Cindy McCain: Handsy Joe Biden Will Unite The Country Or Something

Yeah, I do understand how Cindy McCain could support anybody but Trump, but, somehow, this supposed Republican chooses a hardcore leftist. Also, something is missing

Cindy McCain: A Republican’s reasons for voting Biden
Joe will unite a deeply divided country and bring together all Americans to address and overcome the great challenges we face.

As a proud, lifelong Republican I have done my share of campaigning for our party’s candidates. My decision to endorse Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was not taken lightly, and I owe it to my fellow Republicans to explain why I’m convinced he is the best choice on this year’s ballot to lead the nation as president of the United States.

One, Joe understands the importance of national defense and has a long and strong record of support for the military. As commander in chief, he will keep the nation strong and ready to meet the array of threats facing America. Moreover, he knows the value of our security alliances in keeping the country safe and prosperous in a dangerous and unpredictable world. As president, he will strengthen America’s vital partnerships to advance U.S. interests and values.

This would be the same Joe who, as Vice President, saw the rise of ISIS under Obama and did pretty much nothing? The one who rewarded an enemy, Iran, who took our naval members hostage (and then the Obama admin punished the Navy members) and talks about death to America, billions and easy access to sell their oil to fund their terrorist activities? The VP who sat by while the Obama admin did nothing as Americans were attacked in Benghazi? And more?

Three, a President Biden will provide the leadership the country demands to beat the COVID-19 pandemic. No one will work harder in bringing the nation together to achieve the mission. Guided by a genuine spirit of bipartisanship, Joe won’t be looking for Democratic ideas or Republican ideas but the country’s best ideas to ensure that our families, businesses, communities and country recover swiftly.

Point out when Joe has worked in a bipartisan manner. Sure didn’t happen while VP.

As a mother, I have watched with alarm at the ballooning debt and deficits, even before COVID-19 demanded drastic fiscal action. As president, Joe will be a leader stimulating strong private sector-led economic growth and job creation to recover from COVID’s ravages and tame titanic debt that imperils the quality of life for our children and future generations.

Obama, with Biden as VP, doubled the debt. Not saying Trump is doing well on this, but, Joe has no leg to stand on.

My husband believed in straight talk and country first. So do I. Joe Biden is the right choice to be president at this pivotal time in the country’s history. He is a patriot who believes passionately in America and the principles and values that make it great. He will be a leader whom all Americans can count on to put country above party, patriotism above partisanship, and national interest ahead of his own. Most important, Joe will unite a deeply divided country and bring together all Americans to address and overcome the great challenges we face.

Have you ever noticed that no one can actually say how Biden will bring the country together, other than some soundbites? What happens when Republican voters object to the Democrats hardcore Modern Socialist agenda? Will he listen to them, or just do like Obama did, and say “I won”? How do you bring a country together when the Party he represents has moved so far “to the left” (it’s actually more to the far right, into the Authoritarian model) that JFK, Truman, and even FDR might not be considered anything by squishy Democrats?

But, hey, if Biden wins, I hope the anti-Trump voters get everything they’ve wished for.

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9 Responses to “Cindy McCain: Handsy Joe Biden Will Unite The Country Or Something”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    Joe is Senile. Good of her to endorse him on the last possible day. Way to stick her neck out when it matters. Looks to me like she is just endorsing, “Democrat to be named later”.

    It’s fun watching liberals suddenly care about the deficit. There really is nothing Trump can’t do.

  2. Corndogs says:

    The same McCain who said BOMB< BOMB< BOMB….BOMBBOMB IRAN! The same McCain that traveled the world over selling weapons to other nations. The same McCain who never saw a war he didn't like.

    THE BIGGEST HORSESHIT THING COMING OUT OF THIS IDIOTS MOUTH WAS "THE LAST STRAW WAS WHEN TRUMP CALLED OUR TROOPS LOSERS!!" Are you kidding me McCain? This has been so debunked as to rank right up there with Joe Biden acing his Cognitive test. Some how I think she flunked it along with me.

    Yeah the principled McCain. Please join your fellow Lincoln Project Loons and leave the GOP. The Democrats will embrace you with open arms, just don't feel like you have any say over there though. Sorry Trump didn't like your warmongering husband who twernt happy unless we was dropping bombs on Muslums somewhars.

  3. alanstorm says:

    “Joe will unite a deeply divided country and bring together all Americans to address and overcome the great challenges we face.”


    “My husband believed in straight talk and country first.”

    Pure. Used. Food.

    Your useless husband refused his chance to get rid of Idiotcare because he didn’t like Trump. It’s not possible to be any more shallow and self-centered than that.

    Your husband bent over for Democrats because he SO wanted to be liked.

  4. Dana R. Pico says:

    If Joe Biden wins, every conservative will be praying for his continued good health.

  5. Hairy says:

    Trump has to settle 16 sexual assault accusations
    He cheated on all 3 of his wives golf and his taxes
    He was taped saying he just liked to “grab ‘em by the pussy”

    • Corndogs says:

      Biden Cheated on the America people.

      Accepted money from Russian Billionaires and Chinese Communists while VP.

      Trump might not be the model citizen but at least he is no traitor to his nation. Why the obsession with sex Hairy?

      Trump built sky scrapers. Biden Built a money laundering network. Trump helped all kinds of people including blacks to get into golf clubs when it wasnt kool. Biden voted to lock Blacks UP.

      Who you gonna call there Hairy. My money’s on the King. The Don. The evil genius who just gets stuff done. You go ahead and vote for a traitor who locks black people up and then call Trump the racist.

      Got it.

    • Jl says:

      And the evidence of “tax cheating” is……what? Good luck, John

    • formwiz says:

      No, he wasn’t. And, no, he doesn’t.

      So the sock puppet lies again.

      Jeffery’s back from trying to spread FUD all day.

      Don’t think it worked.

      As always, you really can’t do anything right.

  6. ruralcounsel says:

    “My husband believed in straight talk and country first.”

    If that were true, why did he obstruct the release of DOD files on POW/MIA in order to help locate and resolve their situation?

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