After Election Whooping, Florida Socialist Democrats Proclaim They “Aren’t F’ing Socialists”

We can dissect the election ad nauseum. Yes, there were lots of, let’s just say, irregularities. Let’s also note that Trump did not help himself by creating enemies. He should have been battling the media and Democrats, not friendly fire with Republicans, and should have spent more time touting his achievements. Consider the way his spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany is able to battle White House reporters while also highlighting the reality. Somewhat TDS infused Ann Coulter is sorta right that Americans want Trumpism without Trump.

You know what they also do not want? Socialism, at least in large swaths of America.

‘I’m not a f—ing socialist’: Florida Democrats are having a postelection meltdown

It wasn’t just one bad cycle. For Democrats in Florida, Election Day 2020 was a tipping point in a long, painful buildup to irrelevancy.

After suffering crushing losses from the top of the ballot down, the state party now is mired in a civil war that could have profound consequences for future elections.

High hopes for gains in the state Legislature have given way to recriminations and finger-pointing. Florida Democratic Party Chair Terrie Rizzo is almost certain to lose her job, but no one has stepped up to claim her mantle. Prospective 2022 gubernatorial candidates, including state Rep. Anna Eskamani and state Sen. Jason Pizzo, are slinging blame. And redistricting, which could deliver Democrats into another decade of insignificance, is around the corner.

Even as Joe Biden heads to the White House, state Democrats know that President Donald Trump did more than just win in Florida. He tripled his 2016 margin and all but stripped Florida of its once-vaunted status as a swing state. His win, a landslide by state presidential standards, was built on record turnout and a Democratic implosion in Miami-Dade County, one of the bluest parts of the state.

“We have turnout problems, messaging problems, coalitions problems, it’s up and down the board,” said Democrat Sean Shaw, a former state representative who lost a bid for attorney general in 2018. “It’s not one thing that went wrong. Everything went wrong.”

Perhaps it isn’t the messaging, but the message? Nah, because, seriously, what’s unpopular about raising taxes, taking citizen’s guns, defunding the police, kowtowing to Iran and China, instituting Government run health care, and so much more?

While Democratic losses were particularly devastating in Florida, the party fared poorly across the country at the state level. The timing couldn’t be worse. Political redistricting begins next year and Republicans in control of statehouses across the country will have a chance to draw favorable maps that will help their state and federal candidates for the next decade.

That’s what has gotten forgotten in all this: there’s no state where Republicans had control that they did poorly. Many of them saw Republicans gain more General Assembly seats, and even in Blue states there were gains. Of course, Democrats make all sorts of Excuses for the losses when they were expecting wins, because they can never accept that some people are smart enough to realize that Democrat policies are bad for their lives

The day after the election, nine state lawmakers who had survived the GOP rout met by phone to air grievances, according to Sen. Jazon Pizzo. Among those on the call were Pizzo, who also is considering a run for governor, Annette Taddeo and Rep. Joe Geller — a mix of centrists and liberals.

The group fumed over pollsters who failed to capture what was happening on the ground, complained about the party’s use of out-of-state consultants and questioned whether they hit back hard enough against Republican falsehoods.

“I’m not a f—ing socialist,” Pizzo later said in an interview. “My life is a manifestation of the American dream. I believe in free markets.”

He may or may not be. As part of the Florida Senate, there’s still not a lot of information about him. He seems like a good guy, perhaps he is a centrist-Dem. But lots of his Comrades are Modern Socialists, otherwise known as Progressives (nice Fascists)

“We are a center-right state,” said Gwen Graham, another potential contender for governor who once represented a conservative congressional seat.

“There are so many wonderful young progressive leaders in this state, and I’m supportive of their passion and commitment,” she said in an interview. “I love their energy, but in the short term we need to elect a Democratic governor and need to be smart about 2022.”

If you’re touting the Progressives, you are far, far left, and all you’re trying to do is pretend you aren’t one for political expediency.

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2 Responses to “After Election Whooping, Florida Socialist Democrats Proclaim They “Aren’t F’ing Socialists””

  1. Est1950 says:

    Trump has a slim chance of winning the election. The threat of civil war oozes from the left. It is not even talked about on the right other than discussing how the left and Antifa goons want America to collapse.

    So with that said, the courts are terrified to rule in favor of Trump. Even the Supreme court is terrified and fear for their lives if they were to overturn these results in 4 states. NO amount of evidence will persuade them to rule without fear.

    So it is imperative Trump take this to the limit. This election needs to be exposed. These Dominion machines expunged from the system.

    Did you know that the CIA wrote a program called hammer to be used to track terrorists and their Scorecard program was found to be able to hack voting machines. When Obama entered office in 2009 he immediately took the program and put it under his personal control.

    This is why Biden let slip in one of his dementia moments that the Democrats have the most elaborate voter fraud system in the history of the world in place.

    The problem Trump faces is this vote change is non traceable and can only be traced by an HONEST AUDIT of every vote.

    Hence why the Democrats are refusing to do audits and why the GOP never trumper and yes he is a never trumper in Georgia will not do a transparent audit. This cannot be exposed. The country would errupt into flames declare the deep state.

    So This is why Trump must take this to the limit and expose as much as he can before he is chased out of office. Or the GOP will never win another national election because the Democrats and the CIA and the FBI will let cheating occur on a massive scale dropping it to Senate races as well.

  2. Dana says:

    Our esteemed host quoted:

    “I’m not a f—ing socialist,” Pizzo later said in an interview. “My life is a manifestation of the American dream. I believe in free markets.”

    Then why is he a Democrat?

    If he believes in free markets, why does he remain a member of the party that thinks free markets are raaaaacist and need to be much more heavily regulated? If he is “not a f—ing socialist,” why does he remain in the party that is seeing the rise of socialism within its ranks?

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