Lack Of Deportations A Big Factor In Illegal Alien Border Surge

Obama will probably find out about the failures of his border policies once he reads the news

(Breitbart) A leaked internal Department of Homeland Security (DHS) report from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) indicates that recent public assertions made by the Administration were at best half-truths regarding the deportations and motivations of the waves of minors illegally entering the United States. The leaked report’s release date is identified as June 3, 2014. The internal report was leaked to Breitbart Texas by a trusted law enforcement source in DHS who wishes to remain unidentified.

The report, identified as “De-Classified” and “Law Enforcement Sensitive,” reveals the fact that only 0.1 percent of the Central American minors illegally entering the U.S. having been deported in Fiscal Year 2013, down from two percent prior, plays a significant role in why the current border crisis is occurring. The DHS-ICE agency report admits the fact that 98 percent are allowed to stay is a significant draw for the minors to come into the United States. The agency acknowledges that conditions in Central America play a role in why the wave is occurring, but directly contradicts the assertion that such conditions are the only significant reason the crisis exists. The report directly contradicts any assertion U.S. government refusals to deport illegal immigrants is not a significant factor in why the crisis is occurring.

The report further reveals that Central American nations are doing little to curb the flow of illegal immigration to the U.S. and attributes the lack of efforts in the host nations to stop the flow to the nations wanting their nationals to send money back home from the United States. The report also indicates that family members from the host nations already residing in the U.S. is a major draw for the current crisis. This indicates that illegal aliens already within the U.S. are possibly drawing more to illegally migrate north.

One of the big pulls for the “unaccompanied other than Mexican” illegal migration is wanting to reunited with other illegals already present in the United States. Then we learn directly from the document

No single factor causes OTM UC migration to the United States. Rather, several factors combine to cause this, including poor economies and violence in home countries, potential employment opportunities in the United States, family reunification, and success at not being immediately repatriated drive OTM UC migration to the United States.

In other words, not being deported. Could this be Obama’s Katrina moment? (via Ace)

(Washington Times) MSNBC panelists on Monday seemed puzzled by the president’s refusal to visit the U.S.-Mexico border while he fundraises in Texas, with USA Today reporter Susan Page calling the decision Mr. Obama’s “Katrina moment.”

Appearing on “The Daily Rundown,” Carolyn Ryan of The New York Times argued that the crisis on the border, in which thousands of immigrants are crossing illegally in record numbers, goes to question the president’s competence…

[Chuck] Todd said the administration has been “defiant” in refusing to visit the border while the president attends a fundraiser in Texas on Wednesday.

“It’s a Katrina moment, right?” Ms. Page asked. “And you’re going to a fundraiser and not going to the border where there’s this crisis?”

Fair or not, Bush made a few mistakes with Katrina. No need to rehash his role. For Obama, though, he barely seems engaged with the issue. He’s going to Texas to do the only thing he’s qualified to do: fund-raise.

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One Response to “Lack Of Deportations A Big Factor In Illegal Alien Border Surge”

  1. david7134 says:

    I think the story on these kids is not the lack of attention by our dear leader. It is the fact that the US government obviously arranged the whole thing. Think about just the process of getting VISA’s from Mexico. That requires a fair amount of paper work. Then the Mexican government arranges to dump the kids on our border? That is a serious breach of statecraft. That had to have the permission of the US or else it would spark an incident that would require a response aimed at the Mexican government. In other words, if we didn’t want the kids there, we simply tell the Mexicans to quit transporting them.

    Then, we have a process to feed, water and transport the kids over a significant distance. Who paid for that? It was not arranged by coyotes and not paid for by the parents. Then the infrastructure is already in place to take care of the children, even to the point of the Catholic church being involved.

    Several Republicans have acted as if they could not get access to the areas or make recordings (McCain). Give me a break. If a US Senator wants into anything, he gets the access. Or the head of the agency faces a career changing moment.

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