WTW: Liberals Can’t Give It A Break Even On The 4th

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Morning, Y'all, Jebediah here. It is just such a shame that the liberals cannot even stop propagandizing for the birthday of the Declaration of Independence. I expected better out of a Red area paper like the San Diego Union Leader. 

The editorial is entitled "What Makes Me An American," and says some very good things, except for this:

I'm an American because I believe the U.S. government can't run roughshod over civil liberties and simply lock up people and throw away the key. And because I think that due process, including the right to counsel and to a speedy trial, should not be a casualty of the war on terror.

That one always gets my blood boiling. Liberals always talk about the loss of civil liberties, but never seem to cite which ones they have actually lost.

How about being audited by the IRS simply because you disagree with the President? Oops, that was Clinton.

And the due process BS? Is that a reference to giving the detainees at G'itmo, who are not American citizens, U.S. trials? 

Perhaps some liberal/leftist/progressive out there could pinpoint which civil rights they have actually lost? Beuller. Beuller. Perhaps Rubern Navarette, the author, will answer the email I sent him.

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2 Responses to “WTW: Liberals Can’t Give It A Break Even On The 4th”

  1. Regina says:

    Your arguement sounds slightly vague, but entirely right. It does seem as if liberals are slandering our government with unthought out, monsterously vague, and generally unsupported ideas. It really, in my opinion, makes them seem juvenile and unresearched.

  2. kfdbosy says:


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