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Warmists: Warm, Pleasant Weather Is Ominous Or Something

During the recent bitter cold, the Cult of Climastrology was saying it was all about ‘climate change’. It totally validated their talking points that greenhouse gases were changing the atmosphere! But, now we have some warm weather, so Extreme February temperatures on East Coast raise question about climate change Summer came early to New York […]

Surprise: Humans Reversed Global Cooling Per Pollen Data

If we did, that would be a good thing, would it not? Remember the 75 million killed by the Black Plague during the beginning of the last cool period? How about all the wars, famine, strife? And how Mankind jumped ahead in technology, life expansion, medicine, women’s rights, and so forth during this warm period? […]

We Can Totally Stop ‘Climate Change’ By Giving Girls Birth Control

Wired’s Robin George Andrews thinks she totally has the solution to fixing this whole (made up) issue TO STOP CLIMATE CHANGE, EDUCATE GIRLS AND GIVE THEM BIRTH CONTROL CLIMATE CHANGE IS a ubiquitous hydra, a many-headed beast that affects everyone and everything in some form. Solutions to climate change range from the effective and the […]

Climate Weenies Sue Washington State For More ‘Climate Change’ Regulations

They won’t give up their own use of fossil fuels and carbon footprints, they just want you to be forced by Government to give up yours, and they’re shamefully using children (AP) Environmental activists are suing Washington state, the latest state-level effort to boost use of renewable energy. Thirteen children backed by the non-profit Our […]

Super New Warmist Idea: Carbon Neutral Mortgage

But, should Warmists actually be buying homes? Perhaps a tiny home (I actually love watching those tiny home shows. The end product is pretty cool), but, say, anything over 700 square feet certainly is a no no. First-Ever Carbon Neutral Mortgage Allows [Stupid] Borrowers to Offset Footprint of Home Ownership — Tom Nelson (@tan123) […]

To The Surprise Of No One, Warmists Make Valentine’s Day About ‘Climate Change’ (scam)

No matter what the holiday or event, the Cult of Climastrology will find a way to interject itself. Here’s loopy Pam Wright at the Weather Channel Valentine’s Day Bummer: Climate Change Expected to Significantly Impact Chocolate, Champagne Production There’s some bad news on the horizon for Valentine’s Day: Scientists say global warming and changing weather […]

Good News: ‘Climate Change’ (scam) Probably Won’t Kill All Of Us

Are we going to hold a drawing to see who lives? Play eenie meenie miney moe? Or flip a coin (oh, wait, that would be racist) Study: Climate Change Probably Won’t Kill All of Us Due to a combination of prudence and morbid curiosity, a great deal of scholarly research (and journalism) about climate change […]

Warmists Want Olympics Athletes To Be Vocal On “Climate Change’ (scam)

This would be a fantastic way to get lots of people to tune out Every Olympic athlete in Pyeongchang should be vocal about climate change …… It’s not much of a leap from those two underweight snowmen to the Winter Olympics. Yes, the Games are big business. But every Winter Olympian’s love of their sport […]

Trump’s Infrastructure May Ignore ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

This has given the NY Times’ resident Alarmist, Coral Davenport, a sad Trump’s Infrastructure Plan May Ignore Climate Change. It Could Be Costly. President Trump is expected to unveil on Monday a plan that would fulfill one of his signature campaign promises: a $1.5 trillion, once-in-a-generation proposal to rebuild, restore and modernize the nation’s aging […]

Good News: Young Warmists Recognized For Being Warmists Due To Un-Scientific Propaganda

Nothing says “I totally believe in science” like basing your beliefs off of something that is simply propaganda Two Portland students being recognized for their efforts to address climate change Two Portland middle schoolers are fighting to address climate change. It’s a fight to educate local students and lawmakers that’s now being recognized around the […]

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