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The Same People Who Predicted Eclipse Predict Climate Scam

Hey climate-change deniers, the scientific community that predicted the #SolarEclipse2017 is the same one that says climate change is real. — Beau Willimon (@BeauWillimon) August 21, 2017 could be stupidest tweet ever.1)No one denies the climate changes 2)Predicted eclipse? So what, I predict water freezes at 0C, boils at 100C — Joe Bastardi […]

Study: Sea Rise In Miami Area Has Nothing To Do With ‘Climate Change’

Let’s look at this in two parts. First, the Spectator’s Ross Clark learned a valuable lesson, namely, you dare not ask Al Gore to offer proof. In regards to the claims of AGW causing flooding in the Miami area in Gore’s movies, Clark reached out to Shimon Wdowinski, associate professor of marine geology and geophysics […]

Trump To Roll Back Yet Another Obama ‘Climate Change’ Rule

They keep falling like dominoes (Daily Caller) President Donald Trump will rescind an Obama administration policy requiring government agencies to take into account global warming-induced flooding and sea level rise for federally-funded projects. Trump will repeat the climate order that President Barack Obama signed in 2015 as part of a broader effort to streamline infrastructure […]

The Case For Hotcoldwetdry Grows Stronger Or Something

The editorial board of the USA Today, which kills vast amounts of trees and and uses lots of fossil fuels to make and distribute their newspaper, is super enthused Case for climate change grows ever stronger Could proof grow any more powerful that humanity is responsible for a dangerously warming planet? Scientists studying Earth’s atmosphere and […]

Know What We Totally Need? More ‘Climate Change’ Stories!

And we need to replace science with those stories More Climate Change Stories, Less Graphs And Maps Be honest. If you are walking in the parking lot of the grocery store and you hear someone’s car alarm going off, what do you do? The answer is probably nothing at all (if you even noticed it). […]

NY Times Gets Big Scoop On Unreleased Climate Report Which Predicts Total Doom

This report reads more like a political document, rather than a scientific one Government Report Finds Drastic Impact of Climate Change on U.S. As Tom Maguire notes, the word drastic doesn’t actually appear in the report. The average temperature in the United States has risen rapidly and drastically since 1980, and recent decades have been […]

Fail: Climate Change Garden Withers Due To Incompetence

This is what happens when you let your feelings get in the way of science (  Three years ago, Syracuse University announced the launch of a first-of-its-kind “climate change garden” to study the effects of climate change on plants. But today, the garden of 100 trees and shrubs in front of SU’s $114 million life sciences building […]

Poll: Majority Of Warmists Refuse To Practice What They Preach

A very interesting poll from YouGov Most climate change believers haven’t changed their lifestyles 57% of Americans now believe that human activity and natural causes are affecting Earth’s climate. Among them, most oppose President Trump’s pulling the US out of the Paris Climate Agreement and 63% think the nations of the world should all work […]

Climate Scientists Attempt To Hide Research From The Public

Perhaps someone from the Warmist side can explain why so many climate scientists, who so often get the majority, if not all, of their funding via the government, which takes the money involuntarily from the citizens, do not want to share their data. On the one hand, they keep telling us that science is open, […]

Surprise: 90% Of Americans Don’t Care About ‘Climate Change’ As An Issue

Yet another poll that blows up this political issue (Daily Caller)  Only one in 10 Americans say global warming is the most important issue facing the U.S., according to a new Bloomberg poll. Even though 90 percent of Americans did not say global warming was the country’s most pressing issue, climate concerns topped other categories. […]

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