Why I think taking out was the right thing to do.

This is an old post from a forum that I wrote. Not incredibly prolific, it is often a waste of time to me to write that way, when the demolib’s will ask for he 411, then blow it off. Thought about rewriting it a bit, then said, naa

“First, I said long ago that I thought the war shouldn’t have been just about WMD. There were other rationals that should have been used along with WMD.

The brutality of the regime. Saddam’s support for ME terrorism. Saddam’s inabilty to follow through on following UN santions. Among others.

Iraq is considered the lynchpin nation in the ME. Deposing saddam and turning Iraq into at least a somewhat democratic nation will affect the other arab states in the ME, who will, hopefully, become more progressive, if not democratic (probably under the Classical Conservative model).

We removed a major supporter of terrorists against Israel. A WMD attack by terrorists would make Israel go apeshat, and another large war in the ME would drastically increase the price of oil, and cause serious ramifications with the worlds, and, more importantly, the US economy.

Settle down Iraq, settle down much ME terrorism in the long run. Provide better living conditions and education, as well as hope, to ME people’s, and much of the purpose of organized terrorism will disappear.

We see problems with the palestinian groups now, they are splintering. The support from Saddam has dried up, making it harder for those groups to operate successfully. Now is actually the time to push for a better resolution to the Israeli-palestinian problem.

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