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Surprise: Majority Supports Leaving Confederate Statues Up

What to do about the Confederate statues, what to do. Many of them were put in right after the Confederacy lost, to honor the dead. A second time of big emplacements came on the 50th anniversary, followed by the 100th, which coincided with the time of the Civil Rights era. The question is, does anyone […]

Are You In Favor Of Free Speech In Canada? Then You Must Be A Swastika Carrying Nazi

The so-called anti-Fascist forces here in the U.S., otherwise known as Antifa, likewise like to shut down free speech, often with violence, and usually with threats of violence (Daily Caller) Ryerson University canceled a panel Wednesday dedicated to discussing the silencing of free speech on college campuses, citing “campus safety.” The Canadian school canceled “The Stifling […]

Leftists Very Upset That Trump Also Mentions Violence From “Alt-Left”

For the longest time, Conservatives have been hoping for elected Republicans that fight back against Democrats and the media. Trump is certainly not a Conservative, but, he was elected under the Republican tag, and, like him or loathe him, he fights back (full comments here) (Fox News) President Trump, responding to criticism that he failed […]

Doom Averted: North Korea Backs Down On Firing Missiles At Guam

Remember the apocalyptic (non-secular, of course) talking points from most left wing news outlets, pundits, Congress critters, etc, about how Trump’s tough talking was taking us to nuclear war? Some others in the Trump admin, such as James “Mad Dog” Mattis had tough words, too. Guess what? Kim Jong Un Backs Down In Nuclear Showdown […]

North Korea’s Demands Are As Reasonable As Democrat Party Impeachment Demands

North Korean nutjob leader Kim Jong Un has a few demands, which sound about as sane as Democrats demanding impeachment, demanding Trump resign, thinking that they can use the 25th Amendment, and thinking that Hillary will end up president (USA Today) North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is rushing to develop nuclear missiles that can […]

The U.S. Should Be A Welcoming Place Or Something

The Editorial Board of the Santa Fe New Mexican has decided to take a stab at immigration issues, more specifically one specific refugee, while mixing its metaphors The U.S. should be a welcoming place Tighter U.S. security and greater scrutiny of foreign visitors are not stopping the world from coming to Santa Fe this weekend […]

Who’s More At Fault? Hillary Or Don Jr?

The story so far, as provided by Kayleigh McEnany at The Hill OPINION | Forget Don Jr.’s email — it’s Hillary Clinton who ‘colluded’ with Russia The effort to prove collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government has proven to be little more than a conspiracy theory desperately in search of evidence.  With […]

The Congressional Shooting Was A Left Wing Assault On Democracy

The Editorial Board of the Washington Post uses the occassion to say our political discourse is too rough, and, oh, yeah, we need gun control The shooting at a GOP baseball practice was an assault on democracy …. What occurred on that playing field just outside Washington, where a gunman seemingly nursing a political grudge […]

The Impeachment Talk Is Nothing New

Really, the Democrats plans regarding Trump are going the way they wanted from a year ago. Certainly, Trump is helping them with their talking points by being a loose cannon and not staying on message, but, this was the Democrats playbook from the get-go Trump Impeachment Talk Started Before He Was Even Nominated Months before […]

Trump Softens Stance On Border Wall To Push Budget Compromise Forward

On one hand, Trump promised a wall. On the other, he has time. And the third hand, this is the kind of thing a businesses person does, who understands sometimes you have to give a little to get a little, and that compromises can be made. And that you pick your battles. Oh, and that […]

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