ballet Petite will no doubt receive a very warm welcome from Obama at the White House.

    And as we view the video that has accompanied news coverage of Obama and the Ballet Petite, we see featured some very nice girls indeed. There is Sune, there is Charlotte, there is Mica, and there is Abby.

    Anyone of these girls is a thoroughly welcome change from Michelle. Charlotte is especially sweet.

    But we cannot predict who Obama likes the most. We cannot predict whether it will be just one or one every other night. But surely for no more than a week. More than that and he risks getting caught. But where is the scandal that we have come to expect in every second term? Every second term has its scandal we are told.

    And Obama would love nothing more than to rival the last Democratic President that we had. Certainly he would like to establish his sexual superiority and his superior virility over his arch-rival, Bill Clinton. If Bill Clinton made every young man look up to him by what he did with Monica Lewinsky, surely Barack Obama can rise to the challenge.

    If Bill Clinton seduced 22-year-old Monica Lewinsky, Barack Obama must prove that he can do better. Charlotte is better. She is exactly one fourth of Monica Lewinsky’s current age. But Charlotte is better than Monica. And Bill Clinton got nothing more than oral sex from Monica Lewinsky. Obama will look to outdo Bill Clinton here, too. Obama can make Bill Clinton’s encounters with Monica Lewinsky look like child’s play. For Obama, it is always a matter of being The Man. The Main Man.

    He will get her anus moist with a moisturizer and then he will slowly insert his big black male organ deep within the ballerina’s rectum. And he will remain there for many minutes. Maybe more. In and out for a full hour. He is sitting in his Oval Office chair. He is feeling her small and white buttocks against his black torso. Smelling her gorgeous hair as she sits on his organ. He admires her back view. She is using her powerful ballerina toes against the floor to thrust up and down on his organ. Eventually she feels leaks of Presidential semen. Then the inevitable explosion of semen gushing through her tiny rectum. An enormous amount of fluid. More than Michelle ever received. Never did Michelle get the President this excited. Charlotte now knows that she is a real woman. More woman. More woman than Michelle ever was.

    The young ballerina always knew how exciting she is when she is on her toes. How men admire her so completely when she is on her toes. Her beauty and her form. And her feet. Those sexy feet. Now she knows what it means to be a woman. Now she is more woman. More woman than the First Lady. And she will have Barack Obama to thank for that. Today she is exactly one third the age at which Obama graduated from Harvard Law. But the young ballerina can make him explode deep within her rectum. And one wonders whether at her age she knew what happens to a man when he gets so very excited. But now she knows. She knows what she is fully capable of. She could feel it in her rectum. But because her rectum did the job so well, she didn’t get to see that the juice was white. So she missed out on an important lesson. A lesson that, at her age, she may not have already learned: the juice of a black man is also white.

    Charlotte is superior to Monica. And an opportunity has now opened up for Obama. It is the only remaining department in which he must establish his superiority over Bill Clinton.

  9. Now_Frozen_Gumballs says:

    that was awkward.

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