MSNBC Looks For Illegal Coverage During Florence

People have died. People are trapped. People are without power. People are scared. There’s more rain, wind, and flooding to come as it very slowly moves across the Carolinas

The 5 am advisory has it at sustained 50mph winds moving a slow jogging speed of 5mph. And what’s MSNBC concerned about?

(Daily Caller) During MSNBC’s Hurricane Florence coverage on Wednesday morning,  journalist Kate Snow claimed that some “Latino” families were “scared” to evacuate to a shelter because they were “afraid” of being deported. Ali Veshi followed up by saying he can “fully understand” the sentiment, alluding that the fear had to do with Trump administration’s policy.

“There’s an area of manufactured homes that we visited yesterday, for example, in a lower area, where a lot of people had stayed behind,” said Snow. “In fact, some families telling us they were scared to leave because they’re Latino and they were afraid of going to the shelters. Of course, the governor of North Carolina has said that no one will be, you know, penalized for going to a shelter. They’re not gonna, they’re not gonna – ICE is not gonna be active at this point. But there were people staying in their homes out of fear.”

“Yeah, there’s some people don’t have a place to go,” Velshi said. “There are some people who need medical care, their care aid is local and isn’t leaving. There’s some people who need oxygen. And this business about people without documentation going to shelters, we’ve heard over and over again that ICE doesn’t go to shelters. But I gotta tell you, after the last couple of years, I can fully understand why people who are undocumented are scared about doing this sort of thing.”

Here’s an idea: if they weren’t here unlawfully, they wouldn’t be scared.

ICE has been involved in many hurricane and natural disaster relief efforts, and has not been out there detaining illegal aliens. But, it just goes to show that #resistance nutters like MSNBC are more concerned with illegal aliens than lawful citizens.

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One Response to “MSNBC Looks For Illegal Coverage During Florence”

  1. Hoss says:

    MSNBC is completely shocked that criminals are afraid of law enforcement.

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