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Everyone Can Fight ‘Climate Change’ After Paris Exit Or Something

What Donna Vickroy is missing in her Chicago Tribune “news” story….yes, this opinion piece is in the news section… is that most Warmists do not want to fight ‘climate change’, then want the government to force Other People to fight it Everyone can fight climate change after Paris exit, save money in process, experts say […]

Boston Globe Is Super Excited For You To Give Up Your Air Conditioning

Nowhere within this long article does Leon Neyfakh express that he’s given up his own use, nor that the Boston Globe has turned off their AC units at the corporate building and in the fossil fueled vehicles they use to deliver newspapers How to live without air conditioning Could Americans kick our addiction to cool? […]

Obama Decries Lack Of U.S. Leadership On Hotcoldwetdry Or Something

He did this after having taken a fossil fueled flight to Montreal (Hamilton Spectator) Former U.S. president Barack Obama has again decried what he calls the lack of American leadership on climate change. In a speech to the Montreal Board of Trade on Tuesday, Obama did not mention U.S. President Donald Trump by name but […]

State Which Relies On Fossil Fueled Tourism Defies Trump On Paris Climate Agreement Or Something

The primary revenue source for Hawaii is tourism, accounting for roughly 21% of the revenue, which requires people to take mostly fossil fueled flights to the state. Then you have the notion that a goodly chunk of food, building supplies, and other materials are brought in on fossil fueled planes and ships. The military, which […]

Goracle: “I Don’t Have A Private Jet”

And he lives as much of a carbon free lifestyle as he can, you guys! During an interview with Jake Tapper, Tapper was good enough to give Al Gore a chance to bloviate (video at the link) (Real Clear Politics) TAPPER: President Trump has gone after you directly when talking about this issue of climate […]

Great Legislative Ideas To Fight Hotcoldwetdry We Can All Agree On

Glenn Reynolds, of Instapundit fame, who’s fond of writing “I’ll believe it’s a crisis when the people who tell me it’s a crisis act like it’s a crisis”, offers up an interesting opinion piece at the USA Today To fight climate change, start with Leonardo DiCaprio’s private jet lifestyle Even though Donald Trump withdrew from […]

Al Gore Confronted By Chris Wallace Over Failed Climate Change Prognostications

Al and his giant carbon footprint didn’t really have an answer (Daily Caller) “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace confronted former Vice President Al Gore on his 2006 claim that unless drastic action was taken humanity would face a “true planetary emergency” in the next decade. “Unless we take drastic measures the world would reach […]

Leaving The Paris Agreement Is Already Saving The Planet

Irony? Winning: Boston CO2 scam summit is off; was to be attended by "1000s of leaders from around the world" — Tom Nelson (@tan123) June 2, 2017 From the link It was supposed to be a boon for Boston, one more big get as City Hall courts high-profile events and promotes Boston on an international […]

Pulling Out Of Non-Binding Paris Accord Will Cause The Planet To Fry Or Something

When it comes to Donald Trump pulling the U.S. out of the foolish Paris Climate Agreement that Obama agreed to, Liberals are sounding like their normal high school drama queen selves. Case in point: here’s CNN’s Mark Lynas Trump’s stupidity on climate change will galvanize environmentalists Withdrawing from the Paris climate accord is about the […]

Obama’s So Worried About People’s Carbon Footprints, You Guys

It’s always nice to be lectured about ‘climate change’ by this guy Barack Obama on food and climate change: ‘We can still act and it won’t be too late’ Obama speaks out about climate change as G7 pressure Trump to honour Paris pact Uh huh Barack Obama flies into Scotland on a private jet then […]

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