Speaker Boehner, Governors Should “Borrow” Obama’s Immigration Power

Mr. Obama, and his minions, have said time and time again that if Congress, meaning Republicans in the House and Senate, refuse to give him what he wants that he’ll “borrow” the power. In many cases he’s done just that (unconstitutionally). And refuses to return it. Speaker John Boehner and State governors, particularly those with border states, should reciprocate.

President Lincoln once wrote to General McClellan, in regards to the General seemingly not wanting to engage the Confederacy troops

My Dear McClellan:

If you are not using the army, I should like to borrow it for a short while.

Yours respectfully,

Abraham Lincoln

Something similar should be sent to Obama, as the GOP House passes legislation strengthening the border, providing authorization and funding for all manners of troops and law enforcement.

Furthermore, Governors like Rick Perry and Jan Brewer should send the similar letters to Obama, and deploy their state National Guards to the border. They can call out the NG for other reasons, such as for storm aftermaths, why not to protect the border, stopping illegals and, rather than capturing and (possibly) deporting after months and years of hearings, simply refusing to allow them to cross the border.

Governors in states which are receiving the illegals should tell Obama they are appropriating… temporarily, of course… the power to take all the illegals and stick them on planes outbound to the illegal’s home countries. No Notices To Appear. No long immigration court hearings. Take each one, give them 5 minutes, send them on their way (unless they were part of being trafficked for the sex slave trade).

The House should immediately pass simple legislation criminalizing illegals, authorizing 5 minute hearings and immediate deportation when an illegal is caught. Unlike Mexico, we should not jail them, but get them the hell out of our nation.

The House should pass legislation, not a resolution, mind you, that requires that DHS finish the border fence. Governors should deploy assets to finish the fences in their home states, since Obama doesn’t seem willing to do so. Hey, the fence around the White House seems to work. Obama thought fences would work during the Shutdown.

If Obama refuses to use his power, to properly perform his duties under law and the Constitution, those powers and duties should be borrowed. We’ll get back to you later on returning them. Hoist. Petard.

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3 Responses to “Speaker Boehner, Governors Should “Borrow” Obama’s Immigration Power”

  1. david7134 says:

    What the governors can do is to shut down the roads, rails and any other transportation in their state. Huey Long did that in Louisiana and it really worked.

  2. John says:

    Teach if anyone crosses our border and does not attempt to avoid inspection without proper documents what law is broken ?

  3. Jeffery says:

    Our border with Mexico is only 1933 miles; with Canada 5525 miles.

    Is stationing 2 armed National Guard members in a vehicle every 1/8 mi close enough to keep terrorist kids out? 1933 x 2 x 8 x 3 (three 8 hr shifts) requires 93,000 full time workers (not counting support) for Mexico alone. That would cost at least $5 billion a year. And horrid duty at that. 99.9% of your time sitting doing nothing.

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