St. Greta Is Not Impressed By Climate Cultist Excuses

Isn’t her 15 minutes up yet? Meh, the Cult of Climastrology will milk her celebrity as long as they can, till she starts becoming inconvenient. Which is happening

Greta Thunberg Hears Your Excuses. She Is Not Impressed.

Greta Thunberg has become so firmly entrenched as an icon — perhaps the icon — of ecological activism that it’s hard to believe it has been only two years since she first went on school strike to draw attention to the climate crisis. In that short time, Thunberg, a 17-year-old Swede, has become a figure of international standing, able to meet with sympathetic world leaders and rattle the unsympathetic. Her compelling clarity about the scale of the crisis and moral indignation at the inadequate political response have been hugely influential in shifting public opinion. An estimated four million people participated in the September 2019 global climate strikes that she helped inspire. “There’s this false image that I’m an angry, depressed teenager,” says Thunberg, whose rapid rise is the subject of “I Am Greta,” a new documentary on Hulu. “But why would I be depressed when I’m trying to do my best to change things?” (snip) (bold is interviewer, not bold is St. Greta, directly from article

A second ago you said that Joe Biden’s climate policies are not good enough. I get that his plan or the Green New Deal is insufficient in the face of how, according to most estimates, the United States is overspending its emissions against the But these kinds of plans are being discussed in a serious way, which was not happening five years ago. Is it possible that the nature of democratic politics is such that changes might not come as quickly as they need to in order to keep us below certain thresholds of global warming? When we say “greener policies,” what does “green” even mean? Green is a color. So when people say that we are going to invest in green investments, that can mean anything. The Green New Deal is very far from being enough, but as you said, it has changed the debate. It could be a small step in the right direction, and that’s the way we have to communicate it. To say, “This is far from being enough” and then always show where we need to be.

Got that? The GND isn’t even enough for the hardcore Warmists

Do you feel you have clarity about political or moral issues beyond the climate crisis? Are there any in which you see gray? There’s a misconception that I see the world in black and white. Of course I don’t see the world in black and white. It’s just that when it comes to the climate and environment, you can’t be a little bit sustainable. Either you are sustainable or you are unsustainable. Why I was able to act upon the crisis without people around me doing it was because most people follow social codes, but people with Asperger’s and autism, we don’t follow social codes. We don’t care what people think about us. That’s why I started to act, and I strongly believe it’s why people on the autism spectrum are overrepresented in the climate movement.

Comply or you will be forced to comply for Wrongthink.

What have you learned about people in power? I’ve spoken to many world leaders, and sometimes I wish I had a hidden camera. People wouldn’t believe what they say. It’s very funny. They say: “I can’t do anything because I don’t have the support. You need to help me.” They become desperate. It’s like they are begging for me to help them persuade the public that we need climate action. What that tells me is people are underestimating their power and the power of democracy and of putting pressure on people in power. They can’t do anything without support from voters.

Yeah, cause that’s kinda the way Democratic societies work. Politicians act with the consent of the governed. Climate cultists aren’t interested in that.

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2 Responses to “St. Greta Is Not Impressed By Climate Cultist Excuses”

  1. Est1950 says:

    Notice how every attack is aimed at the EU and America?

    It is never enough. It will never be enough until the USA is completely destitute and everyone is living like the poor of Appalachia Valley.

    It will never be enough until Russia and China can become the dominant force in the world running rough shod over all the nations installing world wide communism. Which is their goal.

    To accomplish this goal they need a poor, broke and destitute opponent. What better way than to brain wash generations of youths to demand and end to fossil fuels and energy which is power. Power Russia, China, Iran, NK, and many other actors on the world stage will never relinquish themselves.

    It is what it is. China has a dozen international programs aimed at the EU, USA and AFRICA to indoctrinate the youth and to raise generations of Bolsheviks/Maoists. Mainly Maoists but people like to use the world Marxism. Either word achieves the same result. The world wide spread of poverty once again with the wealth shared by the CCP of CHINA and the rest of the world ruled by an authoritarian thumb that makes Hitler look like a nice guy.

    A vote for Joe Biden sends the ball irreversibly rolling in a direction where it can never be stopped, because we have an uninformed voter base because we have a Marxist media trained by communists…..Literally declared communists…..From the Columbia School of Journalism.

    • Est1950 says:

      This is why Barak Obama lamented that he became president about 12 years too early.

      What he meant by this is that the communist polices of his Saul Alinsky Training could not be implemented like he wanted and planed when voted into office. Instead he was forced by those that put him in power IE. Wall Street, Billionaires and Big Banks and Big Pharma would never let him turn this country communist.

      Notice how Wall Street the billionaires and Big Banks wrung their hands and worked feverishly behind the scenes to get Joe Biden installed instead of Bernie Sanders. However this time around the push within the Democratic party is too powerful to overcome even Wall Street. This moronic billionaires are so out of touch with reality that they do not understand the power of the radical left.

      Today there is an inevitable snowball teetering on the cliff ready to snowball down hill towards full blown communism. These same people speak of packing the courts, bringing two more deep blue states into the union to pack the Senate and the house with more representatives.

      They will suspend the constitution by writing laws that nullify the second amendment claiming semi-automatic guns should not be allowed to exist which is probably 95 percent of all guns. They want to get rid of the electoral college, take away any power 43 states have in this republic and install their own version of Democratic socialism which will snowball towards communism helped by the CCP of CHINA.

      It is what it is and only the people can stop it. Joe Biden certainly is not a Communist, but his party is. The left is already talking about how they will push Biden far left. Pelosi has a plan in place to remove Biden and install the most liberal Senator in Congress as the next president.

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