Trump Looks To Box In Biden Internationally With Peace Deals, Sanctions On Enemies Or Something

The Credentialed Media seems pretty enthused that Biden can get rid of all that freedom and peace and sanctions and stuff that Trump has put in place

Trump aims to box in Biden abroad, but it may not work

On its way out the door, the Trump administration is enacting new rules, regulations and orders that it hopes will box in President-elect Joe Biden’s administration on numerous foreign policy matters and cement President Donald Trump’s “America First” legacy in international affairs.

Yet, the push may not work, as many of these decisions can be withdrawn or significantly amended by the incoming president when he takes office on Jan. 20.

In recent weeks, the White House, State Department and other agencies have been working overtime to produce new policy pronouncements on Iran, Israel, China and elsewhere that aim to lock in Trump’s vision for the world. Some have attracted significant attention while others have flown largely under the radar.

And, while Biden could reverse many of them with a stroke of the pen, some will demand the time and attention of his administration when it comes into power with a host of other priorities that perhaps need more urgent attention.

The most recent of these moves took place this past week as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made what may be his last visit to Israel as secretary of state and delivered two announcements in support of Israel’s claims to territory claimed by the Palestinians.

Biden’s team has remained silent about these announcements, but Biden has made clear he supports few, if any, of them and will reverse many as he intends to return to a more traditional policy toward Israel and the Palestinians.

Team Trump has pushed through multiple peace deals between Israel and Muslim countries that may not have been fully hostile, but, were certainly against Israel, using the old saying of “nations do not have friends, they have interests.” He’s been pro-Israel, even moving the embassy to Jerusalem, as enshrined in U.S. law decades ago. Every naysayer said this would cause massive violence, yet, not only did we get less violence than in Portland from Biden voters, we got nothing. He’s pretty much destroyed ISIS, he’s slapped lots of restrictions on Iran and Russia and Russians, and is working to finally get out of Afghanistan. He didn’t start any new wars or even small actions. He’s worked hard to level the playing field against China, and he’s told the World Health Organization, complicit with helping China hide the Coronavirus, to piss off. He also pulled out of the Human Rights Council, a hotbed of nations with terrible human rights records. He’s pushed peace, not endless wars. And it has been all America First

Is that what Joe Biden is going to do 180’s on? Oh, and mostly by the stroke of a pen, which we were told was a Bad Thing To Do when Trump took office

As opinion polls started to show Biden as a clear favorite to beat Trump in November, the administration began to move even as the president maintained a public face of defiance and absolute confidence in his reelection.

Some officials point to a July 13 declaration from Pompeo that the United States would now reject virtually all of China’s territorial claims in the South Chine Sea, a 180-degree shift from previous administrations’ positions that all such claims should be handled by arbitration.

While many of Trump’s foreign policy decisions from early on have been designed to blow up the previous administration’s foreign policy achievements — withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal, the Paris Climate Accord and the Trans Pacific Partnership on trade — the South China Sea decision was the first to be linked by administration officials to the possibility that Biden might be the next president.

It’s a bad thing to counter China? The nation that is dangerous economically to the U.S., and a danger militarily in that region? Does China Joe want to embrace China, putting America behind them?

Or, hey, maybe Joe would like to start some wars for oil, like Obama. And blow off peace uprisings, like Obama did with the Iranian Green uprising and the Arab Spring. And foment the rise of a new hardcore Islamist group.

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4 Responses to “Trump Looks To Box In Biden Internationally With Peace Deals, Sanctions On Enemies Or Something”

  1. Hairy says:

    Trump lost because of Covid
    Remember how you laughed when the left said vivid would be his Katrina?
    250000 dead and 2000 more each day

    • Professor Hale says:

      IF Trump loses it will be because of massive election fraud. And Democrats are okay with this. Democrats have long been the party of unrestricted election fraud. They are the “by any means necessary” party. The proof of this is inescapable. The real question is, why would the Democrats go to all that trouble to elect a senile old man with a 40 year history of public corruption?

  2. Dana R. Pico says:

    Our esteemed host quoted:

    In recent weeks, the White House, State Department and other agencies have been working overtime to produce new policy pronouncements on Iran, Israel, China and elsewhere that aim to lock in Trump’s vision for the world. Some have attracted significant attention while others have flown largely under the radar.

    In late December of 2016, President Barack Hussein Obama had Secretary of State John François Kerry give a long presentation on American policy toward Israel and the Palestinians, attempting to undercut the incoming President Trump. It was a wasted effort, that the new President immediately trashed.

    New policy pronouncements are just a waste of time and look bad. Unless President Trump can lock in policies with actual signed deals, such actions are useless.

    He does have one option, however: he is still Commander-in-Chief, and he can still order the withdrawal of all American troops from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. Any good we can do there has long since been passed by by time. That would prevent the next [shudder!] Administration from expanding our ridiculous missions there, and bring to an end all of the Authorizations to Use Military Force in those countries. If the next [shudder!] Administration wants to go back in, it would have to get new AUMFs from Congress, and the Republicans in the Senate could stymie those.

  3. Est1950 says:

    The Israeli PM is meeting face to face with the leader of Saudi Arabia as we speak. When has that ever happened?

    The left which consists of bought and paid for pols owned by the MIC/Corporations need wars. NOT PEACE.

    Trump is trying to bring us out of endless wars in the middle east. The left screamed Trump was naive and stupid. People in the ME are tired of killing each other and for what? Shia vs Sunni?

    Iran is a huge sponsor of terror in the ME and it is their sole goal to stir up endless war in the ME. This is why the left is so desperate to empower IRAN so they can continue to stir up endless war so the USA MIC can make endless bucks in the ME funding both sides and the USA.

    Anyone know France is in North Africa fighting a war on terrorism and trying to get other NATO countries to join them? Anyone even know that? Nah I doubt you do because no one talks about it in the USA or around the world.

    ENDLESS wars are the promise Biden made to Wall Street, Big Pharma, Big Business and Billionaires and the Military industrial Complex in order to receive 7 billion dollars PLUS in backing and support and a huge payout to certain vote hackers to ensure DJT was defeated in 2020.

    Wars are profitable and the CORPORATE OWNED MEDIA need something to Replace their RATINGS crash from DJT being gone.

    As Chuck Schumer said a long time ago. WTF is Trump doing? Does he not realize that with a flip of a switch they can take him OUT? Well they flipped the switch several times before they got him, but in the end. They got Trump and America can now go back to the Right hiding in their basement while the left blusters and does nothing except blame the GOP for everything.

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