NY Times: People’s Hatred Of Trump Failed To Help Down-ballot Votes, Seeing Crushing Losses For Dems

This is yet another case of putting opinion in straight news, another case of the Credentialed Media trying to explain things, and another case of the Credentialed Media attempting to protect Democrats. This article is not in the opinion section

How Democrats Suffered Crushing Down-Ballot Losses Across America
In statehouse races, suburban voters’ disgust with President Trump failed to translate into a rebuke of other Republicans, ensuring the party’s grip on partisan mapmaking.

Sore LosersJust a few seats shy of a majority in the State House of Representatives, Democrats in Pennsylvania this year zeroed in on Republican-held suburban districts, where disdain for President Trump ran hot.

One of their prime targets was in the North Hills suburbs outside Pittsburgh, which are home to big brick houses, excellent public schools and “the fastest-trending Democratic district in the state,” according to Emily Skopov, the Democratic nominee for an open seat there, who gamely knocked on the doors of Republican voters in the days before Nov. 3.

She was half right. Joseph R. Biden Jr. carried Pennsylvania’s House District 28, after Mr. Trump had won it by nine percentage points in 2016.

But Ms. Skopov, the founder of a nonprofit group who positioned herself as a moderate, was defeated.

Across the country, suburban voters’ disgust with Mr. Trump — the key to Mr. Biden’s election — did not translate into a wide rebuke of other Republicans, as Democrats had expected after the party made significant gains in suburban areas in the 2018 midterm elections. From the top of the party down to the state level, Democratic officials are awakening to the reality that voters may have delivered a one-time verdict on Mr. Trump that does not equal ongoing support for center-left policies.

“There’s a significant difference between a referendum on a clown show, which is what we had at the top of the ticket, and embracing the values of the Democratic ticket,” said Nichole Remmert, Ms. Skopov’s campaign manager. “People bought into Joe Biden to stop the insanity in the White House. They did not suddenly become Democrats.”

Or, bear with me here, could it possibly be that there was, in fact, lots of cheating that led to Trump losing the general election? Across the country, there percent that voted president only is way, way, way higher than normal. The amount of disqualified mail-in votes is way, way lower than normal. Plus lots and lots of other irregularities. Maybe it all ads up to nothing. Maybe it doesn’t. Does anyone truly believe Joe freaking Biden received 80 million votes for real?

That dawning truth is evident in the narrower majority that House Democrats will hold in Congress next year, and especially in the blood bath that the party suffered in legislative races in key states around the country, despite directing hundreds of millions of dollars and deploying top party figures like former President Barack Obama to obscure down-ballot elections.

This year, Democrats targeted a dozen state legislative chambers where Republicans held tenuous majorities, including in Pennsylvania, Texas, Arizona, North Carolina and Minnesota. Their goal was to check the power of Republicans to redraw congressional and legislative districts in 2021, and to curb the rightward drift of policies from abortion to gun safety to voting rights.

But in all cases, Democrats came up short. None of their targeted legislative chambers flipped, even though Mr. Biden carried many of the districts that down-ballot Democrats did not. It could make it harder for Democrats to retain a House majority in 2022.

Could it be that voters want Trumpism without Trump, as Ann Coulter rather unhingededly put it (nope, not linking her screed)?  Or, could it be cheating?

In the aftermath, moderate Democrats are feuding with progressives over whether policies that excite the party’s base, such as higher taxes to pay for social programs, policing overhauls and a rapid move away from fossil fuels, are a losing message with swing voters. Progressives have responded that moderate candidates aren’t offering voters an affirmative program to improve their lives.

Could it be that people don’t actually want Government in charge of their lives, that they do not want higher taxes, that they do not want Government taking away their use of reliable, affordable, easy to obtain fossil fuels? That people actually prefer the Trump message of reducing government’s role in our lives? Could it be that citizens held their noses about the “clown show”, and actually voted for Trump and Democrats cheated?

“One of the big questions is whether a Trumpist 2024 candidate can be a little bit milder so as to not alienate the suburbs, yet still inspire the low-propensity Republicans to vote at 2020 levels,” said J.J. Balaban, a Democratic strategist in Pennsylvania. “If they can pull that off, it’s going to be a very hard environment for Democrats.”

There’s that. Also, how extreme will the Democrats be over the next two years, leading to more House and Senate and down ballot losses in 2022.

Democrats’ failure to flip any of their targeted chambers means that Republicans will have control next year of 20 state governments that will collectively draw 188 congressional districts, according to one analysis. In a bright spot for Democrats, the party is closing in on a supermajority in the New York Senate. That outcome would help give Democrats control of mapmaking in states with a total of 73 House districts.

Bummer, Dems!

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16 Responses to “NY Times: People’s Hatred Of Trump Failed To Help Down-ballot Votes, Seeing Crushing Losses For Dems”

  1. Dana says:

    In the Bluegrass State, Republicans improved their margin in the state House of Representatives from 62-38 to 75-25. In the state Senate, the GOP improved from 28-10 to 30-8. What that means is that the GOP now has veto-proof majorities in both Houses of the General Assembly, and the Republicans’ stated intention to rein in the emergency powers of the Governor under KRS 39A cannot be stopped by Andy Beshear’s veto.

    One important point: not only did the GOP gain seats in state legislatures, but they retained control in the states which are expected to gain seats in the House.

  2. Dana says:

    Kentucky is not expected to either gain or lose a congressional district, and while district boundaries might change slightly, the vast majority of Democratic votes in the Bluegrass State are concentrated in the state’s crime capital of Louisville. It doesn’t even take gerrymandering to keep Kentucky’s districts as five Republican and one Democrat.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      And this is why cons hate democracy: the belief that acreage, not Americans, should rule! One man standing athwart a county is as powerful as 100,000 Americans occupying the next.

      The conniving right has played this long game for decades, conmandeering school boards and state legislatures. The last connie presidential candidate lost the last two elections and he and his followers feel, actually demand, that he should rule for 8 years! Or more! The right hates democracy!

      After all, all connies have is hate.

  3. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Sore right-wing losers, sore right-wing losers everywhere!

    Diaper Don lost bigly, but he and his whiny titty-baby followers conspire the election was rigged by George Soros, Hugo Chavez, Castro, China and commie-Americans.

    Covid, global warming, Islam, solar power, Dominion software, TeeVee, Hollywood, avocado toast, big media, facebook, tweeter and transgender homosexuals are all apparati of the global commie network to force American patriots to wear masks, gay marry, worship Allah, grind your coffee beans, all dress the same and drive electrical automobiles!

    Freedom! Wolverines! Revolt!

    But then, after all, all the right has is hate.

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Ah yes, Rimjob the whining weasel and kidf#cker up early to whine some more.

      Hide the grandson!

      But then, after all, all he offers is his own brand of stupidity.
      And perversion.

      Bwaha! Lolgf https://www.thepiratescove.us/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_cool.gif

    • President Elect Kye says:

      We don’t like losing Elwood just like your side, however what we object to is losing by fraud. You guys did nothing but bitch and complain the last four years about President Trump and tried your best to undermine his administration since BEFORE day one. You spread FBI rumors, intimidated Republicans at every turn, united the once Free Press with social platforms, the media, Silicon Valley, Wall Street and Hollywood Billionaires to thwart Trumps every move. You even had old men arrested on nefarious charges and perp-walked in their underwear at 5am because they were on “Team Trump”. You carried on a phony “investigation” for three years then when it turned up Trump’s innocence and Hillary and Obummer’s complicity dropped it like a hot potato and then had the President impeached on groundless and non chargeable offences. You only quit that because you again failed and immediately blamed Trump for a virus developed and deliberately spread by your friends the Communist Chinese. Then all your leftist governor operatives locked down small businesses and threw people out of work in their fiefdoms for which you immediately blamed Trump who closed nothing.

      And now, knowing Trump was leading by 8 million votes you cheated by “every means possible” in key states to defraud Americans out of an election and thereby break our Republic. You have no honor nor have you any courage. You want to rule the very country you HATE, why?

      We stand for America first, Liberty and yes, Freedom witch you mock in your comment. We also stand for fairness in our elections and we, unlike you and your ilk, love America. While you burn cities and steal citizen’s livelihood and burn our flag, we spread Thanksgiving and hope and wave our flag proudly.

      Somewhere at some time a straight, White Christian male must have harmed or humiliated you and to this day you hate them all. And don’t try projecting your vulgar hatred on us, we are wise to that old trick. Because it’s you who want to ban speech, close and regulate Churches and Temples, limit human interaction, run people’s businesses, cancel Thanksgiving and Christmas out of hate, not us.

      We understand when you deny God you have no higher authority than government and therefore have no moral base. Therefore you have nothing to Give Thanks for and no one to be joyful for His birth and sacrifice. In short you are a hollow piece of humanity with no empathy or love (since God not government is love) for anyone but yourself. You the ultimate fraud and quintessential narcissist are the hater and not us.

      All you kind have is hate driven by fear and greed. What a shallow and sad way to live.


    • Est1950 says:

      Judge: Pa. Mail Ballot Procedures Likely Illegal

      A Pennsylvania judge who Nov. 25 blocked the state from going forward with additional steps that might be required to certify the state’s presidential vote said in a written opinion that changes to the Pennsylvania’s mail-in balloting procedures were likely illegal.

      A real judge and not an activist has no choice but to follow the law. The law was clear in every one of these states and it was violated BIGLY by the democrats.

      Mr. Elwood can bluster and name call all he wants but the facts are irrefutable. The law quite simply is the law. Trump warned the Dems about this for 2.5 solid months that they would regret all these mail in shenanigans. He even tried to go to court before hand to save the DEMS all this misery but the activist courts kept throwing out his suit without even looking at it.

      Now be prepared to pay the ultimate price. Civil war. Because everyone knows that the left will never let the law stand in their way of power.

  4. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    But, thank the gods that Diaper Don will be gone in 52 days and 23 hours.

    After all, all the right has is hate.

    • formwiz says:

      Why it won’t happen.

      Only one God. And He ain’t no Commie. And God loves Trump because Trump loves America.

      Haven’t you noticed how your side always loses?

  5. Jl says:

    After all, all J has are baseless assertions

  6. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    trumpless in 52 days, 3 hr and 30 min

  7. formwiz says:

    If you notice, all the swing states are being exposed for their fraud.

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