Good News: EU Climastrology Law Could Cause “Catastrophic Deforestation”

Gee, who could have seen this coming, as Climaweenie rules and laws jack up the cost of other power, replacing it with unreliable wind and solar?

EU climate law could cause ‘catastrophic’ deforestation

Senior climate scientists say that the world’s carbon sinks could be facing a grave threat from a wholly unexpected source: the EU’s renewable energy directive.

The climate law could suck in as much imported wood as Europe harvests each year because it will count energy created from the burning of whole trees as “carbon neutral”, according to several academics including a former vice-chair of the UN IPCC.

Jean-Pascal van Ypersele, who is now a climate sciences professor at Université Catholique de Louvain, said the risk of the directive encouraging tree clearances and the destruction of global carbon sinks was now “extremely high”.

Indonesia and Brazil were among 27 countries which pledged “to increase the use of wood … to generate energy as part of efforts to counter climate change” at the Bonn climate summit last year.

Without additional conservation measures, “the directive in its present form will create a large demand for wood that will contribute to destroying those forests,” van Ypersele said. “It is a catastrophe in the making.”

With the EU, and these other countries, you will see over-harvesting which cannot be supplanted by planting saplings, which take time to grow. All to attempt to mitigate junk science. These idiots will destroy the environment for this.

(If you saw this pop up at 1, I meant to set it for 3)

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