Delingpole: It’s Time To Stand Up To The Vicious Bullies Of The “Caring” Liberal Left

A good read from James Delingpole. Here’s the wrap up

All those environmentalists, for example, telling us that they’re acting in the interests of future generations. No they’re not – and it’s time we stopped letting them get away with pretending otherwise. Every new economy-sapping tax or regulation they introduce, every acre of rainforest or farmland they divert to biofuels, every percentage point of extra cost they add needlessly to the price of energy in their pointless quest for renewables, is like a boot in the face of our children and grandchildren. “No you can’t have a job. No you can’t have as high a standard of living as recent generations. Yes you will have to endure an era of low growth, increased government meddling in your life, and – quite likely – a period of riots, hyperinflation, possibly even war.”

The same applies to all the usual anti-freedom, anti-growth, anti-Western-civilisation suspects – the Occupy crowd who seem to think the solution is more of the government intervention that got us into this mess in the first place; the students whining for more free money to fund their mostly worthless degrees; the safety Nazis clamouring for the government to blow more of our tax dollars trying to abolish the  natural frailty of the human form. And yes, it applies very much to those vicious, embittered, self-righteous disability rights activists who hounded Philip Hensher for speaking no more than truth.

It’s time we lovers of liberty stood up to the fascist bullies who would steal our livelihoods, our freedoms and our right to self determination and self expression. You with me, people? You too, Philip?

I’m with you. Unfortunately, these same fascists, er, Progressives, control the majority of the media, government bureaucracies, and educational institutions. They control the unions. They’re shrill and screeching, loud and obnoxious. It’s hard to fight all that without become just as loud.

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6 Responses to “Delingpole: It’s Time To Stand Up To The Vicious Bullies Of The “Caring” Liberal Left”

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  2. benning says:

    Who is Philip Hensher, and what did he say?

    Dang it! I know my rights! Gimme what I want! And stop polluting my world! And no, I don’t care that all the things I want need a highly advanced technological society! *SQUIRREL!*


    Excellent posting!

  3. john says:

    Delingpole is so bright and accurate with his predictions I bet he thought Romney was going to win easily.

  4. john says:

    Yeah Teach and they also elected to POTUS. And are about 80% of all Americans now believe in climate change
    Only the “elite” see climate change as a hoax

  5. gitarcarver says:

    The moment science is based on pols, then you can try to give that stat, john.

    As you well know, we believe the climate is changing but not due to AGW.

    Somewhere a bridge is missing its troll.

  6. I try never to miss Delingpole, who is, as he says, right about everything.

    Amid all the conservative self-criticism and wailing about what the right must do and everything we’ve done wrong, I detect a voice that is yearning for really assertive voices. Hence the affection for Chris Christie, Breitbart, and Rick Perry. Please, someone, speak out for us. But don’t make any clumsy mistakes, and don’t sound crazy.

    There’s a wonderful piece at WattsUpWithThat by B ob Carter, Aussie Climate Scientist, and another of the good guys linked at my website too.

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