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Surprise: At Least One California Wildfire Definately Not Governor Brown’s ‘Climate Change’

Governor Jerry Brown, like many other Warmists, was quick to link the California wildfires to Hotcoldwetdry. Well, they’ll have to continue searching for their white whale in at least one case (Fox News) An illegal cooking fire at a homeless encampment sparked a wildfire in Bel-Air last week, authorities said Tuesday. The Skirball fire erupted […]

Starving Polar Bear Video Makes Climate Alarmists Even Nuttier

The Cult of Climastrology long agon made the polar bear, a massive animal that has no problem killing other animals and humans, the face of climate change doom. They’re having apoplexy over one in particular, and, among the news fables on it, this is possibly the nuttiest Video of starving polar bear fuels fears of […]

Report: Fewer Brits Will Die From Cold Due To ‘Climate Change’

Just like back during previous Holocene warm periods. (UK Telegraph)  Climate change may have unexpected benefits for Britons because fewer people will die from the cold during the winter, a new study suggests. Although many regions of the world will see death rates soar as the climate heats-up, in northern Europe hot weather mortality will […]

Warmists Sues, Saying Academic Critiques Are Defamation Or Something

As Robert Tracinski points out, this is not how science works. It’s almost like Warmists do not want their studies and such reviewed for accuracy because they have ulterior motives (The Federalist) If we have such an overwhelming scientific “consensus” about the supposed threat of catastrophic man-made global warming—and about the political and economic solutions to […]

‘Climate Change’ Is Going To Put A Damper On Beer Or Something

This is not a new idea. It’s something that’s been thrown around by Warmists for years. But, hey, like any doomy prognostication from the Cult of Climastrology, it has to be repeated every once in a while with even more Doom Climate change is hurting craft breweries First it came for the wine. Now, climate change […]

Bummer: Draft Interior Dept Report Doesn’t Mention ‘Climate Change’

For those Warmists who are upset, you should have run a better candidate. Oh, and you should prove you believe by giving up your own use of fossil fuels and making your lives carbon neutral No mention of climate change in Interior’s draft strategic plan A draft version of the Interior Department’s five-year strategic plan […]

Study Highlights That People Blaming Syrian Civil War On ‘Climate Change’ Are Full Of Mule Fritters

Seriously, everyone except members of the Cult of Climastrology (especially those who have Big Government and taxes to push) knew this. Weather happens. Droughts happen. The climate is always changing. And war happens. Climate-Related Drought Didn’t Cause Syrian War, Study Finds Climate change in the form of sustained drought is not to blame for the bloody and […]

Most Countries Who Love The Paris Climate Agreement Aren’t Actually Implementing It

It was extremely easy for nations to join the “landmark”, “historic” Paris Climate Agreement. Most of the requirements were actually set up to be voluntary. But, it was heralded as mega super awesome and was going to Save The Planet. Much like the Kyoto Protocol, though, it turns out that most signatories are actually doing […]

Trump’s Environmental Policy Advisor Pick: Warmism Is “Kinda Paganism”

It warms my heart that so many are treating ‘climate change’ as political/SJW issue it is, rather than thinking it’s a scientific issue (ABC 10) President Donald Trump’s nominee to be the White House senior adviser for environmental policy in 2016 described the belief in “global warming” as a “kind of paganism” for “secular elites.” […]

Flatulent Shellfish Causing A Stink In Global Warming

Really, is it possible to improve on this headline? Flatulent Shellfish Causing a Stink in Global Warming, Study Finds Ever noticed a strange smell when you go swimming in the sea? Well, chances are it is from flatulent shellfish. Scientists in Sweden have found that shellfish are actually creating vast amounts of greenhouse gases — […]

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