Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup

Patriotic Pinup Fritz Willis

Happy Sunday! A gorgeous day in America. The Sun is shining, the birds are singing (mocking birds are going nutso), and the nation is slowly reopening. Actually feels kinda weird. There’s hope and optimism out there. This pinup is by Fritz Willis, with a wee bit of help.

What is happening in Ye Olde Blogosphere? The Fine 15

  1. America’s Watchtower notes NY Democrats looking to investigate Cuomo’s nursing home orders
  2. American Power wonders what will be left of retail (good question: lots of places allowed to now open haven’t, including small size chain stores)
  3. Blazing Cat Fur notes protesting in Canada against lockdown
  4. Brass Pills wonders when America turned into such a nation of wimps
  5. Chicks On The Right covers Kayleigh McEnany smacking the press around yet again
  6. DC Clothesline notes Rashida Tlaib wrapping herself in a terrorist scarf and dog in American flag
  7. Free North Carolina discusses the Illinois Sheriff’s association responding the governor’s threats
  8. IOTW Report is seeking humor in a crazy world
  9. Jihad Watch notes all the jihad during Ramadan
  10. Legal Insurrection covers NY’s AG getting tyrannical, then getting sued
  11. Moonbattery discusses WHO saying the pandemic could last 4-5 years, or forever
  12. neo-neocon highlights unmasking now and before
  13. NoisyRoom covers the faults in the pandemic playbook
  14. Pacific Pundit notes Ilhan Omar’s daughter being a nasty chip off the block
  15. And last, but not least, Powerline discusses whether to mask or not mask

As always, the full set of pinups can be seen in the Patriotic Pinup category, or over at my Gallery page (nope, that’s gone, the newest Apache killed access, and the program hasn’t been upgraded since 2014). While we are on pinups, since it is that time of year, have you gotten your “Pinups for Vets” calendar yet? And don’t forget to check out what I declare to be our War on Women Rule 5 and linky luv posts and things that interest me.

Don’t forget to check out all the other great material all the linked blogs have!

Anyone else have a link or hotty-fest going on? Let me know so I can add you to the list. And do you have a favorite blog you can recommend be added to the feedreader?

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11 Responses to “Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup”

  1. ST says:

    Obamagate explained in 3 minutes – Trump’s New Press Sec Drops SCORCHING Details of Obamagate

    AWESOME! The Best Is Yet To Come – Trump 2020 Campaign Ad

  2. Klemdadiddlehopper says:

    CHINA has infiltrated nearly every college in America and in the WEST. They are PAYING HUGE SUMS for the universites to tow the communist party line and drum up support for COMMUNISM while destroying FREE SPEECH and declaring ANYONE who is not a far left whacko as a RACIST and should be beat down.



    50 center on this website is a classic example of screaming racist and liar everytime anyone speaks.

    COMMUNISM is the scourge of the earth and covid-19 is but a small taste of what is in store for America if we dont wash this country of this hateful scourge which masks itself in FAKE TRUTHS.

  3. formwiz says:

    Jeffery is forever telling us how Trump screwed up the reaction to the Shanghai Surprise.

    Unfortunately, his brilliant heartthrob, sticking his foot in his mouth yet again, undid that rosy view, and the best part is Fake News thinks he said something wonderful.

    Here’s the quote, “The virus has torn back the curtain on the idea that the folks in charge know what they’re doing”.

    What’s wrong wit dat, you ask?

    Trump went to the “experts”, CDC, NIH to give him the facts when he set out to attack the problem. They either lied or relied on Red China and WHO.

    He refused a national lockdown and preferred federalism (we are a federal republic, after all) on the grounds state governors knew their individual situations best. IOW they were the experts on the scene.

    We know how wonderfully well they’ve done.

    So much for the mistooken belief Ol’ Purple Lips is smarter than anybody.

  4. Klemdadiddlehopper says:

    The FBI under TRUMP is hitting Universities hard over their CHINA ties. More and more professors are being arrested. More and more Universities are having to come clean with how much money they are taking from COMMUNIST CHINA. How can Universities turn down 200-300,000 chinese coming to American and paying top dollar to STEAL OUR TECHNOLOGY for the STATE?

    The FBI is crapping on the AGW bandwagon of LIES perpetrated by COMMUNIST CHINA to destroy the WEST.

    The 1000 talents program has NOW BEEN REMOVED and ALL TRACES SCRUBBED FROM CHINESE WEBSITES. They are desperately trying to protect their current assets in the WEST.

    CHINA is attempting to hack every company with anykind of research on the COVID-19. They want the CURE. WHY? Even the WEST FEARS they REDS will hold it over all of us. Cure themselves while the rest of us curl up and die.

    CHINA is an insideous nation whose hate knows no bounds. Sorta like their puppets the DNC, ANTIFA and PROGRESSIVES.

    A VOTE FOR a Democrat these days mean two things. Either you are a complete idiot who has no idea what is going on or else you want America to be communist.

    Trump was feared by world leaders. Covid-19 has shown in plain sight WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. formwiz says:

    Hmmm, couple of interesting revelations.

    Areas opening up seeing no spike in cases of the Whitmer Wheeze, but a href=””> those still closed do.

    Even better, a former WHO director agrees with many immunologists in this country (those who go by proof, not “consensus”) and says the Cuomo Curse could burn itself out, with no vaccine needed.

    Looks like the jig is up. Jeffery and Bill Gates hardest hit.

    PS Anybody else think the plan to keep infecting old folks’ homes with Chinkypox is some plot to kill of Trump’s support?

    If so, since many of those homes are in blue states, they may be cutting their own throats. How many people know somebody who still votes Democrat only because great-great-grandaddy voted for Roooosevelt and that’s good enough for him?

  6. Kye says:

    Wait till the leftists start getting subpoenas and the fear of TRUTH strikes them. Hillary has to get moving if they want to save the mooslems “legacy”. Hahaha

    Trump 2020 Stinky Fingers Biden stands no chance

    • formwiz says:

      Some people are already placing bets who rolls over first.

      • Klemdadiddlehopper says:

        SADLY no one will roll over. The deep state will protect them. Hell even Lindsey Graham for 3 plus years has done almost nothing when he could have been investigating this. He has been one of the biggest two faced politicians I have seen in my life time.

        I love trump to your face, but what goes on behind closed doors with that man??

        These people are ALL sucking deep state dik. Hell I would be more afraid of their ties to CHINA than I would with investigating OR TRYING ANYONE FOR ANYTHING in the deep state.

        I would be willing to bet that their are 1000’s of people in the deep state on the dole for CHINA and at least a 100 plus house and senators on the take from CHINA.

        We are ALREADY LEARNING THE EXTENT CHINA HAS INFILTRATED THE West’s UNIVERSITIES and are spreading their propaganda including FAKE AGW BULLSHIT.

        NO one is going down. Schiff and Nadler and anyone else will just weather the Trump storm and we will move on as these absolute douchebags keep getting richer and keep selling state secrets and YOUR JOBS to CHINA.

        Remember Joe Biden Said LEARN TO CODE.

        Nancy Pelosi told us all we didn’t need to work we could go to college and learn to paint.

        Obama said YOUR JOBS AINT COMING BACK.

        Think they know something we don’t?….or Didn’t?

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