Bummer: Zero “Remain In Mexico” Migrants Granted Asylum

The majority of those showing up at the border/crossing illegally and demanding asylum are actually eligible. But, the problem is, when they are already here, it is extremely difficult to send them packing. Open Borders advocates freaking out and continuing to attempt to keep them here along with the illegals/migrants just disappearing are two big problems. So…

Zero of 1.2K Migrants Eligible for U.S. Asylum Since ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy

None of the roughly 1,200 migrants who had their asylum cases adjudicated by federal immigration officials while they waited in Mexico as part of President Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy were found to be eligible for asylum, federal data finds.

Since the Trump administration has enacted the Remain in Mexico policy to ensure that migrants seeking asylum in the U.S. remain in Mexico while their claims are adjudicated, none of the migrants so far have been found eligible for asylum, according to federal data.

As of June, about 1,155 migrants waiting in Mexico had their asylum claims processed and finalized by U.S. federal immigration courts. In the end, none of the 1,155 migrants were eligible for asylum and thus must return to their native countries.

Today, there are nearly 13,000 cases still pending where migrants — mostly from Central America — are waiting in Mexico until their asylum claims are adjudicated. Of those migrants still waiting, only about one percent have legal representation.

Before the U.S. began mandating that most migrants seeking asylum remain in Mexico while their claims were processed, about 88 percent of border crossers and illegal aliens were able to avoid immediate deportation by claiming “credible fear” at the southern border.

And, again, therein lies the problem: those who are here are almost impossible to send packing when they have no case.

Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy has also contributed to a significant drop in the number of border crossers and illegal aliens being released into the interior of the country. As of mid-July, the Trump administration has cut the catch and release program about 85 percent compared to release levels from months prior.

The thing is, it seems as if so many, if not most, of these “asylum” seekers aren’t coming here because they love the U.S.: they’re coming to take advantage of the U.S., to get that sweet free money, healthcare, housing, education, etc. Regardless, most aren’t eligible for asylum. And the remain policy limits the invasion.

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6 Responses to “Bummer: Zero “Remain In Mexico” Migrants Granted Asylum”

  1. Kye says:

    “And, again, therein lies the problem: those who are here are almost impossible to send packing when they have no case.”

    Bullshit, Teach. Full and complete bullshit. If the IRS can collect 3 trillion dollars off 140 million taxpayers every year we can heard these illegals into buses and SEND THEM BACK! If we have the money to feed, clothe, house, insure and educate a million immigrants a year we have the ability to SEND THEM BACK!

    The left has made this a racial war just for us to maintain our national identity and demographic and that is why we can’t SEND THEM BACK. If we have the will we can beat Hitler and Tojo, we can send men to the moon then if we have the will we can BUILD THE FUKIN WALL and/or SEND THEM BACK!

    This is my country, our country and nobody has a right to be here that we don’t want or who comes illegally. The left in this country has BROKEN us. They have emasculated us and took our will to survive. This is all bullshite.

    Trump 2020 SEND THEM BACK!

    • Professor Hale says:

      We have learned from long and painful history that “sending them back” is pointless when there is no barrier to prevent them from returning. In the past, aliens have used apprehension as a free ticket home for the holidays, then they return whenever they like. And the numbers being deported does not come close to keeping pace with the flood of new entries every year, let alone reducing the total number here. estimates of 30 million illegal aliens present here. That is a million bus loads of people or 100,000 plane loads. It would take an operation on the scope of the Berlin Airlift to accomplish, and it would still be pointless as long as they could just walk back in. Like bailing water from a boat with a teaspoon while the transom is already dipping below the waves.

      Step 1: Plug the holes.
      Step 1a: Stop inviting new immigrants until we get this sorted out.
      Step 1b: Permanently end all existing asylum programs. The world is a big place. There are 198 other countries to go to if you “fear for your life”.

  2. John says:

    And with less than 4% unemployment and a falling birth rate (especially among white people snip)why are we keeping them out ?
    We need more people our population is getting older

    • formwiz says:

      Bunny suit in the John means the Lefties need more slaves.

    • Kye says:

      Why John, such a humanitarian and economist you are. I didn’t know how concerned you are with the employment numbers. As a virtuous economist you realize of course the more people who join the job market the lower they drive wages for people already here, right? But I’m more curious how you think a million immigrants a year most who can’t speak read or write English, many who are either ill or carrying disease, few with enough money to buy food for themselves let alone put cash down on an apartment, can assimilate into American culture? Or even want to? Or is there some other reason people like you want more second and third world immigrants?

      Trump 2020 keep the third world IN the third world, not here!

    • Professor Hale says:

      Who says our population needs to grow? All of the “first world” countries have declining native populations. This is what being civilized looked like. Why would we want to import populations that are nothing like us? It’s much better for the Earth for us to have a “sustainable” population size or even a decreasing one. We “need more”? Exactly how many is the right number? I would like to go on record now so that we can stop when we exceed that.

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