Next Fake Hate Hoax? Threatening Flyers Found In Apex, NC

If this is another in a long line of hate hoax’s, the person could be in some serious, serious trouble

‘Day one, get ready:’ Flyers depicting Holocaust found in Apex, threaten consequences if Biden is elected

Apex police are investigating after a woman found packets of notes and photos, which appear to warn of deadly consequences if Joe Biden and Democrats take power.

Allona Johnson was babysitting two small children when she found the flyers during a walk to the park around a block away from home. She said she saw them tossed along the side of the road.

What she found inside horrified her.

One paper included photos of prominent Democrats, and this message:

“We’ll take care of you like we did in Benghazi. Our motto: What difference if we kill 50 Americans over there or 50 million in the U.S.A.!”

A flyer also read:

“You aughtta know after 70 years, we’ll kill teens, M.L.K. and Kennedies.”

Another paper displayed photos of Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, with the note:

“Day one, get ready. This is the real deal.”

That sheet also contained an image, too graphic to show on TV, of what appeared to be a mass grave during the Holocaust.

I don’t get the Benghazi one, no matter how much I read it. It’s like someone put it together with buzz phrases.

She threw two of the packets away but saved one to show her boss, Connie.

Why would she do that? Why save one to show to her boss? Kinda a strange thing to do

Connie reported the flyers to Apex police.

She said her husband found another packet – in their driveway – on Monday, but he hadn’t told her so as not to alarm her.

And Connie’s husband just happened to find a packet, too? That’s convenient. And no one else is reporting finding any? One would think that reporters might be doing some digging and asking pointed questions, especially since so many of these things turn out to be fakes.

Apex police are investigating, and

Thursday evening, Shelly Lynch, a spokesperson for the FBI in North Carolina released a statement on the situation.

“Though the FBI’s standard practice is to neither confirm nor deny any investigation, we take all election-related threats seriously, whether it is voter fraud, voter suppression, or threats from cyber or foreign influence actors. We’re committed to supporting our election security partners and protecting the American people during the 2020 election season.”

If this turns out to be a hoax, it could be very, very bad for the folks involved with the FBI getting involved. Especially if the people stick to their stories and the FBI finds they’re lies.

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  1. Hairy says:

    And 2 men from out of state arrested in Philadelphia with illegal guns on their way to attack the vote counting center
    Police report they were driving a sliver Hummer

    Sounds kinda like not friends of St Greta

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