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Science Always Win In The End, Warmists

The Hill trots out a missive by Arturo Casadevall, MD, Ph.D. (chairman of the Molecular Microbiology & Immunology department at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health) and Ferric C. Fang, MD (professor of Laboratory Medicine and Microbiology at the University of Washington) with the pithy headline Climate change deniers, science always wins in the […]

Climate Deniers Just Want To Protect The Status Quo That Gave Them Great Lives Or Something

Guardian writer John Gibbon is having a snit fit, as most Warmists do on their favorite subject, and he’s Very Upset that 1st Worlders do not want to give up their modern lifestyles Climate deniers want to protect the status quo that made them rich From my vantage point outside the glass doors, the sea […]

San Francisco, Oakland File Lawsuits Against Oil Companies Over ‘Climate Change’

They add to the list of California municipalities and counties that are suing, all of which should immediately give up their own use of fossil fuels in things like government owned police cars, fire trucks, other emergency vehicles, buses, work vehicles, etc. And the fossil fuels companies should threaten to pull all their stations out […]

New Republic: Al Gore’s Massive Carbon Footprint Doesn’t Matter Or Something

In case you hadn’t noticed, I’ve mentioned the whole “practice what you preach” thing when it comes to Warmists and their pet cult for over a decade of blogging now, because few actually do more than make a few token changes in their own lives, yet, they want to force Everyone Else to make changes […]

LA Gets 2028 Olympics, Paris 2024: Who Pays The Carbon Offsets?

So, this happened (Washington Post)  Los Angeles has decided its Olympic aspirations can wait four years, which means Paris is poised to host the 2024 Summer Olympics. The two cities had both been awarded hosting rights by the International Olympic Committee and have been negotiating for the past three weeks on which city would go […]

Surprise: Ireland Is A Massively Hypocritical On Climate

The nation of Ireland has long been a big, big ethusiastic supporter of Doing Something when it comes to anthropogenic climate change, both at the governmental and citizen levels. Both levels love the Paris Climate Agreement, and the government, including current and past Prime Ministers, is one of the staunchest backers in the EU and […]

Climahypocrite Al Gore Offers Ideas On What Canadians Can Do On Hotcoldwetdry

It’s always fun when members of the Cult of Climastrology offer ideas that they themselves refuse to implement. You’ve got Leo DiCaprio offering to give up private jets and fly commercial. For a whopping one day. Then Al Gore on what Canadians can do to fight climate change | Facebook Live Former U.S. vice-president Al […]

NY Times Editorial Board Is Upset That Trump Is A Climate Change Loner

The things the NY Times wastes time on. Things that tend to be at the bottom in polls of issues that Americans care about Mr. Trump, the Climate Change Loner President Emmanuel Macron of France tried this week during President Trump’s visit to Paris to get him to reverse his decision to take America out […]

Everyone Can Fight ‘Climate Change’ After Paris Exit Or Something

What Donna Vickroy is missing in her Chicago Tribune “news” story….yes, this opinion piece is in the news section… is that most Warmists do not want to fight ‘climate change’, then want the government to force Other People to fight it Everyone can fight climate change after Paris exit, save money in process, experts say […]

Boston Globe Is Super Excited For You To Give Up Your Air Conditioning

Nowhere within this long article does Leon Neyfakh express that he’s given up his own use, nor that the Boston Globe has turned off their AC units at the corporate building and in the fossil fueled vehicles they use to deliver newspapers How to live without air conditioning Could Americans kick our addiction to cool? […]

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