Someone Please Explain Why People Have To Blow Off Stop Signs

Dana caught a tweet from me a few months back asking people to please stop running stop signs. And there was this at

Drivers no longer know what ‘stop’ means

I was under the impression that when vehicles approached stop signs and red traffic lights, they were supposed to stop.

I have seen more and more vehicles go through intersections with red traffic signals. Many cars never come to a full stop when approaching a stop sign. These drivers put others at risk, and can cause accidents.

What’s their excuse? Are they in a hurry to get somewhere? As long as they can get away with running stop signs and driving through red traffic lights, bad drivers will continue to disobey traffic laws.

The running red lights, mostly as they are just about to go red, has been going on for a while. Over the last few months, I’ve noticed a serious increase in the amount of people blowing stop signs. Maybe I just never noticed. It seems to be happening everywhere lately, And these aren’t slow and goes. No. People get near the stop sign, and just go. They do not get down to a mile or two an hour. And they are flying up to stop signs, and slamming on the brakes when they realize a vehicle is coming. It is worrisome, and damned dangerous. They really often do not have time to look both ways properly to see if a vehicle, a jogger, a kid on a bike, etc, is coming.

I just don’t get it. If they do not care about other people, you’d think they would care about themselves and their property which costs tens of thousands of dollars.  It’s such a simple thing that only costs a few extra seconds. I’ve been hit by a dumbass blowing a red light (they were going right on red, and weren’t paying attention to the my turn signal, but, still never stopped). I don’t feel like getting hit because some other dumbass couldn’t wait a few seconds.

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3 Responses to “Someone Please Explain Why People Have To Blow Off Stop Signs”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    It’s Trump’s fault. People are so convinced the world is coming to an end that there is no reason to obey administrative laws any longer.

    Seriously? I think it is immigration from shithole countries. There are so many immigrants in the USA (legal and otherwise) that they are having a noticeable impact on everything. I have seen more women wearing Hijab in Alexandria VA, than in Baghdad or Istanbul. They are filling our jails, schools, and our streets. Most of them can’t get licenses to drive and wouldn’t bother if they could because they see such things as just another way the government forces them to pay bribes. It is why there is more litter on the highways. It is why there is more recorded cases of childhood diseases that were erased in North America. It is why crime rates are increasing everywhere after a decades long decrease in violent crimes. It is why there is more poop on the streets. Add Third world people to a First world country and they don’t become like us. It is too far for them to go. Instead they turn America into what they left. Stop signs are just one indicator among many.

  2. formwiz says:

    Think is the word.

    You see people go flying across parking lots the same way, not looking what’s going on.You see people go flying across parking lots the same way, not looking what’s going on. In the old days, people were taught how to think, what cause and effect are.

    Not any more.

  3. McGehee says:

    Around here, when school lets out for the summer, the quality of demonstrated driving skills plummets. The future leadership of Western civilization borrows the family car and hits the road to show the world that they have no idea how to drive.

    Though, it’s not always young people blowing through stop signs — I also see “tradesman” vehicles do it. And I’ve often wondered whether patrol cars delivered to our sheriff’s department arrive without the turn signals hooked up.

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