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Surprise: Washington Post Blames ‘Climate Change’ For Tropical Storm Cindy

Richard Cleetus (who’s not a climate scientist: remember, according to Cult of Climastrology talking points, we’re only supposed to listen to actual climate scientists (unless they help the Narrative)) isn’t the first to Blamestorm ‘climate change’ for Cindy, but, you can expect this type of un-science idiocy with any and every tropical system that comes […]

Good, Thick, Strong Arctic Ice Is Totally In-line With ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

This sounds like a bit of excuse-making, much like we’ve seen with the Great Pause, the lack of landfalling hurricanes, lack of strong hurricanes, winter weather, and so on. Set the BS Meter to stun How Sea Ice Can Still Be Thick in Places in a Warming Arctic It might seem to you that unusually […]

We Have A Winner In The “Tropical Storm Cindy Is Climate Change” Sweepstakes

Remember when members of the Cult of Climastrology would tell us that weather was not climate? Of course, that was before the CoC manufactured a talking point that allowed them to blame all winter weather on warming and CO2, which allows them to now screech “this is what climate change looks like! Yeaaaaaaargh!” Hence, we […]

Warmists Sue Trump Admin Over Failure To Enforce Costly Household Appliance Rule

The Cult of Climastrology really, really wants to raise the cost of all your home appliances in order to stop the extinction of all life on Earth or something (Daily Caller) Environmentalists and a coalition of Democratic-led states sued the Trump administration Tuesday for delaying Energy Department energy efficiency regulations on common appliances. The Trump […]

Not A Religion: Being Jewish Requires The Paris Climate Agreement Or Something

We’ve seen the same thing out of Muslim and Christian Warmists, proclaiming that it’s a religious requirement. Why should Jews be left out? Judaism requires us to pursue the goals of the Paris climate accords The Trump administration’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement has demanded that we all ask ourselves where we […]

Climate Change Ice Blamed For Cancellation Of Climate Change Expedition

Possibly one of the most cultish headlines you’ll see Climate change [scam] researchers cancel expedition because of "thick, dense ice"; CO2 blamed — Tom Nelson (@tan123) June 12, 2017 From the Cult of Climastrology newsroom Climate change researchers cancel expedition because of climate change Icebreaker CCGS Amundsen diverted from science mission, continues search and […]

New Leftist Fantasy: Decision On Paris Climate Agreement Is Impeachable Offense

Do Leftists ever get tired of unhinged moonbattery from their comrades?  Do they ever shake their heads, do a facepalm, and say “stop, please, this is as embarrassing as a drunk friend sharting themselves at a fancy swimsuit party with super-models”? Probably not (Daily Caller) A liberal law professor wrote a lengthy op-ed claiming President […]

Fossil Fuels Might Be The New Slavery And Jim Crow Or Something

Over here we have Al Gore saying that God wants us to fight global warming. Since he’s the exact type of person Warmists tell us to ignore…namely, he isn’t a climate scientist, his degrees are in divinity…, let’s ignore him and Global warming is not about smokestacks, it’s about ourselves Are fossil fuels the new […]

The Resistance Is Super Enthused To Take North Korea’s Side On Hotcoldwetdry

Remember this? Every day is Earth Day in North Korea. — Navy Doc (@SereDoc) April 24, 2017 Now this, via Twitchy North Korea accuses President Trump of being "selfish" over Paris climate pact withdrawal — CNN (@CNN) June 7, 2017 And we get in the story In a statement Tuesday, Pyongyang said […]

Woman Killed By Bear In Japan So ‘Climate Change’

How many times have I mentioned that if something is happening, the Cult of Climastrology will link it to ‘climate change’ in some form or fashion? Here we go again (UK Telegraph) A woman has been killed in an apparent bear attack while picking wild bamboo shoots in the mountains of northern Japan. The body […]

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