Trackback Friday Featuring the Surrender Monkey: Dems Hate The Troops

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Yes, it is more games and politics from the Democrats over the Iraq supplemental (ABC News)

After a nearly four-month standoff between the Democratic-controlled Congress and the White House, the House and Senate passed a war funding bill Thursday evening that does not contain timetables for the withdrawal of U.S. troops.

The overwhelming majority of House Democrats voted against the bill, even those Democratic leaders who introduced the legislation to be voted upon — a tacit acknowledgement that, at least in this round of wrangling, President George W. Bush won.

In the Senate, the bill passed overwhelmingly, 80-14, though three of four Democrats running for president — Sens. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., Chris Dodd, D-Conn., and Barack Obama, D-Ill. — were in the minority voting against funds for the wars.

Got that? They let their BDS get in the way of funding the troops. But don’t say they do not support the troops. Even though Democrats like Pelosi and Obey voted "Nay," as well as:

"This vote is a choice between validating the same failed policy in Iraq that has cost us so many lives and demanding a new one," Obama said in a statement. "And I am demanding a new one."

Clinton, in a statement, said she voted against the legislation "because it fails to compel the president to give our troops a new strategy in Iraq."

Ladies and gentleman, here are your Democratic front-runners. It seems to be a choice between funding our troops who are on the battlefield, and forcing them to retreat. They can pretty it up with cute words and phrases, but cut and run is still cut and run.

The Breck Girl had his own thoughts, as they were

"Washington failed America today when Congress surrendered to the president’s demand for another blank check that prolongs the war in Iraq," Edwards said in a statement.

So, let’s see: the Democratic front-runners are against funding our troops, and are for surrender to Islamic radicals. I wonder when they will trot out the old "A Stronger America" slogans.

"I cannot vote to stop funding our troops who are in harm’s way," Carl Levin said. "It is not the proper way that we can bring this was to an end. It is not the proper way that we can put pressure on Iraqi leaders."

At least some Democrats have a conscience. We’ll give Levin the benefit of the doubt and say he did not do it for politics, and accord the same for Dick "Troops are Nazi’s" Durbin.

The vote was 280-142 in the House, with 2 Republicans voting no. They were Duncan and Paul. In the Senate, it was 80-14, with 6 weenies (both GOP and Dem) not voting.

Hot Air has an interesting read from a Lefty embed.

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One Response to “Trackback Friday Featuring the Surrender Monkey: Dems Hate The Troops”

  1. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    ” I support sex with the wife but not the odd numbered positions from 61 – 69.”
    “I support our bowling team but not supplying them with the bowling balls.”
    “I support receiving Holy Communion at Mass on Sunday’s but not the churches pro-life and pro-marriage positions between a MAN and a WOMAN.”
    “I support the troops but not the killing of our Islamomaniac enemies.”
    “I support the troops AND desecrating and burning the American Flag!”
    “I support some of the Ten Commandments but not the even numbered ones.”
    “I support holiday trees, but not Christmas trees!”
    Blackbeard, where do these LOSERS come from? Happy Memorial Day weekend and God bless our airmen & troops for freedom isn’t FREE!!

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