Obama Says We Should Stop Telling Prison Rape Jokes

No, really

This comes via Twitchy, which notes people making fun of Obama for the joke part. This may be a minor thing, but, I’m actually going to defend Barack on this point. His statement may seem silly, but, really, he has a point. Rape of any type really isn’t funny. The folks in prison may be bad people, sometimes really, really, really bad people, but, they still should have protections and rights, particularly since they are being housed by the government.

Eliminating gangs in prison, though, good luck with that. A goodly chunk of people in prison are, in fact, gang members to start with. What most experts will tell you, though, is that the best way to reduce gangs in prison is segregation. First, segregating Blacks, Hispanics, Whites, and Asians. There are many of each race who are forced to join a gang in prison for protection. Sometimes from members of their own race, since you can get multiple gangs in each race.

That said, you can also segregate those who are not gang members from the gang members. In this situation, you can have members of multiple races living together. Even there, though, you can have a clash of cultures, which can lead to violence.

But, this kind of thing is poo poo’d by leftist sociologists, who, of course, never have to actually live in prison themselves. Yes, prison should be hard time. But, those sentenced still are entitled to safety themselves.

That all said, Obama did say something else interesting, also via Twitchy

That’s very interesting, because Democratic Party policies have made the Black community the violent and criminal one it is today. Arrest rates in Democrat voting and run cities tends to be pretty high, with Dems keeping Blacks in government supported ghettos. Dems have done all they can to destroy the family and church within the Black community. If Obama wants to complain, he should look in the mirror at his own party.

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3 Responses to “Obama Says We Should Stop Telling Prison Rape Jokes”

  1. Dana says:

    He’s got just as much chance of getting people to stop telling prison rape jokes as he does of stopping prisoners from forming gangs or prison rape.

    Our esteemed President seems to believe that prisoners are really just good people, deep down, who made some unfortunate mistakes, and really, really want to be law-abiding citizens, if we’d just give them a chance. It’s kind of like the mentality which allows Democrats to think that criminals would really like to obey gun control laws.

    The truth is that while there are doubtlessly a few who were wrongly convicted, most of the men in prison are bad, bad guys, men who need to serve every last minute of their sentences, and who needed to have the maximum sentences available imposed on them by judges. Instead, our oh-so-noble President wants to see them released sooner, and given the right to vote for Democrats.

  2. CaptDMO says:

    Somewhere, I heard about 1 in 5, and the college campus rape industrial complex…or something.

  3. John Dizzle says:

    Bad bad guys? For getting caught with weed, getting a DUI, or not being able to pay a fine? What planet do you live on? Sheesh

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