Sky Tram To Reduce Traffic Congestion In Lost Angeles Runs Into Opposition

Have you ever noticed that climate cultists never seem particularly happy when things are done in the areas they live and that impact themselves? And that they always have Excuses?

Proposed aerial tram for Dodger fans ignites controversy at Los Angeles State Historic Park

To the average visitor, the Los Angeles State Historic Park looks to be an urban oasis — a serene expanse of rolling grass and shady glens tucked between Chinatown and the Los Angeles River.

But the park’s assorted picnickers, joggers and children flying kits belie a long history of conflict, one that continues to this day.

The park, which opened on Earth Day 2017, is just a few blocks from the site where hundreds of white rioters killed 19 Chinese men and boys on Oct. 24, 1871. And just to the north, developers and city officials forced more than a thousand mostly Latino families from Chavez Ravine in the 1950s to build the stadium where the Dodgers now play. (snip)

Now, a company funded by former Dodgers owner Frank McCourt has proposed a $125-million electric aerial gondola system to ferry baseball fans and concert goers from Union Station over the park to Dodger Stadium — and community activists have weighed in with a barrage of concerns.

“This park is a tribute not just to the historic struggle that created it but to the communities that continue to fight for it,” said Jon Christensen, an environmental historian at UCLA.

I’m betting that only, at most, 1% of the people who use the park even know these things. Community activist = nosy neighbors getting involved in everything and causing problems.

Standing on a pedestrian bridge in the park with panoramic views of the L.A. skyline, she wagged a finger in disapproval and said, “We don’t want gondolas in this park. People come here to enjoy nature, open space and fly kites high up in the sky.”

I understand the point, but

The project currently envisions two competing proposals: the southern Broadway alignment and the Spring Street alignment. Both would encroach upon and cross portions of the park with a passenger tower, stanchions, aerial cables and gondola cars able to whisk some 5,500 people per hour from Union Station to the stadium in about seven minutes, the developer said. Proponents say it will help reduce traffic and improve air quality.

In other words, this would decrease carbon pollution in Los Angeles, and there would be less traffic and vehicle pollutants in the same area these people live in. Warmists shoudl support that, right? Oh, right, NIMBY.

But opponents worry the project could transform the surrounding working-class neighborhoods into a commercial center festooned with corporate advertising. The area, after all, is already struggling to contain gentrification triggered by creation of the park on what had been an abandoned downtown rail yard.

Or, the area could take advantage and look to capitalize on this themselves. The gondolas are for going to and from Dodgers Stadium. It’s not like they are going downtown. Gentrification is just a buzz phrase to attempt to dupe minorities. Anyhow, this should be forced upon the people, so they understand exactly how the Cult of Climastrology operates.

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2 Responses to “Sky Tram To Reduce Traffic Congestion In Lost Angeles Runs Into Opposition”

  1. Hairy says:

    Put it underground

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Teach is misleading you once again. Read the article.

    This is proposed by private developers interested in making a profit (nothing wrong with that) that may or may not have an impact on carbon emissions. The community has the right to weigh in, right?

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