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Al Gore Group Calls For Other People To Invest $15 Trillion To Fight Hotcoldwetdry

Isn’t it funny how the Cult of Climastrology always wants to spend Other People’s money? (Daily Caller) A group of executives who want to fight global warming has published a new report calling for countries to spend up to $600 billion a year over the next two decades to boost green energy deployment and energy […]

It’s Earth Day Again, And Scientists Are Marching For More Taxpayer Funding For Junk Science

There’s a big march on Washington, which has spread out to being a march around the world. It’s not important enough for the NY Times, LA Times, or Washington Post to cover (other than a traffic story in the WP). A few other sites are pimping it, such as ABC News March for Science events […]

Excitable Bill McKibben: Everyone Should Take Fossil Fueled Trips To Protest In Climate March

Yes, you know that climate march which is supposed to be all about science, which has become a hotbed of everything Progressive On April 29, We March for the Future We’ll either save or doom the planet during the Trump administration. Don’t sit the Peoples Climate Mobilization out. March for the future, because all their […]

Climate Science Scammers Are Totally Fighting Back Against Trump Or Something

In the runnup to the big climate march in D.C. on the 24th, which has already turned into a massive hotbed of typically Leftist memes, along with infighting about things such as “is Bill Nye the Science Guy too White?”, you can expect many more screes such as this from Union Of Concerned Scientists’ president […]

17 States Challenge Trump Over ‘Climate Change’ Policy Or Something

If only there was something all these Democrat run states could do, like raise taxes and fees on their citizens, force them into cities, force them out of their private fossil fueled vehicles and onto mass transit, raise taxes and fee, require citizens to pay for and install solar and wind, shut down non-“renewable” power […]

On Climate Change, Liberals Are Realizing That Elections Have Consequences

Trump’s budget, which I mentioned this morning, has sent Warmists into a tailspin, including Excitable Ezra Klein The Trump budget totally unwinds the Obama admin’s efforts to combat climate change: — Ezra Klein (@ezraklein) March 16, 2017 From the link Among other goals, the budget appears designed to totally unwind the Obama administration’s government-wide […]

De Blasio Threatens Wells Fargo Over Dakota Access Pipeline

Perhaps NY City mayor Bill de Blasio should shut down all the pipelines in his city. And stop using fossil fuels himself (Daily Caller) New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio threatened Wells Fargo bank for its investment in the North Dakota Access Pipeline. In a February 17 letter to Wells Fargo CEO Timothy Sloan, […]

Man Who Uses Lots Of Fossil Fuels Asks Why The Climate Is Changing

No, not that man. Obama wasn’t present when Senator Bernie Sanders, who used vast amounts of fossil fuels and electricity to travel around the country vying for the Democratic Party presidential nomination, along with his constant use of fossil fuels to travel between D.C. and Vermont, along with all the junkets (Washington Post) One of […] Wants 500k To Protest Trump

I wonder what the carbon footprint is on this? (Times Weekly) Meanwhile,, an advocacy group committed to building a global grassroots (WT: by grassroots, they mean bought and paid for by the usual leftist subjects) climate movement, has pledged to spend January fighting to derail Trump’s anti-environment cabinet picks. The group organized a “national […]

Hey, Did You Know There Are Republicans Who Want To Fight ‘Climate Change,’ But Aren’t Allowed?

But, most of them are secret, so we learn from Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, who has been leading the charge in assaulting people for their beliefs that ‘climate change’ is not a danger and that “carbon pollution” is not the primary cause of the current warm period Republicans want to fight climate change, but fossil-fuel bullies […]

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