Taxpayers Foot Bill For Students Climahypocrisy Trip

Another day, more Warmists being hypocrites

(Washington Free Beacon) The National Park Service (NPS) is spending $140,368 to fly 10 students to Sydney, Australia so they can experience a “climate change journey.”

The government announced last week they are paying for the group to attend the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s World Parks Congress (WPC), a global conference on conservation this Fall.

The funding will go towards “youth engagement” at the conference, which will feature a “Responding to Climate Change Stream” and a “Climate Change Journey” initiative. Ten students will be selected from Colorado State University (CSU) and universities in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Bamako, Mali to attend.

So, not only will they be taking long fossil fueled trips to complain about fossil fuels, but they will be joined by citizens of other countries, all on the taxpayer dime.

“The NPS will partner with CSU to invite students from around the world to participate in the WPC and take a Climate Change Journey,” the grant announcement said. “Journeys are identified pathways that young people may follow to fully engage in a particular topic related to climate change.”

The “journey” involves attending sessions on climate change, including a “hope” session and one on “perceptions,” which will examine climate change skeptics.

So, spreading awareness and ways to jail skeptics, but nothing on making changes in their own lives.

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