Surprise: Enviro-wacko Groups Call For End Of Capitalism, Notes Climate Change Is All Politics

Funny how I, and others, catch quite a bit of guff over our stated opinions, formed over decades of watching this issue, that climate change is all about pushing far left politics (which it is). Sometimes it’s Progressive (nice fascism), sometimes pure socialist/communist

(Daily Caller) Environmentalists have declared that global warming can’t be stopped without ending the “hegemonic capitalist system,” saying that cap-and-trade systems and conservation efforts are “false solutions.”

“The structural causes of climate change are linked to the current capitalist hegemonic system,” reads the final draft of the Margarita Declaration, presented at a conference including about 130 environmental groups.

“To combat climate change it is necessary to change the system,” the declaration adds.

Environmental activists met in the oil producing, socialist country of Venezuela as part of a United Nations-backed event to increase civil engagement in the lead up to a major climate conference.

But environmentalists surprised U.N. officials by offering up a declaration that not only seeks to end capitalism, but one that also opposes U.N.-backed efforts to fight global warming — namely, cap-and-trade and forest conservation programs.

Interestingly, when translated, that Margarita Declaration includes on page 2

Whereas, the environmental issue is a political issue and it is responsibility of governments and the multilateral system to hear the voices of peoples.

Interestingly, they admit it is all political. And the rest reads like something from Soviet propaganda. Lots of re-education, redistribution of wealth, taking over the private sector, and controlling people’s lives

Three: The change depends on the ability of our generation produce a counter-culture to transform the model consumption towards the good life, to cooperative societies Global. We must create a revolutionary counterculture. The role of youth is to open the way, open the cracks of a system is unsustainable.

Four: Youth must be politicized and empowered. Most important is that youth have willingness and ability to transform things. We must change the system and start best mobilize our forces; is not just a environmental issue, it is a deeply social issue, ethical, political and cultural.

Indoctrination and Leftist revolution. #18 is amusing

We demand the implementation of a Court of Justice, Ethics and Moral Climate Change, where mankind in general You can report this issue related offenses.

Heretics will be burned at the stake.

Should attract penalty forms and mechanisms punishment and reparation for crimes against nature. This is necessary to understand the violation of Human Rights does not only as an issue of the use of arms, but also as a consequence of other forms of aggression as soil contamination by pesticide use and restriction of access to water.

Being drawn and quartered is not severe enough.

Then it gets into the complete and utter destruction of the capitalist system that the Daily Caller article discusses.

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