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“Kids” To Sue European Nations Over ‘Climate Change’, Because The Paris Agreement Is Not Enough

Yes, it’s another case of kids suing over Hotcoldwetdry, and, by kids, we all know that they have been put up to this by adults with an agenda (CNN) A group of Portuguese children whose district was ravaged by deadly forest fires this summer is to sue 47 European nations, accusing them of failing to take action […]

Hollywood Looks To Reduce Profit With More ‘Climate Change’ Movies

Rather than just making good movies, Hollywood has been going the SJW route for a while now, but, this really ramped up during the Bush years. And most of those movies tanked. What are they trying now? "Downsizing" movie plot: Humans shrunk to 5" tall in an attempt to prevent AGW? — Tom Nelson […]

California Looks To Make Cremations Climate Friendly Or Something

Now, there is nothing wrong with allowing cremation using other methods, ones which have been restricted for really no good reason. There is also nothing wrong with using a method that is actually better for the environment, versus the use of lots of chemicals, such as embalming fluid, and the non-biodegradable chipboard in coffins. But, […]

Slate: Last Month’s Jobs Report Is Totally A Hint To Come From ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Never go Full Slate, as Eleanor Cummins does Last Month’s Jobs Report Hints at Our Climate-Changed Economy’s Future After seven years on the up, the U.S. economy took a big hit in September. Some 33,000 jobs were lost, according to the latest monthly report issued by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. While there are plenty of factors […]

Michael “Robust Debate” Mann To Write Book Telling Kids To Throw Tantrums

And he’s doing it in the most Cult of Climastrology manner (Daily Caller) An Australian author and noted climate scientist are asking for donations to publish a children’s book that “explains climate change to kids and empowers them to act” and is also carbon neutral, according to their KickStarter page. The children’s book, “The Tantrum […]

Trump’s Views On Hotcoldwetdry Are Threatening Civilization Or Something

Threatening civilization!!!!! It’s always time for a bit of climahysteria Trump’s views on climate change are threatening human civilization (Your letters) To the Editor: Over the past month we have seen unusually powerful and devastating hurricanes, extremely destructive forest fires and record-breaking heat waves. Closer to home, autumn has felt more like midsummer. And not […]

Bummer: Trump’s Environment Plan Fails To Mention ‘Climate Change’

The Warmists at the UK Independent seem rather surprised by this development. Were they paying attention since Trump started running? Trump’s environmental plan doesn’t mention climate change The Environmental Protection Agency’s strategic plan does not contain the phrase “climate change.” The federal agency’s draft four-year plan is detailed in a 38-page report that was released […]

Supergirl Trots Out Warmist For The Sake Of Warmist

They want to prove they’re totally woke and work hard to drive away a dwindling viewer base, along with introducing a Trump-like villain (NewsBusters) CW’s Supergirl has now had almost five extra months to come to terms with the Trump Presidency. At this point, the show could either move on like the rest of the country or double […]

Swedish Aid Chief: We Can Totally Learn From Indigenous People On ‘Climate Change’ To Live Like It’s 1499 Or Something

It’s funny how people who benefit heavily from a modern lifestyle, made possible in part by fossil fuels, want to roll back society (for Other People, of course) Learn from indigenous people to fight climate change, says Swedish aid chief With generations of experience conserving land and forests, indigenous people’s knowledge about climate change could […]

New Blade Runner Gives ‘Climate Change’ A Starring Role

Instead of just making a great movie to follow up with the original, one of the great all time science fiction movies, based on the story Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K Dick, they decided to give it a Message, guaranteeing lower box office draws (Washington Examiner)  The sequel to the 1982 […]

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