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‘Climate Change’ To Make Vancouver Like San Diego Or Something

From the Department of Everyone Panic at the University Of Climastrology Climate change predicted to transform Vancouver into San Diego, but at a heavy cost Goodbye Vancouver, hello San Diego. A major climate-change study predicts temperatures in Metro Vancouver will exceed those of present-day Southern California in the coming decades. Frost and ice will become […]

Climate Models Predict Crossing Doomy Thresholds Or Something

Again and again and again, the models that the Cult of Climastrology uses have been shown to, at a minimum, perform poorly. Yet, they still trot them out as proof of future doom. Why? Because the friendly media is willing to publish these prognostications of doom without any hint of question Computer model predicts the […]

Forget The Permanent Drought, The Permanent Flood Will Cause More Orovilles

No, really Remember when we told you CO2 causes not enough rain in CA? We meant CO2 causes too much rain in CA. #ClimateScam — Tom Nelson (@tan123) February 21, 2017 Leading to this UK Guardian screed Expect to see more emergencies like Oroville Dam in a hotter world Scientists predicted decades ago that […]

Everybody Panic: Climate Change Means More Oroville Dams!

This is what cult’s do: see something happen, and roll it into their dogma The dam truth: Climate change means more Lake Orovilles Just two years ago, Lake Oroville was so dry that submerged archaeological artifacts were starting to resurface. That was in the middle of California’s epic drought — the worst in more than […]

Scientists Prognosticate Utter Doom From A Tiny Change In Earth’s Temperature

Another day, yet another bit of looking in a crystal ball computer model from the Cult of Climastrology Scientists highlight deadly health risks of climate change The future is expected to hold more deadly heat waves, the fast spread of certain infectious diseases and catastrophic food shortages. These events could cause premature deaths — and […]

Bummer: ‘Climate Change’ Will Kill The Groundhog Day Groundhog Or Something

Well, now, this is interesting: a superstition will kill off another superstition. Of course, the latter is just a fun one. The prior is one that will raise taxes, raise the cost of living, harm the poor and middle class with all the job killing regulations, and make people more dependent and under the thumb […]

The Raiders Wanting To Leave Oakland Is Totally Related To ‘Climate Change’

Why are the Oakland Raiders attempting to leave and head to Las Vegas? It used to be that “if you ask why, the answer is money.” Now? According to the Cult of Climastrology, the answer is now ‘climate change’, because everything must be linked The Raiders Leaving Oakland Is A Case Of Literal Survival Another […]

Good News: Sea Levels Could Rise Higher Than A Three Story Building

If you’re talking about a three story dollhouse, ….well, actually, no, not even that high. This one really highlights just how insane the so-called science of ‘climate change’ is Sea levels ‘could rise higher than a three-storey building due to climate change’ The last time ocean temperatures were this warm, sea levels were up to […]

This Message Of Doom Brought To You By Brenda The Civil Disobedience Penguin

Did you know that today is Penguin Awareness Day? Of course, this is all linked to ‘climate change.’ There’s lots more to that cartoon, good form and proper blogging etiquette keeps me from publishing it all. Hit the UK Guardian for the rest. Of course, being the 20th of January, Gizmodo is horrified over what […]

Bad News: Binge Watching Is Causing The Earth To Burn

Do you binge watch? I do. Lately, what with the weather closing and such, I’ve been binge watching the heck out of a bunch of shows. Masterchef Canada, Hell’s Kitchen season 11 and 12. As such, I’m Evil for carbon pollution (Huffington Post)  Our video streaming addiction might be affecting the world outside our living […]

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