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Illegal Aliens Are Hiding In Fear Due To Team Trump Immigration Rules

They’re hiding so much that the NY Times knows who they are Immigrants Hide, Fearing Capture on ‘Any Corner’ No going to church, no going to the store. No doctor’s appointments for some, no school for others. No driving, period — not when a broken taillight could deliver the driver to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. […]

Good News: Coming Deportation Orders Allow Far More Deportations

That “good news” is not snarky in the least: the government deporting more people who are unlawfully present in the country is most certainly a good thing. Unless you are a liberal who supports people breaking the law unreservedly (NY Times) President Trump has directed his administration to enforce the nation’s immigration laws more aggressively, […]

Sanctuary Cities Could See Their Transportation Projects Caught In The Crossfire

There are penalties for violating federal law on a subject that the federal government is tasked with per the Constitution (Politico) A tunnel under New York’s Hudson River may be imperiled. In Los Angeles, millions of dollars could be at stake for port improvements. And other communities’ hopes for major transportation projects could be caught […]

DHS Seeks Sweeping New Guidelines To Deport Those Unlawfully Present

This should make a few illegal alien supporting heads explode. Starting with the editorial board of the NY Times, which has gone all in on supporting the unlawfully present About 11 million people are living in this country outside the law. Suddenly, by presidential decree, all are deportation priorities, all are supposed criminals, all are […]

Trump’s Immigration Orders Could Endanger Public Safety Or Something

The notion of catching those who are unlawfully present in the United States and potentially deporting them causing a supposed problem with public safety is not a new notion talking point. Supporters of illegal aliens have long trotted it out as a reason to not perform a silly function like enforcing immigration law and securing […]

The Economy Would Be Doomed Without Immigrants Or Something

This is yet another reason why Trump won: the media’s dishonesty when it comes to the debate on illegal aliens, in which they conflate all immigrants, legal and unlawfully present, together Without immigrants, the US economy would be a ‘disaster,’ experts say Immigrants across the U.S. are refusing to go to work, attend school and […]

Illegal Aliens Plan Big Protest Today Or Something

They’re going to prove they’re vital by refusing to go to work (illegally) and shopping and stuff (Reuters) Activists are calling on immigrants to protest President Donald Trump’s tough stance on immigration by staying home from work or school on Thursday, not shopping and not eating out, in an effort to highlight the vital role […]

Who Are The Illegal Aliens Democrats Are Supporting In Wake Of Sweeps?

The immigration sweeps have mostly disappeared from the news, in the few days since they occurred. Nevertheless, liberals have been howling over the sweeps, and the Democrat base is still wound up on blogs and social media. Immigration stooge Jorge Ramos had a shoot out with Sean Hannity, and couldn’t really provide any cogent, cohesive, […]

Immigration Raids Yield Over 600, Creating Fear In Illegal Aliens

What, exactly, is making illegal aliens fearful? The majority of people caught up in the sweeps were targeted because they are felons. People who have done very wrong. People who should have been deported the minute they were let out of jail. So, if most illegal aliens are just “good people,” why be concerned? (NY […]

Bummer: Immigration Raids Have Illegal Aliens Living In Fear

Does anyone remember this type of headline while Obama was in office, and federal authorities were raiding workplaces and homes to snatch up illegal aliens? Not from the Credentialed Media. It shows the bias in the media, however, this is actually a good thing with illegals being fearful, as CNN attempts to paint a sob […]

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