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Warmists Are Super Unhappy To Base Regulations On Scientific Data

A perfect example of why I call the entire anthropogenic climate change issue political, rather than being scientific Snort: "requiring regulations be based on data that is public and reproducible" is allegedly "anti-science" because "it could open up scientists to attacks from individuals or industry looking to unfairly distort the data" — Tom Nelson […]

Say, Can White Roofs Help With Urban Heat Island Effect?

Every once in a while Warmists make a mistake in highlighting that all their caterwauling about ‘climate change’ is beyond overblown (YaleEnvironment360) Summers in the city can be extremely hot — several degrees hotter than in the surrounding countryside. But recent research indicates that it may not have to be that way. The systematic replacement […]

Warmist: ‘Climate Change’ Needs To Be A Litmus Test For Democrats Or Something

Democrats keep coming up with great ideas to push during campaigns. Grabbing guns from law abiding citizens, doing away with tax cuts for the vast majority of middle class voters, the gender confused in bathrooms and locker rooms with young girls, and so much more idiocy. Like this A Climate Change Litmus Test For Democrats […]

Professor Discredits Paper Saying Exxon Knew About Hotcoldwetdry Danger, Misled Public

And the professor was willing to do this in court (Forbes) Harvard professors who claim their analysis proves ExxonMobil misled the public about climate change were obviously biased, a colleague says, and the company says their data shouldn’t be used to help a “corrupt enterprise” of private lawyers and California officials suing the energy sector. […]

Surprise: New Cause Of Warming Discovered By Scientists Doing Science

Meh. It’s still probably your fault for refusing to live in an off the grid tiny home while growing your own veggies and making your clothes out of hemp Scientists Identify A Major Source Of Climate Warming. It’s Not CO2 For the first time, scientists were able to use satellites to map the potential warming […]

For Paris Climate Agreement, Countries Made Promises They Aren’t Keeping

I know everyone is very, very shocked. We saw the same thing for the Kyoto Protocol, where few countries were even close to their goals. This has made the Warmists at the Washington Post very sad that this super historic agreement is a sham Countries made only modest climate-change promises in Paris. They’re falling short […]

Bummer: Networks Spent Very Little Time On A Subject Most People Don’t Care About

Perhaps if the Credentialed Media wasn’t spending all their time on Russia Russia Russia and #Resist, they’d have time to cover a subject few people actually care enough about to make changes in their own lives Networks spent 260 minutes on ‘climate change’ in 2017. Most of it was actually about Trump. Last year’s weather […]

Surprise: Island That’s Poster Child For ‘Climate Change’ Doom Actually Grew In Size

It’s always a shame when facts rear up and bit the Cult of Climastrology in the posterior. Don’t expect this news to change their talking points, though (Frontpage) Tuvalu, like the polar bears, is the poster child for the dire threat of the Flying Global Warming Monster What Happens When Your Country Drowns? – Mother […]

Good News: Young Warmists Recognized For Being Warmists Due To Un-Scientific Propaganda

Nothing says “I totally believe in science” like basing your beliefs off of something that is simply propaganda Two Portland students being recognized for their efforts to address climate change Two Portland middle schoolers are fighting to address climate change. It’s a fight to educate local students and lawmakers that’s now being recognized around the […]

Cult Of Climastrology: Cooling Sun Could Offset Warming By Mankind

Could this become the next talking point from the CoC? Remember, many of them blamed natural variation for the Great Pause (when they admitted that it actually existed). Many of them blame natural variation when their prognostications fail to materialize. And there are many scientists, and, let’s admit it, some skeptic prognosticators, who are saying […]

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