Help Kerry Buy a Clue


839303574_1 It is truly pathetic to watch a former rented democratic presidential contender (not talking about Soros) flounder about and dodge his responsibilities. Of course, that is nothing new for Monsieur Kerry. He tried to dodge Vietnam by going to Paris to study. He dodged his responsibility to the woman he was married to when someone richer came around. He dodged he last 20 years in the Senate. And he dodged his promise to fully and completely release his Form 180's. When he signed them, he released a deleted version, and only to 3 newspapers. We want the whole thing, Frency. Funny how Kerry wants ALL of John Roberts records. Would that be irony, or just stupidity? Of course, what with his schedule of slurs at Bush, and forgetting to offer any sort of Bills (like that is new!) on the Senate floor, I guess he is too busy to keep his word.

Also, I guess Tim Russert enjoys looking the fool. It was on his show that Kerry promised to sign his 180's. Make sure you email him!

All you have to do is just sign and release your 180's in full, John. Not too hard, is it? You made your promise on 1/30/05, 233 days ago. Then again, you make lots of promises you never keep.

Go here to an old post to read what it is all about. I'll wait. See that, folks? It wasn't just about signing, but about releasing all his records. He did sign them. But he hasn't released all his records to the public. He released a deleted version. We want to see the whole thing.

Powerline has visual copies of the 180's that Kerry reportedly signed. Deleted versions.

The folks at Conservative Friends (whose site was hacked, so the original post is gone) have recommended a Tuesday blogburst. I have sent mine in. Send yours in by going here for the Form 180. Then, email the link to Kerry at this address. He has tried to dodge by changing that email forms web address. Like we wouldn't find it again. Cass at Villainous Company has an excellent insert for the email. Click on the link.

Furthermore, email Tim Russert, whose interview with Kerry prompted this whole issue. You can email him at [email protected]. Send it off to other stations, as well, if ye want.


Cao's Blog is hosting the Blogburst. Here is the link to Cao's 9/20/05 post. Head over, and let her know if you want to be included. Spread the word. Others blogging:


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5 Responses to “Help Kerry Buy a Clue”

  1. Jay says:

    I’m glad it continues to be pressed in the public mind by the blogs involved, otherwise the media would forget and forgive, and things could get all twisted.

  2. Duskie says:

    Where do people like you get off bashing Kerry anyway, a man who actually served(!)…considering bush’s record? Bush’s record you choose to ignore. Can’t you see how hypocritical it is?

  3. granny says:

    Please excuse the drunks above this post. They actually voted for the hypocrite.

  4. granny, i think dean misses me :

    duskie, the point is that kerry made this promise on live tv. if, as u say, he is so much better then bush, why is he not keeping said promise? bush did, in fact, release all his records, undeleted.

  5. Condi in ’08? Not At This Rate!

    Rice Urges Israel to Cooperate with Terrorists. If the administration keeps this up, I think God might create a category six hurricane!

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