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The Business World Is Totally Livid With Trump’s Immigration Train Wreck Or Something

The entire business world, you guys, according to Bess Levin at Vanity Fair (black bold hers. Red is mine) THE BUSINESS WORLD IS LIVID OVER TRUMP’S IMMIGRATION “TRAIN WRECK” The president’s DACA sabotage is doing him no favors in corporate America. Despite claiming over and over that he has a “big heart” where DACA recipients […]

All DACA Plans Fail, Leaving Plight Of Dreamers In The Air

Let’s start deporting them and put American citizens first (NPR) The Senate failed to pass any immigration legislation before a self-imposed Friday deadline, leaving lawmakers with no plan to address the roughly 700,000 immigrants who stand to lose legal protections as early as March 5. The defeat follows a rocky 24 hours of negotiations on […]

Squishy Senators Reach Bipartisan Agreement On Amnesty Bill

In essence, this is almost the same as the Gang Of Eight amnesty bill, in that “Dreamers” are given a pathway to citizenship in exchange for almost nothing when it comes to border security. Thanks, squishy Republicans Senators Strike Bipartisan Deal on Immigration Despite Veto Threat A broad bipartisan group of senators reached agreement Wednesday […]

Cotton: Senate Immigration Bill Is “Best And Final Offer”

Democrats are being given the chance to potentially add 1.8 million voters to their rolls in the form of “Dreamers”. That’s a nice offering. In return, they have to give up a lot to get it. So far, they’ve been sticking with the “clean immigration bill” talking point, which won’t fly. Senator Tom Cotton has […]

Irony: Illegal Alien Calls Police About Someone Trespassing, Police Pick Him Up

How ironic is this? (CNN) Wilson Rodriguez Macarreno and his family were in trouble, so he did what he knew to do — call police for help. About an hour later, he was in ICE custody. Rodriguez’s detention on Thursday sent shockwaves through the Seattle-suburb and is now garnering national attention from advocates, warning the […]

Bummer: Arrests Of “Non-criminal” Illegal Aliens Doubles Under Trump

What a shame, ICE has had their political shackles taken off and have been allowed to do their jobs in arresting people who are in violation of duly passed federal law. This has given the Washington Post a sad ICE arrests of ‘noncriminal’ immigrants double under Trump (the web front page had the above headline. […]

Surprise: Federal Judge In Los Angeles Finds ICE Detainers Un-Constitutional

Everyone put on a shocked face (LA Times) A federal judge in Los Angeles has ruled that police departments violate the Constitution if they detain inmates at the request of immigration agents, marking the latest legal setback for the Trump administration’s plans to identify and deport immigrants in the country illegally. In his order issued […]

Bummer: Dreamers Promise To Self-Deport If Amnesty Fails

Is this supposed to be a threat? (Breitbart) Some illegal aliens shielded from deportation by the President Obama-created Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program are planning to self-deport from the United States if an amnesty is not passed soon, according to a CNN report. Alex and Daniela Velez, two illegal alien sisters enrolled in […]

Pelosi Was Totally Enthused To Speak For Eight Hours On Dreamers

She cares more about illegal aliens than Americans (CNN) House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi spoke for a little more than eight hours to oppose the budget deal to lift spending caps and avert a government shutdown — because the plan does not address immigration issues. The House Historian’s office told CNN that Pelosi’s speech is […]

Plight Of DACA Recipient Parents Causing Issues With Immigration Discussions

This should be very simple: we’ve been told time and time again that the “Dreamers” who were brought to the U.S. as children shouldn’t be punished for the sins of the parents. If it’s being admitted that the parents “sinned”, ie, knowingly entering the United States in contradiction to the law, then the parents must […]

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