Doug Ross Provides Good Idea On Guns For The Central Planning Office Should Compile

If you remember, one of the things Joe Biden was yammering on about was “using a federal agency to compile data about gun-related deaths”. Doug Ross thinks this is a great idea, and offers some ideas on what should be tracked

  • The number of lives saved by defensive gun usage, including each situation in which violence was avoided by simply brandishing a defensive weapon;
  • The types of pharmaceutical or illegal drugs used by each criminal involved in a violent crime;
  • The criminal’s family background (i.e., was the criminal raised in a single-parent family or a two-parent family?);
  • The number of violent crimes perpetrated by illegal aliens;
  • The number of violent crimes occurring in “gun-free zones“, including “gun-free cities” like Chicago and Washington, D.C.;

Doug points out that this will expose that all the Democrat positions are total SCOAMF.

And via Theo Spark

Oh, and I wonder if the anti-gunnites, like Piers Morgan, can tell me if this is an “assault weapon”

Doesn’t look scary, does it? Looks like a normal hunting rifle, right? Except, the Vepr-Pioneer shoots exactly the same bullets that the evil looking AR-15, and all the weapons based on it, such as the Bushmaster .223, shoot. You can find 30 round magazines for it. It can shoot 5-6 rounds per second, just like the Bushmaster. Provided your finger is able to depress the trigger than many times, what with them all being semi-automatic.

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3 Responses to “Doug Ross Provides Good Idea On Guns For The Central Planning Office Should Compile”

  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    If you can pull your finger 5-6 times a second for 6 seconds to empty a full 30 round clip, then that person should be in the Seals as a master gunner.

    Have no idea how a normal person can do it.

    And yeah, be careful Teach, guns that hold more than 10 rounds, can fire more than 1 round without pulling gun down and away from body, has a scope, and fires anything larger than a BB, will be an Type 2 assault weapon soon.

  2. forex says:

    Fuck you all Forex bustards

  3. Gumball_Brains says:

    So… umm.. huh? Does that mean yourself since that is your avatar name?

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