Who Wants Some “Low-Key Racist” McDonald’s Mulan Sauce?

McDonald’s isn’t even planning on bringing the sauce back, but, that has not stopped some Special Snowflakes suffering from 1st World Problems Syndrome from chiming in

(Daily Caller) McDonald’s bringing back its famed Szechuan dipping sauce “would be a mistake” because reducing an entire country’s cuisine into one flavor is “problematic” and “disrespectful,” according to a writer for Inverse.com.

Rick and Morty, a popular Adult Swim animated show, dedicated part of its April 1 season 3 premiere to ask McDonald’s to bring back the Chinese-inspired sweet and sour dipping condiment created as part of a marketing gimmick for the release of Disney’s 1998 animated film Mulan. Many fans on the internet began tweeting at McDonald’s, asking for a reboot of a dipping sauce that disappeared 19 years ago.

Disney plans to release a live action version of Mulan (which will surely be deemed Raaaaacist by the Usual Nutters) in 2018, so, bringing back the sauce, which probably no one remembers the taste, would dovetail nicely. And lots of folks are asking McDonald’s to bring it back on social media. Which means

“In fact, rolling out Szechuan sauce with the original Mulan was itself problematic,” Yasmin Tayag writes in her article “McDonald’s Shouldn’t Bring Back Szechuan Sauce for the ‘Mulan’ Remake,”

Which would be “cultural and culinary reductionism” or something in Liberal Speak.

It’s things like this which make me reconsider asking those wankers who are always yammering about there needing to be more women in STEM “should they be forced to get STEM degrees?” and instead “yeah, you’re right, they should be forced, because then we’d have less people paying tens of thousands to get stupid Social Justice Warrior degrees.”

Oh, and we can also laugh at these types of wackadoodles. And they should be laughed at. However, they are all deadly serious, and do things to make Everyone Else comply.

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