NY Times: An Evangelical Supports Kavanaugh’s Accuser Or Something

The NY Times opinion section thinks they have found the perfect, perfect letter, but, really, any Christian group that supports Democrats is supporting abortion on demand, which is the number one belief in order to be a Democrat. They would also be supporting shutting down free speech that Democrats do not like, lawlessness on our borders, raising taxes, more and more Progressive (nice fascist) control of citizens and private entities at the federal level, and so much more. And let’s not forget that the Democrat base is rather intolerant towards the Christian religion. And loves aborting babies, which makes this crazy letter to the editor by Doug Pagitt even more crazy, especially with the subhead

An Evangelical’s Plea: Oppose Kavanaugh
A pastor calls on fellow evangelicals to follow the teachings of Jesus, not the agenda of the Republican Party.

I’m kinda doubting that Jesus would be supportive of abortion on demand

Re “Religious Right Wary of Delays on Court Pick” (front page, Sept. 21):

Not all evangelicals support the nomination of Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. His nomination is just the latest effort by the Trump administration to suppress the common good in favor of an immoral agenda. This was true even before the credible sexual assault allegations came to light.

For quite some time evangelicals have walked in lock step with the Republican Party, but the time has come for many of us to place values over party. We must let our faith guide us toward public servants who govern for the good of all people. Judge Kavanaugh opposes the Affordable Care Act, which has brought health care to the sick and vulnerable, and would gut the rights of immigrants in a country that was built by them. Now he faces twin allegations: an egregious act of violence toward a young woman, and lying about it.

As followers of Jesus, it should be plain to evangelicals that this man’s beliefs are not aligned with ours. Evangelicals should let Jesus’ teachings, not a misguided association with the Republican agenda, inform our views and our votes.

Can you be a Christian and actually support the Democratic Party? There are plenty who do it. But, any who claim to be followers of Jesus need to reflect on whether Jesus would support “giving a man a fish” policies of the Democrats, which put citizens under the thumb of government. And let’s move right to the big one, whether he would support killing the unborn.

Mr. Pagitt is a pastor and executive director of Vote Common Good. This is a hardcore leftist religious group which advocates for voting Democrat. They are enthused by the notion of the “common good”, ie, massive giant government, though, like most leftist groups, they use flowing prose

Take action for the common good by voting for candidates who have integrity and character and representatives who can help Congress keep our current president from doing harm.

So, they are infused with Trump Derangement Syndrome, and think that support for abortion on demand is integrity and character.

They’re also a 501(c)4 group, and seem to be violating the rules of being non-partisan. And it’s absolutely no surprise that this letter is on the web front page of the Times.

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4 Responses to “NY Times: An Evangelical Supports Kavanaugh’s Accuser Or Something”

  1. Jethro says:

    which is the number one belief in order to be a Democrat

    Pro-choice is certainly a consistent liberal belief. But it’s projection to call it number one for Dems, since it is absolutely #1 for conservative Christians. “And let’s move right to the big one, whether he would support killing the unborn.”

    Evangelicals tend to be pro-birth rather than pro-life – favoring embryos and fetuses over actual children. How many children in America die each year from inadequate health care? It’s conservatives that oppose public education, health care for children, child care and all manner of the social safety net. It’s conservatives who took immigrant children from their parents to deter other potential immigrants. It’s conservative Christians who still support the Roman Catholic church, even with what we know about their institutional child sexual abuse and cover-ups.

    the Democrat(ic) base is rather intolerant towards the Christian religion.

    And that’s not exactly true. Conservatives consider being pro-choice as being anti-Christian. Conservatives believe the state should support Christianity. Opposition to this principle is considered anti-Christian. Conservatives believe assuring equal rights to non-Christians (e.g., Muslims) to be anti-Christian. Conservatives believe that marriage rights for gays to anti-Christian. That’s why you claim Democrats are anti-Christian, while the truth is that many Dems are liberal Christians. In America, not even Christians are afforded special rights. Conservatives the liberal belief that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” is anti-Christian.

    You disparage Christians who do not believe exactly as you do, just as radical Muslims disparage moderate Muslims. Given the opportunity, our conservative evangelical brethren would enact an evangelical theocracy here, forcing school children to chant Christian prayers, preventing gays from marrying (if not making gays criminals again), banning all abortions, restricting contraception, patriarchy, government support of Christianity and Christian symbols etc. Some evangelicals want to enforce the Ten Commandments as US law. Would you support that? They think those who don’t are not true Christians.

  2. Mangoldielocks says:

    This is why the right needs to show up at the polling place in November. Do you want these loons in charge of your country. AGAIN. DO you want more Obama in your lives. The guy who was black and did nothing for black people but divide our country racially even more than it has been in years.

    Mr. Jeffery puts things in perspective for everyone to clearly identify the differences between Democrats and republicans.

    You have a choice. Higher taxes, Higher wages which are negated by higher taxes and higher unemployment once again. Regulation, litigation and Legislation designed at every turn to make things harder on all Americans because they want YOU to be BEHOLDEN to THEM.

    Simple really. IF you want a terribly run government to control your lives at every turn. Then vote for Democrats. IF you don’t then vote for Republicans this November. The left is energized.

    The Right must match this enthusiasm in order to do what was done in a border town in texas in which a state senate seat was held by democrats for 139 years until it was flipped republican a few days ago for the first time since the 1800’s.

    The left riots in the street and burns Leftist Uber cars in protest. They destroy the very universities giving them sanctuary in the name of justice. They are violent, obstructionist and hate filled people who call trump a white bigot.

    WE are racist biggots if we vote for or support Trump. Well get out there and vote for those GOP candidates this fall or else you will get what you earned. Another eight years of oppression by the hands of the legislating, regulating and litigating left whose only dream is to turn this country into Venezuela.

    VOTE or face the consequences of NOT voting. It’s a simple choice really.

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