Surprise: Trotting Out Scary Prognostications Doesn’t Really Work With ‘Climate Change’

This is mostly all the Cult of Climastrology does: offer scary prognostications, usually far in the future so that no one can truly disprove them, and when the time comes, no one remembers them. So far, almost nothing the CoC has predicted has come true

Why frightening facts don’t always move people to action on climate change

Anger, anxiety, overwhelm … climate change can evoke intense feelings.

“It’s easy to feel dwarfed in the context of such a global systemic issue,” says psychologist Renée Lertzman.

She says that when people experience these feelings, they often shut down and push information away. So to encourage climate action, she advises not bombarding people with frightening facts.

“When we lead with information, we are actually unwittingly walking right into a situation that is set up to undermine our efforts,” she says.

She says if you want to engage people on the topic, take a compassionate approach. Ask people what they know and want to learn. Then have a conversation.

This conversational approach may seem at odds with the urgency of the issue, but Lertzman says it can get results faster.

“When we take a compassion-based approach, we are actively disarming defenses so that people are actually more willing and able to respond and engage quicker,” she says. “And we don’t have time right now to mess around, and so I do actually come to this topic with a sense of urgency…. We do not have time to not take this approach.”

Well, see, it doesn’t help when the conversation is even-handed, Warmists cannot answer the question “prove that this is all mostly/solely caused by Mankind” nor another big one “what changes have you made in your life to accord with your beliefs?” Both elicit all sorts of deflections and emotional responses, but, never anything concrete. But, see, these are also Leftists, and they mostly cannot have rational conversations, because they are too invested in feelings and the need to destroy their opponent, using Alinsky rules. They also don’t like to answer the question “why are all your solutions about taking away money, freedom, and choice, putting the government in charge of our lives, while reducing temperature by hundreds of a degree Celsius?

Without the scary prognostications, oh, sorry, frightening facts (with zero proof), there is nothing to support the Cult of Climastrology. It’s all they have.

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3 Responses to “Surprise: Trotting Out Scary Prognostications Doesn’t Really Work With ‘Climate Change’”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    When your starting out point is the extinction of whole species, billions dead from rising oceans and crop failures and millions more dead from violent storms… what’s left to escalate?

  2. NN2N1 says:

    What are we at now?
    In the last 40 years we have gone from
    Global ICE AGE by 1990 (the Day After Tomorrow)
    to Global Warming (120f+ by 2000 and Water World by 2010)
    to a generic catch all Climate Change.

    What does each have in common?</b?
    They were wrong,
    they add to our Cost of Living,
    Added taxes by added regulations,
    certain people made $$$MILLIONS$$,
    and Politicians raked in ill-informed panicky voters.

    Each time they predict a Major Climate shift it is 10+ years out, to milk it as long as they could.

    Now "scientists" are crying chicken little again and warning that Earth could be facing a mini ice age from 2021 into the 2050's because we are in a “Grand Solar Minimum”.

    Google "Maunder Minimum"
    It was the last Grand Solar Minimum known to have occurred and was called the "Maunder Minimum", which lasted from 1645 to 1715.

    BUT Cheer Up the Climate Muggers already have spin for that…

    Because now they say all the "claimed" man-made Co2 (Man 2% to 3% vs Mother Nature 97% Co2), we won't see it as bad this time. So looking at it in a different way…using fossil fuels could actually end up saving Mankind over the next 30 years.☺

  3. Jl says:

    There’s been “end of days” type clowns around probably almost as long as there’s been human civilization. No different now

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