California Secession Begin Gathering Signatures For 2018

Hey, if they want to do this, all power to them. But, if they are going to do it, they should allow for separating parts of the state for those who are want to remain part of the Union.

Calexit backers can begin collecting signatures to qualify for 2018 ballot

Backers of a proposed constitutional amendment seeking California’s secession from the U.S. can begin collecting voter signatures to qualify for the 2018 ballot, the secretary of state’s office said Thursday.

The so-called Calexit movement emerged within days of the upset presidential victory of Republican Donald Trump, who lost California by nearly 4.3 million votes. A recent Reuters/Ipsos poll showed that nearly one in three Californians support the state leaving the U.S.

Proponents have until July 25 to collect 585,407 valid voter signatures to qualify for the November 2018 ballot.

The proposed measure would strike language from the California Constitution defining the state as “an inseparable part of the United States of America, and the United States Constitution is the supreme law of the land.” If it passed, there would be a statewide special election in March 2019 to ask voters if they want California to become an independent country.

Ultimately, it will surely fail. There was previously an idea to split California into six states. Which the Leftist news media and Democrats decried. You could split off two large chunks of California which voted Republican, keep them in the union. The biggest loss would be San Diego, Camp Pendleton, and a few other military posts, such as Vandenburg Air Base and the Naval Air Weapons Station at China Lake.

But, what would California then do? They grow a lot of food, but, not enough. Their manufacturing base is low. They have to import a lot of their water from other states. Cars. Oil. Airplanes. Computers. TVs. Clothing. Even electricity. Yes, other countries do the same. But, suddenly, all those things will now rise in price, coming from the U.S.

And, don’t forget how many businesses and people would move out of California. And people pulling their money out of what would be a foreign nation.

What of the industries that export things, including entertainment? Would that stay there, knowing that prices to export to the U.S. would rise?

Factor in that California has an enormous amount of public debt and liabilities, which would no longer be backed by the federal government. And that the federal government would pull all their jobs, and as much equipment and property as possible.

What this is all about, though, is a Typical Progressive Moonbat Tantrum. They didn’t get their way, so they want to take their ball and go home.

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3 Responses to “California Secession Begin Gathering Signatures For 2018”

  1. Dana says:

    Our esteemed host wrote:

    Hey, if they want to do this, all power to them. But, if they are going to do it, they should allow for separating parts of the state for those who are want to remain part of the Union.

    That would mean that we’d keep the food-producing regions, and Mexico the California Republic would keep the illegals and Hollywood and the criminals.

    I might have a problem, though. I was born in Oakland; would that make me no longer a natural-born American citizen? Could I run for President of the California Republic?

  2. Dana says:

    Alas! My Southern (step)-brethren tried secession a while ago, and it didn’t work. While I’m glad that we are one country, by all rights, the Confederacy should have been allowed to secede, just as the United States seceded from Great Britain.

    I s’pose instead of this site being it would be http://www.thepiratescove.cs.

  3. Rev.Hoagie® says:

    Don’t sweat it Dana. We can go to the guys that concocted Obama’s birth certificate and order one for the US and the People’s Republic of California.

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