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Not A Religion: Being Jewish Requires The Paris Climate Agreement Or Something

We’ve seen the same thing out of Muslim and Christian Warmists, proclaiming that it’s a religious requirement. Why should Jews be left out? Judaism requires us to pursue the goals of the Paris climate accords The Trump administration’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement has demanded that we all ask ourselves where we […]

Pulling Out Of Non-Binding Agreement With Voluntary Targets Means Sea Rise Doom Or Something

The amount of hyperventimoonbating emanating from Warmists, most of whom do not seem to realize that all the rules, regs, taxes, fees, etc will harm themselves (unless they’re in the Rich class), has been amusing all day long, and will continue to be amusing for days, if not weeks. I recommend that Mr. Trump make […]

Trump Pulling U.S. Out Of Paris Climate Accord Could Cause A Massive 0.36F Rise In Temperatures

It could be time to panic, per uber-Warmist Seth Borenstein What happens to Earth if the US exits the climate deal? Earth is likely to hit more dangerous levels of warming even sooner if the U.S. pulls back from its pledge to cut carbon dioxide pollution, scientists said. That’s because America contributes so much to […]

Voxination: Hotcoldwetdry Could Doom Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Or Something

According to Excitable Sarah Frostenson, Florida is at risk of Extreme Sea Rise!!!!!!!!!! so Trump should totally care about anthropogenic climate change because Trump doesn’t believe in climate change, but it’s going to drown Mar-a-Lago President Donald Trump has called climate change a “hoax” and a very expensive “tax” on American businesses that make the […]

Hands Rising From The Water In Venice To Show ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Here we go again It's a warp! We are proud to present @artistlorenzo new monumental sculpture 'Suport׳ during the #VeniceBiennale2017 #LorenzoQuinnVenice — Halcyon Gallery (@HalcyonGallery) May 12, 2017 (The Weather Network) To raise awareness about the impact of climate change Italian artist Lorenzo Quinn unveiled an enormous sculpture on Saturday at the Ca’ Sagredo […]

Oceans Are On The Edge Maybe Might Possibly Of Being Oxygen Starved Or Something

Today’s story of doom Oceans on edge of being oxygen STARVED due to climate change, researchers fear THE world’s ocean are at the tipping pint of being starved of oxygen leading to mass sea life extinction which could last a million years, researchers fear. University of Exeter scientist say the modern ocean is “on the […]

Leader Of (Not) Sinking Island Calls Out Trump On Hotcoldwetdry Or Something

Well, it’s a darned good thing they aren’t building a new airport to go with the 2 other airports in tiny Tuvalu in order to stimulate fossil fueled tourism, ya know Leader of a Sinking Island Admonishes Trump on Climate Change The Tuvalu prime minister roasted the US president for his obsession with coal. The […]

The Next Climate Threshold Could Maybe Possibly Come In 15 Years Or Something

The next failed tipping point is just on the horizon! Everybody panic! Earth could break through a major climate threshold in the next 15 years, study says Global temperatures could exceed 1.5 degrees Celsius above their preindustrial levels within the next 15 years, according to a new scientific study, crossing the first threshold under the […]

10 Incredible Things Hotcoldwetdry Will Do To Create Doom Or Something

Scaremongering via the use of a crystal ball at its best 10 incredible things climate change will do Climate change will bring some surprising effects: Bumpy plane rides, greater mood swings and more volcanic eruptions are just a few of the things we can expect over the decades to come. And yes, even more lightning. […]

Climate Change Is Releasing Ancient Infections Or Something

Because you refuse to give up your fossil fueled vehicle, oh, and pay lots more in taxes and fees and give up your modern lifestyle and freedom to government, the zombie apocalypse may soon be here. Or just other disease. It’s proper that this article is in a website called Futurism Climate Change Is Freeing […]

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