I’m Concerned About The Weather Forecast

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    [...] The world will end tomorrow, according to some nutty Mayan calendar. While most all of us call BS on this dire prediction, there are a few things I might say, just in case. But, at this late hour, why would I? If the world does end no one will read it. But really, there is nothing to worry about, so, enjoy your day, and whatever you do, do NOT look at this weather forecast William Teach found [...]


Comment by Gumball_Brains
2012-12-20 00:26:43

I see nothing wrong. It’s in S. America and the wind sheer will keep the comets far to the south of the equator. We’ll be fine.

Wait… why are the next two days blank…. .. .. .. ? ummmm.. unhhh.

.. oh crap.

Comment by USCitizen
2012-12-20 00:57:40

Me too, December is spelled wrong!

Comment by Dana
2012-12-20 07:41:08

Apparently the Friday forecast is for Venus.


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