TSA Claims Illegals Able To Fly Without Verifiable ID

You should try this, if you have some sort of court order: book a flight, and instead of showing your government issued ID (isn’t that raaaaacist?), show your court order

(Breitbart) Illegal aliens are being allowed to fly on commercial airliners without valid identification, according to the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC). “The aliens who are getting released on their own recognizance are being allowed to board and travel commercial airliners by simply showing their Notice to Appear forms,” NBPC’s Local 2455 Spokesman, Hector Garza, told Breitbart Texas.

“This is not the CBP [Customs and Border Protection] or another federal agency renting or leasing an aircraft, these are the same planes that the American public uses for domestic travel,” said Garza. “This just adds insult to injury. Not only are we releasing unknown illegal aliens onto American streets, but we are allowing them to travel commercially using paperwork that could easily be reproduced or manipulated on any home computer. The Notice to Appear form has no photo, anyone can make one and manipulate one. They do not have any security features, no watermark, nothing. They are simply printed on standard copy paper based on the information the illegal alien says is the truth.”

Spokesman Garza continued, “We do not know who these people are, we often have to solely rely on who they say they are, where they say they came from, and the history they say they have. We know nothing about most of them, ICE releases them into the American public, and now they are boarding aircraft at will with a simple paper document that anyone can easily alter or reproduce themselves.”

Both the TSA and the commercial airlines would turn you, the legal US citizen, away if you did not have a proper ID. The TSA has lots of information on identification that is acceptable for those 18 and up, which does not include a Notice To Appear. The bigger question is, what about the kids?

It gets a bit more dicey when it comes to children. There are no real TSA rules, and airlines have lots of their own rules. However, children traveling alone do require a check-in and pick-up by an adult with an acceptable form of identification. All this does beg the question, is the TSA allowing the illegal children to board and fly commercial airlines without knowing who will pick these kids up?

Also, since TSA pushed back

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4 Responses to “TSA Claims Illegals Able To Fly Without Verifiable ID”

  1. Jeffery says:

    The TSA says the Breitbart article is false. The odious government snitch, Brandon Darby, called the TSA spokesperson a liar.

    “Both the TSA and the commercial airlines would turn you, the legal US citizen, away if you did not have a proper ID.” Not exactly. If you show up without a photo ID, you can supply sufficient personal information allowing the TSA to determine you are who you say you are. Also, expect a thorough search.

    I suspect this is another false right-wing, shit-storm scare story to terrify their base. The legitimate media will take the time to refute the story and you’ll get crickets from Breitbart.

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  3. Jeffery says:

    Does this even make a little sense? Hispanic person walks up to the TSA prescreening station with a ticket but no photo ID, probably unable to speak English. Hands over a sheet of paper that is not on the approved photo ID list. In addition, the TSA has no way to verify this person’s identity, no SS#, no home address, no Federal record of US citizenship.

    So, there had to be a directive from the higher ups at the TSA to accept the Notice to Appear as ID. No TSA agent has made the claim. Only the Laredo branch of a government employee union for Border Patrol Agents.

    Smell’s fishy, but has been picked up and pimped without verification by every mainstream conservative including Rush, Stormfront, Glenn, Alex Jones and FOX.

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