Bonny Price Charles Goes Green. Sort Of

Well, it is nice to see that Prince Charles, a big supporter of the global warming as caused by Man, to hell with that dastardly Sun and natural Earth processes, is starting to walk the walk, not just talk the talk

LONDON – Fewer chartered planes, more train trips and a royal Jaguar that runs on cooking oil have helped Prince Charles achieve a carbon-neutral household, an annual review of the prince’s accounts said Tuesday.

The annual review by the prince’s Clarence House office said Charles cut his annual carbon emissions by 9 percent, to 3,775 tons, between April 1, 2006 and March 31 of this year. The prince offset those emissions by investing in an agency that promotes tree planting and sustainable energy projects.

So, he is playing the carbon offsets game, like The Goracle. Sorry, Charley, that doesn’t really cut it, particularly since you use considerably more carbon then most people.

The report — printed on recycled paper in vegetable-based ink — said the prince had reduced the number of plane and helicopter journeys he takes, introduced green electricity at Highgrove, and converted his Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles to run on biodiesel fuel from used cooking oil.

Well, that is something, at least. He is trying.

Charles was criticized earlier this year for flying to New York to accept an environmental award — one of 86 overseas trips the prince took in the past year. But Peat said the prince used carbon offsetting — funding the planting of trees or other activities that remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere — to balance the effects of his air travel.

The total cost of offsetting the prince’s carbon emissions for one year was about $60,000, the review said.

$60,000? Blimey. Based on my lifestyle, it would cost me about $20. That is quite a few trees he is planting. I wonder when all those trees planted through carbon offsets start taking over the continents, to a point that living and farming space decrease, and everyone has to move to areas where trees won’t grow?

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2 Responses to “Bonny Price Charles Goes Green. Sort Of”

  1. Jim says:

    global warming is completely made up – so who cares. i care more about

  2. John Ryan says:

    People would be more apt to believe in the possibility that the climate might change if it were in the Bible. Some people do not want to belive in that possibility solely because other people whom they do not like believe in it.

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