Oregon Voted To Decriminalize All Drugs

What could possibly go wrong with this?

Oregon becomes first US state to decriminalize possession of hard drugs

A nationwide push to relax drug laws scored significant victories on Tuesday as four states voted to legalize marijuana, and Oregon became the first state to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of hard drugs.

Voters in Arizona, Montana, New Jersey and South Dakota passed state ballot measures to legalize recreational cannabis use, major victories in the movement to undo the harms of cannabis criminalization.

And in Oregon, voters made history by passing the first state law in the US to decriminalize possession of hard drugs including heroin, cocaine and LSD. The measure backed by criminal justice reform groups is aimed at diverting people from jails and prisons by treating possession as a citation and expanding access to treatment and recovery.

Made history. Interestingly, it wasn’t “made history” here in North Carolina when we got the first Black Lieutenant Governor. Because Mark Robinson is a Republican. Anyhow, it’s nice to try and help the drugees by going for treatment rather than jail, but, really, this will just mean more people doing drugs and more smuggling. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and we know that this is going to make the cities in Oregon, especially Portland and the other bigger cities, even more dangerous.

Meanwhile, some other interesting ballot initiatives

  • People are apparently going to be able to get state offered psychedelic mushrooms in Oregon
  • California will be adding even more taxes on commercial and industrial properties to “pay for education” wink wink
  • Though, California did shoot down getting rid of cash bail
  • Michigan will require a warrant for an electronic search (see this link for this and the rest, more I’m not mentioning)
  • Kentucky added victim’ rights to their constitution
  • Utah apparently allowed slavery/servitude as punishment, which has now been ended

A big one which is surprisingly rather low-key is from Louisiana

Louisiana voters have approved an amendment to the state constitution that makes clear the document does not grant the right to an abortion.

The question before voters Tuesday was whether to explicitly state that “a right to abortion and the funding of abortion shall not be found in the Louisiana Constitution.”

Obviously, the “murder the unborn because you were too lazy to have responsible, protected sex” crowd will sue.

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3 Responses to “Oregon Voted To Decriminalize All Drugs”

  1. Hairy says:

    Teach if you really thought that abortion was murder shouldn’t you be doing more to stop it ?
    Talk the talk gotta walk the walk

  2. Professor Hale says:

    Not all drugs. Just the recreational ones. Possession of anti-biotics without a prescription is still illegal.

  3. Hairy says:

    Mark Robinson is a fine Republican
    Went bankrupt only 3 times all before the age of 44 !!!
    Refused to take back his anti semetic statements about The movie Black Panther or
    His allegation that Michelle Obama was a male
    Teach did you vote for him? How do you feel about his anti-semetic statements about Hollywood Jews “taking the shekels out of black pockets” ?

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