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Bummer: Trump Wasn’t Invited To The Upcoming Paris Climate (scam) Talks

It’s wonderful. A month after the yearly UN Conference on the Parties climate scam fest, where tens of thousands of True Believers took long fossil fueled trips to complain about Other People using fossil fuels, there will be another climate scam conference in Paris. This is actually in what is supposed to be the straight […]

Mass. AG Wants ‘Climate Change’ Warning Labels At Gas Stations

Do you know what would be great? If fossil fuels companies threatened to pull out of areas run by climate change (scam) fanatics. Perhaps they could develop a plan where they’d shut the gas off for a week (while making sure that gas station owners didn’t lose money), and see how many climate change fanatics […]

We The People Pledge To Force Other People To Fight ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

It’s always interesting when high ranking members of the Cult of Climastrology yammer on about pledging to Do Something about ‘climate change’, but never say what they’re doing in their own lives. In this case, it’s Laurence Tubiana, a French diplomat and economist, who was appointed French ambassador for international climate negotiations in connection with […]

We’re Saved: Climate Change Warrior To Take Long Fossil Fueled Trip To Climb Himalayan Mountain

Nothing says “anthropogenic climate change is real” like drastically increasing your carbon footprint, right? (The Himalayan) The European Space Agency’s Climate Change Initiative has announced that Swedish mountaineer Carina Ahlqvist would attempt to climb Mt Makalu, the world’s fifth highest peak, in the next spring season to raise awareness of climate change from the high […]

U.S. Companies Ignore Trump On ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Interestingly, Trump doesn’t care. Have you ever heard him complain about cities, states, U.S. companies, or citizens practicing Hotcoldwetdry measures within their own “lives”? He only really cares that the U.S. government not burden its citizens with Hotcoldwetdry legislation, taxes/fees, and regulations (UK Guardian) Since taking office, Donald Trump has pulled the United States out of […]

Climate Ethicist: Flying Is Killing Humans Of The Future Or Something

But, good news, it’s OK if you take a fossil fueled flight that kills future humans if you’re going to a climate conference (NoTricksZone) At Swiss SRF public broadcasting, Yves Bossart recently interviewed philosopher and ethicist Dominic Roser of the Institute for Ethics and Human Rights of the University of Fribourg. Roser is also the […]

Oh Noes: Latest Poll Shows More Americans Are Concerned About Global Warming

Obviously, this totally upholds what the Cult of Climastrology are pushing (Clean Technica) Opinions are like noses — everyone has one. While opinions aren’t really worth much — I am of the opinion that I am one of the world’s best writers, for instance, but few share that view — they are important indicators of how […]

Warmist Monbiot: We Need To Stop Living Modern Lives To Solve ‘Climate Change’

Crazy George Monbiot attempts to couch this in “environmental” terms as a placeholder for his real Belief in anthropogenic climate change, and, he does have a few points regarding over-consumption, let’s be honest, but, at the end, it’s all about changing the whole system Too right it’s Black Friday: our relentless consumption is trashing the […]

There’s A Climate (scam) Dark Side Behind Your Thanksgiving Or Something

Yet another in a long line of unhinged, shrieking, annoying, deranged bat-guano insane articles on Thanksgiving. Which will be recycled for Christmas, you know Behind the delicious foods, Thanksgiving has a dark side The shame of chowing down enough turkey to feed an entire village of Pilgrims isn’t the only reason to feel guilty this […]

Kiribati, Soon To Be Demolished By Hotcoldwetdry, Finds The Solution

For a long, long time now, we’ve heard that island nations will soon disappear from anthropogenic climate change caused sea rise, primarily from the use of fossil fuels. Kiribati has been not only one of the most vocal, but has been held up constantly as what doom looks like, much like with polar bears. What’s […]

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