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Quick Note On The Emoticons And Quick Tags

If you’ve enjoyed the special emoticons for the comments, well, you won’t be seeing anything other than the base ones you see right now. The plugin, called WP-Monalisa, will not allow for the uploading of the extra ones I added in, and believe me, I’ve tried. I can’t even deleted the plugin. Maybe things will […]

Having A Problem With The Emoticon Pack

For some reason, the Monalisa emoticon plugin decided to do something weird, so a bunch of emoticons need to be relinked (which is why I never upgrade the plugin, but, it ended up getting upgraded, long story). Won’t be able to fix till tomorrow or so.

FYI On The F Word

Just a note. I was taking a period look at the spam que, because sometimes things end up there that I want to rescue, and noticed a bunch of comments in the trash bin. They’re there because the F word was in the comments. At least one of the tools used for WordPress, could be […]

Big Changes To WordPress – Everything Look OK?

There was a big update to WordPress. I don’t see any issues in in Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer (interestingly, I can see the Live Traffic widget on IE). Everything look fine on y’all end? My concern is about some code in core files that could have been automatically changed.

Happy International Talk Like A Pirate Day 2017 (Sticky For The Day)

Illustration by Ghergich & Co. That’s right, mateys, it’s International Talk Like A Pirate Day! Aaaaaar!

Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinups Photos Question

Right now, I’m betting no one can see any of the previous Patriotic Pinup pictures, as well as a bunch of photos that I host in my Gallery site, because Photobucket kept wacking them, though they are a small number compared to the PP ones. Consider that today’s post was the 666th one, and there […]

RSS And Spam Que

RSS seems to be working correctly now, after watching it for a fee days. Not sure what caused it to stop and now start. I’ve seen some comments in the spam que that shouldn’t have been. I’ve taken them out. I haven’t changed any rules, so, again, not sure why went in to start. If […]

SLL Back On, Plus Comment Likes

I’ve turned the SSL certificate back on (you’ll notice that any call goes to an https://www address), because it really isn’t affecting some of the other things that are a bit broken. You’ll notice that there is no Go Stats or Live Traffic in the sidebar most of the time. They are still recording even […]

More On SSL Changes

I’ve reverted back to the non https address, with a script that forces all domain calls to go to www, because, for whatever reason, a straight call still only shows from last Friday. Using the https address was killing several scripts, mainly traffic counter and live traffic. However, the RSS feeds are still broken. […]

More On Secure Hosting: URL Fix And RSS Feeds

Reader Michael alerted me to an issue with my RSS feeds today, whereby the feeds did not show any new content dating back to post from Friday about initiating secure SSL. And, he was right. I have my site listed in my Feedly, and it was not showing any new content. Furthermore, if you accessed […]

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