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Dauphin Island Trashed

Not trying to toot my own horn, by any means, but this was the kind of stuff I was worried about when I was posting the data from a buoy 42040 (here and here) 64nm south of Dauphin Island: A runaway oil drilling platform that beached at Dauphin Island was carried more than 60 miles […]

Police Looting?

Still do not have the unedited video of several female police officers looting (there has been some speculation that they may have been security guards, but NBC’s Martin Savidge seemed pretty sure) that Jebediah mentioned, but, here is the transcript from Tucker Carlson’s The Situation: UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  (INAUDIBLE) UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  Hold on to it.  How […]

Donate NOW!

Hey, folks, it is time to pony up. Everyone did a great job after the tsumani, now, it is time to do your part in Katrina’s aftermath. NZ Bear has a page up for Katrina blogging, in order to raise awareness and raise funds, through your favorite charity. Go here for Blog Relief Day. Mine […]

Katrina and Chrissy Matthews: WTW

Hey, y’all, Jebediah here. With Katrina and her aftermath, this is a good time for White Trash Wednesday. Why? Cause moonbats are goin’ wild about all the issues going on down in gumbo land and the Redneck Riviera. Yup, you hear me right. Chrissy Matthews, while talking with Senator Richard Shelby (R-Al), called the area […]

American Flag Bidness

We have a couple new members to the American Flag League. Give a big ol’ shout out to: Fundamentally Right and (In Italian!) Welcome aboard, maties!

Katrina Bloggin’

Katrina may not have been the storm it was supposed to be, but the damage is still horific. So much to say, too hungover to do it. Go see Michelle Malkin. She has some of the best coverage. For those who have never lived through a hurricane, hungover is a good allegory. Living in North […]

Air Deadbeat Continued

Nothing new regarding the Air America Deadbeat money scandal, which means, yup, they haven’t made any headway in paying the money back. The Herald Dispatch’s (Huntington, WV, Southern Ohio, Eastern Kentucky) Mark Caserta doesn’t think much of the new AD affilliate in Huntington: To say that Air America is a liberal form of talk radio […]

Katrina On Line Journalin’

God almighty, you knew that the Leftosphere had to go down wacko roads regarding Katrina. Michelle Malkin links to 2 in the "reality <snicker> based community." The Swing State Project <snicker, considering the Dems are doing what they can to insult the South> says it is Bush’s fault for cutting spending. Got news for you […]

Katrina Update

Buoy 42040, 64 nm south of Dauphin Island, Al, reported at 8:50pm (EDT) Wind Speed (WSPD): 36.9 kts Wind Gust (GST): 48.6 kts Wave Height (WVHT): 29.5 ft Atmospheric Pressure (PRES): 29.39 in Pressure Tendency (PTDY): -0.05 in ( Falling ) Getting really ugly, folks.

Katrina: Historical Comparison

Take another shot at this, make sure I hit the “post” button before closing IE down. The 5pm statement on Katrina shows max sustained winds of 165, hurricane force winds out to 105 miles, and tropical storm winds to 230 (which is an increase.) The minimum central pressure is 902Mb/26.64 inches. The rainfall estimates are […]

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