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California Looks To Thwart Federal Immigration Law By Targeting Private Business

Hey, remember when we were told by Democrats that federal law trumps state law? Things like Arizona’s SB1070, anti-gay marriage and anti-gender confused men in girl’s bathrooms bills/referendums, and so forth? Huh California bills target private business to help immigrants California Democrats are expanding their efforts to resist President Donald Trump’s crackdown on immigrants in […]

Former Durham, NC Illegal Alien Deported, Trump Blamed

This has given Democrats who excuse certain lawless people (see the previous post) a sad and a TDS Former Durham student deported after struggling to stay in U.S. A former Durham student struggling to stay in the United States has been deported after a long and highly-publicized fight to stay in the country and marry […]

Bummer: Cracking Down On Illegals Creates A “Chilling Effect”

So, I wonder: when Los Federales initiate creackdowns on other crimes, say, child pornography, why is it that no one bats an eye or complains that this creates a chilling effect where child pornographers won’t report crimes? New Immigration Crackdowns Creating ‘Chilling Effect’ On Crime Reporting Jason Cisneroz, a community service officer in Houston, is […]

Trump Budget Requests $4.5 Billion To Deal With Illegal Immigration

This is the budget that Democrats are having conniptions fits over, because it mostly requests big, big cuts. One thing they do not understand, as most of them have spent seemingly their whole lives in the un-reality of elected politics, is that the budget request is a starting point of a negotiation, much like when […]

Australia Puts Illegal Aliens On Notice: Prove You’re A Legitimate Refugee

Reading the news, one would think that the only nation in the world with a problem with illegal aliens is America. In fact, many other nations, mostly 1st World ones, have issues, and most have more serious laws and enforcement than America. Try and stay illegally in Mexico? You’re in for a rough ride. If […]

News And Observer: Deporting Illegal Aliens Could Affect The Economy Or Something

If you deport all the illegals, there might not be enough around to clean toilets, pick fruits and veggies, and clean liberal houses. This has upset the editorial board of the Raleigh News and Observer Spike in immigration arrests are arresting the economy The Trump administration is arresting more people who are in the United […]

Arrests Of Illegal Aliens Up 38% Under Trump

This is excellent news. However, this does not answer the question of how many have actually been deported (Fox News) Making good on a promise to overturn Obama-era immigration policies, Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrests increased 38 percent during the first three months of the Trump administration. ”These statistics reflect President Trump’s commitment to enforce […]

Human Rights Watch Offers Brutal Assessment On Obama Deportation Record

For all the caterwauling about Trump’s illegal alien plans and actions, where were the same complainers the previous eight years? Obama’s deportations broke up US families, expelled people with no criminal record – HRW Contrary to US Barack President Obama’s statements on immigration policy, his administration mass-deported people with no criminal record, as well as […]

California Governor Goes Resistance On ‘Climate Change’ And Illegal Aliens

Moonbeam Brown shows his #Resistance on ‘climate change’ by going hypocrite. Not that anyone should be surprised by a Warmist being a hypocrite (New Zealand Herald) California Gov. Jerry Brown will travel to China to discuss clean energy policy with international leaders next month, his office announced Friday. He’ll attend an international energy conference in […]

ICE Arrests Over 1,000 Gang Members In Nationwide Sweep

Most would say this is pretty darned good news (NBC News) Immigration and Customs and Enforcement agents have recently arrested over 1,300 people in a large gang-enforcement operation across the United States, officials said Thursday. Twenty-one of the 1,378 people arrested were taken into custody on murder related charges, seven were arrested on rape or […]

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