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ICE Director To Sanctuary Cities: ICE Is Open For Business

Where is one of the best places to find illegal aliens? That’s right, sanctuary cities. The acting ICE director has a message (Fox News) The acting ICE director is vowing to use new resources to target undocumented immigrants in sanctuary cities – a move likely to hit resistance from mayors and local law enforcement who […]

ICE Plans Crackdown On Teen Gang Members, Which Is Apparently A Bad Thing Or Something

Remember the days when we were told by the pro-illegal alien crowd that they had no problem getting rid of the Bad Illegals Undocumenteds? In practice, they aren’t happy over targeting those bad ones (Reuters) U.S. immigration agents are planning nationwide raids next week to arrest, among others, teenagers who entered the country without guardians […]

Bummer: Fear Of Immigration Raids Hitting Saratoga Springs Hard Before Race Season

This is supposed to be a sob story, but what it really does is expose employers who have been breaking federal law Fears of immigration raids linger as Saratoga racing season gets underway It’s opening day at the Saratoga Race Course. Thoroughbred racing is one of the biggest summer attractions and money makers in Saratoga […]

Democrats Slip Amendment Allowing Illegal Aliens To Obtain Federal Jobs Into Spending Bill

Because of course the did (via The Lid and Eagle Rising) (Breitbart) GOP legislators, led by Georgia Rep. Tom Graves, are working to kill off a Democratic measure which has been added to the House’s 2018 spending plan and will allow younger illegal immigrants to find jobs in government. The Democrat-drafted and -backed rule was […]

Illegals Are At Risk Of Driving While Illegal Or Somethibg

This is something that has the NY Times Very Concerned Heading to church one evening in late March, a farmworker and her sister were stopped for speeding in the village of Geneseo, N.Y. They were driving with their five children in the back of the minivan. Two were not in car seats, as required. The […]

LA Times Seems Shocked That Foreigners Are Buying Homes In America At Record Pace Despite “Immigration Crackdown”

Apparently, all these foreigners buying homes in the U.S. are smart enough to understand that the crackdown is not on immigrants, but on illegal aliens Foreigners buy record number of U.S. homes despite fears of immigration crackdown Foreign home buyers scooped up a record number of residential properties in the United States in the last […]

Illegal Alien Detentions Up, Deportations Down

Trump needs to put aside a lot of his social media stuff and spend the time getting people in place (USA Today)  Arrests of undocumented immigrants by federal agents increased in June, but deportations fell to their lowest point this year as the nation’s court system sees bigger backlogs, according to data released Monday by […]

Dreamer Deported Under Trump Files Court Briefing Admitting He Violated The Rules

Young illegal aliens protected under Mr. Obama’s illegal DACA, deferred action for childhood arrivals, have been deported under Mr. Obama for violations of the law. But, that wasn’t a big deal then. When one is deported under Mr. Trump? Big deal. The case Juan Manuel Montes has gotten fun First DREAMer deported under Trump files […]

ICE Director: There’s No Population Of Illegal Aliens Which Is Off The Table

Are you here in the United States unlawfully? The ICE director has a message for you (emphasis mine) (Fox News) There could be as many as 12 million illegal immigrants living in the United States and 400,000 could be deported this year, according to the acting ICE director. Thomas Homan said the number could be […]

Uh Oh: DHS Secretary Kelly Says DACA May Not Survive Court Challenges

And he won’t commit to defending the law in court (Politico) An Obama-era deportation relief program may soon face a legal challenge — and the Trump administration won’t commit to defending it, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly told Hispanic lawmakers at a closed-door meeting Wednesday on Capitol Hill. Twenty Democratic members of the Congressional Hispanic […]

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