Good News: US Involvement In Paris Climate Agreement (scam) Ends At Midnight

Of course, did it really matter if we were in it or not? All actions were utterly voluntary, including sending no-strings attached climate reparations to 3rd World Nations. That’s one of the big ways Obama avoided taking it to the U.S. Senate for ratification. And, those nations who are still super excited about it aren’t really implementing it

US participation in Paris climate deal expires at midnight

Regardless of how Election Day turns out for President Trump and Joe Biden, the US will no longer be a part of the Paris climate deal as of midnight, according to a report.

Trump withdrew the US from the global accord on July 1, 2017, but the rules of the deal stipulated that any country wanting to pull out would have to wait three years from Nov. 4, 2016 – the day it became international law, Politico reported Monday.

The US officially filed its separation documents last Nov. 4, and the one-year cooling off period expires at midnight.

The State Department will not take an active part in United Nations’ meetings on the climate deal, but it will remain an observer.

The Paris Climate Accord, signed by 197 countries, created a goal to halt warming “well below” 2 degrees Celsius and try to maintain it at 1.5 degrees by cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

Of those 197 nations, the ones which are supposed to actually cut their “carbon pollution” and send lots of money to other nations have, at best, pledges. And many climate cultists (who haven’t made their own lives net zero) complain they are not strong enough. The ones getting the free, unfettered, no-strings attached money (because they feel that 1st world nations owe them) are keeping their bargain, by taking the cash they get, but, they aren’t getting all the want, so they complain.

Being in or out makes no difference. If Warmists want leadership from the U.S., maybe they should follow along that we won’t destroy our economy, freedom, liberty, nor choice for a cult, and they can do the same. Or, they could demand that Believers practice what they preach.

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2 Responses to “Good News: US Involvement In Paris Climate Agreement (scam) Ends At Midnight”

  1. Dana says:

    I have absolutely no objection to those other 196 countries staying in the Paris accords and if they impoverish their own people trying to meet their ‘goals,’ well that’s on them. Instead, the United States should use the money it doesn’t waste on Paris measures to build and strengthen the wall and other border security measures to keep out the people impoverished south of the border from coming here, and continue to seek out those who are already here illegally and throw them out on their asses.

    • Professor hale says:

      Most of those countries were only in it because they would be on the recieving end of money from the USA.

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