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We’ve Been Warned About Cold Winters From ‘Climate Change’!

How can you tell that something is a cult and not a science? When everything bad that happens is the result of people refusing to comply with the edicts of the cult The politics of harsh winters In the past, extreme weather and disastrous harvests have proved socially divisive. We have been warned, say climate […]

Snow In Portland Is Totally Climate Change Doom

Black is white, up is down, hot is cold (Oregon Live) Look outside. It’s probably snowing. In fact, in Portland, Tuesday was one of the “snowiest” days on record. The National Weather Service in Portland says this winter could be the coldest in 20 years. Whenever the weather gets cold, someone somewhere, whether it’s in […]

Senator Who Takes Long Fossil Fueled Flights Grills Pompeo On ‘Climate Change’

Things that are important in Liberal World (Washington Examiner) Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., grilled CIA director Mike Pompeo on whether climate change was a leading national security threat during his Senate confirmation hearings Thursday. (WT note: he’s up for the position, he’s not the CIA Director yet) “CIA Director Brennan, who has spent a 25-year […]

Bad News: Binge Watching Is Causing The Earth To Burn

Do you binge watch? I do. Lately, what with the weather closing and such, I’ve been binge watching the heck out of a bunch of shows. Masterchef Canada, Hell’s Kitchen season 11 and 12. As such, I’m Evil for carbon pollution (Huffington Post)  Our video streaming addiction might be affecting the world outside our living […]

Warmist Journalist Worries About The Emotional Toll Of Covering Climate In Age Of Trump

Andrew Freedman is Very Concerned. This follows on the heals of the meltdown by leading member of the Cult of Climastrology Eric Holthaus (who’s a pretty nice guy, from my interactions on Twitter), who has been driven to therapy. The emotional toll of covering climate change in the Trump era I never found covering climate […]

Uh Oh: When It Comes To Climate Doom, Nice Weather May Play Tricks On Your Mind

Carbon pollution is very sneaky, you guys! Nice Weather May Be Playing Tricks On Your Mind About Climate Change “It is very tempting to rely on what you are experiencing.” Most likely, you don’t write down the number of days each year when the temperature in your town reaches a record high or record low. […]

Idling Your Car During Climate Change Cold Days Is Bad For Climate Change

Is it really necessary to idle a vehicle on a cold day? More importantly, are you dooming the planet when you do? (Patch) Across the U.S., people with remote car starters sit in their kitchens sipping coffee while their car warms up in the driveway. It’s a commonly-held belief that engines need to warm up […]

If You Believe In The Free Market You Should Totally Believe In ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Being the last day of 2016, I’m breaking the Laws Of The Internet and using “Or Something” in a second headline. It’s worth it Why Free Market Believers Should Naturally Accept Climate Change Science Are you someone who has faith in the power of free markets? Then you should naturally accept the evidence that human […]

People Plan To Freeze Themselves In A Polar Plunge For ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Yes, it is that loopy time of the year More than 200 Mainers Set to Take Polar Bear Plunge With temperatures forecast to be in the mid to upper 20s, a group of dedicated Mainers will be taking a plunge into the Atlantic on Saturday at East End Beach in Portland to draw attention to […]

States Will Lead On ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

The Editorial Board of the NY Times is suddenly super enthused about this whole “federalism” thing, about States’ Rights and limiting the power of los federales. At least as it relates to Hotcoldwetdry States Will Lead on Climate Change in the Trump Era State governments will serve as an important bulwark against any attempt by […]

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