If All You See…

…is an area flooded from carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is Moonbattery, with a post on fighting knife attacks with racist chicken boxes.

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3 Responses to “If All You See…”

  1. Doom and Gloom says:

    A very recent poll by a left leaning democratic polling firm puts Trump at 51 percent approval and even more disconcerting for the Democrats. His support among blacks is now at 28 percent.

    This after even the left leaning fox website run by nearly all democrats now presents the headline. Trumps negatives reach an all time high. When you run the aggregate of polls it is a lie. Even Fox is now lying about Trump as a few GOP members are seriously thinking about a primary challenge against Trump. You know those people who have zero to lose and will probably no doubt garner at least a 100 million from wall street and the Koch brothers who no longer get their cheap labor from South America because of Trump.

    • Doom and Gloom says:

      As I see it the right is gutless and afraid to stand up. They are terrified of the label Racist thrown at them so much they are in shell shock. They refuse to defend anything. The entire congress is meekly standing in the corner and even Lindsey Graham has backed off after the Two shootings in which the GOP is now on the hook because they fuking let themselves be on the hook for a leftist Warren supporter shooting up Dayton but somehow the MSM has the GOP scared to death right now.

      Cowards. Everyone of them. They don’t care about principals and like Trump said if I dont defend myself WHO is going to do it for me. The left wonders why he responds non stop and its because not a single member of congress has the balls to stand up and say this is BS what the left is throwing at Trump.

      Trump is not a racist. While some of his supporters might be I have a question. Why does the left not condemn their racists. Their Xenophobes rather than rush to defend them such as the Squad against Israel or Antifa or Blacks who murder cops.

      Anyone who pretends that Blacks dont have racist or Hispanics dont have racists or muslims elected to congress dont hate Israel are Nuking futs.

      So be it. Trump will continue to defend himself because his own party refuses to lift a finger to do it for him. In fact the entire GOP establishment is praying for Trumps defeat in 2020. So they can return to getting all those swamp kickbacks. Trump has put a dent on their path to millions in pac money and kickbacks.

  2. Doom and Gloom says:

    I find it very suspicious that I sit in front of my computer and talk to my wife about buying a new truck and suddenly every new webpage I visit is filled with Ford, GM, Dodge trucks for sale and so and so’s.

    My daughter complains her apple phone lights up her computer with advertisements because she talks about what interests them and with location services it takes apple or Microsoft about 2 seconds to find you, localize your IP and bingo.

    Anyone who thinks their life is private anymore is not keeping up with what is going on.

    Huwaei sp uses android OS and it builds half of the computer technology used by the USA. Within 10 years their cheap TROJAN HORSE devices will be able to control everything about the United States and with a flip of a switch shut down the USA. And anyone who does not think China wants to destroy the USA is deluding themselves.

    In 20 years China is building stealth aircraft. Something that took the United states since 1911 to finally perfect. Gee they are really, really smart or they are stealing the sheet out of our technology. Imagine that. Huwaei uses GOOGLES android. Why on earth would Google want to piss off the Chinese. The better solution is to ban Android from the USA and force Google to move their communist company to China and Use an American Company like Windows to run your phones.

    But of course we know that will never happen so guess what. My android will set in front of my computer and I will talk loudly about how I want to buy a new corvette and laugh when my computer screen starts showing me corvettes for sale.

    Now when the left gets in power your phones will be used to round up your guns. Then you wont find any of this funny. Or absurd. Hell Apple and MICROSOFT have admitted they do these things just recently.

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