Anyone Else Having Problems With Site Using Firefox?

All of a sudden I started having problems with the way this site acts this morning using Firefox. When I click a link or attempt to enter the administration page, I see the correct URL in the browser bar but only get the main page. Works fine in Opera and IE, as well as different browsers on my Android. Anyone else having problems with Firefox access?

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Comment by paul mitchell
2013-01-23 22:58:34

Looks great to me. Links work and all that jazz.

Comment by Kevin
2013-01-24 04:27:49

Everything is working for me with Firefox, but I also am having trouble getting to the administration page. What is the password again?

Comment by William Teach
2013-01-24 08:02:09

Thanks for the info, guys. I thought I had it fixed by restarting the PC, linked to an update to AdAware. Was working this morning, then all of a sudden started doing the same thing. Had to switch to Opera.

Comment by Dana
2013-01-24 12:38:05

Looks fine to me. The only problem I see is that the link to The First Street Journal as the blog of the day wasn’t showing.

Comment by proof
2013-01-24 14:08:55

No problems with Firefox, other than all the threat countermeasure commands are in Russian, via a neurolink. (Channeling my inner Eastwood.)

Comment by Gumball_Brains
2013-01-24 17:37:05

Am using firefox 3.28. no problems. (yes, hate the new style)


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