Who’s Up For A Climate First Foreign Policy?

I’m looking forward to China Joe voters saying “I just hated Trump. I didn’t realize I was voting for America last!”

A Climate-First Foreign Policy

President Donald Trump will hand the incoming administration of President-elect Joe Biden a daunting set of foreign policy challenges, including controlling the raging COVID-19 pandemic, stabilizing the global economy, and managing acute tensions with China. Each problem could be the defining issue of a less tumultuous and high-stakes tenure. But of all the global threats Trump has neglected, mismanaged, or actively inflamed, the climate crisis is the most dangerous and far-reaching. Left unchecked, climate change will inflict untold harm and hardship on people across the globe, devastate economies, and threaten the viability of countries. The effects of climate change will cascade in profound and unpredictable ways, straining the capacities of governments—even those of the wealthiest countries.

Obama/Biden left Trump with an emboldened Iran, raging civil war in Syria, the Islamic State, a lethargic economy, a rising China and Russia (Crimea, anyone?), a very frisky North Korea, and more. And took care of them by putting America first

Biden understands the gravity of the crisis and has pledged to steer the United States’ climate policy back on course. In the closing arguments of his presidential campaign, he warned that climate change is an “existential threat” and “the number one issue facing humanity.” Biden discussed climate change cooperation with nearly all the world leaders who called to congratulate him on his win. And by appointing former Secretary of State John Kerry as his cabinet-level climate envoy, Biden has signaled that climate change will be a foreign policy priority. But for Biden to squarely address the climate crisis as “the number one issue facing humanity,” his administration will have to fundamentally reorient U.S. foreign policy. Biden must raise climate change to the first rank of international priorities and treat it with the same urgency as other threats to core U.S. national interests, such as terrorism and nuclear proliferation.

Not only must the United States lead by example and cut its own emissions, it must reframe its engagement with other major economies around climate issues, consistently prioritize the climate agenda at the highest diplomatic levels, and use its diplomatic power to encourage more concerted climate action around the world. It must engage with both allies and rivals, including China, to tackle the crisis. And it must help poor and vulnerable countries better deal with the effects of climate change. These goals are all achievable, but they will require a sea change in approach from the foreign policy of any previous administration.

So, give up our sovereignty to other nations. I dare Warmists to reduce their own carbon footprints. And, I plan on pointing and laughing when Biden voters whine about getting what they voted for.

There’s lots more America last in the article.

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4 Responses to “Who’s Up For A Climate First Foreign Policy?”

  1. Hairy says:

    America’s carbon footprint went down 2% in 2019
    I think it will decline again in 2020
    Teach your own carbon footprint went down as well as Duke Power continues to go green

    • Dana says:

      If there was a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions through normal economic activity, such as electric generation relying less on coal and more on natural gas, that’s great; everybody applauds.

      Well, everybody but the coal miners.

      The problem arises when government mandates things that are not economic and simply not technologically feasible. The problem arises when the government imposes taxes and additional costs on people for no good reason.

    • Jl says:

      Yes John, it went down because people like you paid for a carbon “offset” while the planes still flew anyway….whoops…

  2. samoore says:

    “…stabilizing the global economy…”?????

    Since when is that the responsibility of the President of the Unites States?

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