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If You Really Care About ‘Climate Change’, You’ll Boycott Earth Hour

Hey, it’s not me saying this, it’s uber-Warmist Adam McGibbon If you really care about climate change, you should boycott the ridiculous Earth Hour stunt I am an environmentalist. For my whole adult life I have protested, campaigned, helped to elect climate-savvy politicians and worked hard on what I see as the cause of my […]

You Too Can Get A Degree In Climate Justice From Lyndon State College

You can learn all about spreading awareness and nagging people New Climate Change Science Degree at LSC to Tackle Global Problem A new Bachelor of Science degree in Climate Change Science at Lyndon State College, to be launched this fall, will give students skills to confront the pervasive problems caused by global climate issues. As […]

Last Year’s (completely normal) Weather Leaves No Room For Doubt On ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

The same people who used to say that weather is not climate when it was cold, snowy, icy, entirely average, etc (until they decided that things like cold and snow are caused by carbon pollution) are now claiming that entirely normal weather is all part of man-caused climate change doom Last year’s weather proves climate […]

People Should Have Long, Complex Conversations On The Climate Ethics Of Having A Baby Or Something

Why yes, yes these people are deranged. Sadly, this is where the Cult of Climastrology is going, making people nutty I’m worried having a baby will make climate change worse Part of my motivation for becoming a climate scientist was my grave worries for our future and my desire to make a positive contribution. In […]

What Say to Your Doctor Badgering You On Hotcoldwetdry?

This sounds like a great idea….for doctors to lose paying customers Doctor groups take up global warming advocacy Patients should be prepared for future meetings with their doctors to include discussions of global warming. Under a political advocacy campaign launched Wednesday, a coalition of physician groups will tell the public that their health is threatened […]

Man Caused Global Warming Makes Snowstorms Worse Or Something

This is not a new meme from the Cult of Climastrology. They’ve been beating this horse for several years now as a means to deflect off of seeing big snowstorms during a period in which the world is supposed to be boiling, especially as Europe and many parts of the world have seen brutal winters […]

Unshockingly, Winter Storm Stella Is Man-Caused Global Warming

With any type of event, especially weather, what you end up with is a few smatterings, a few rumbles, linking the event to Hotcoldwetdry. There were a few tweets, many which screeched curse words at Donald Trump for not being a Warmist, and then boom! Tons of them starting Monday. And, then we get the […]

Trump Should Be Afraid Of These Climate Change Kids Or Something

A recent meme among Warmists over the past week is the notion that Donald Trump is going to have to deal with a lawsuit filed by a bunch of kids (meaning, of course, by interest groups using the kids as props) on Hotcoldwetdry, and it is a loopy lawsuit, proving that schools are unable to […]

Who’s Up For Another “Schoolkids Won’t Know What Snow Looks Like” Prognostication?

If you remember, way back in 2000 The UK Independent ran a screed which proclaimed “Children just aren’t going to know what snow is.” This has led to lots and lots of well deserved mockery. Of course, they disappeared the article, which was, fortunately, preserved at Watts Up With That?. And, there have been plenty […]

Totally New Idea: Sell ‘Climate Change’ To Skeptics By Changing The Wording

By new idea, they mean trying the same old same old. This is Salon being Salon, and uber-nutty Amanda Marcotte being uber-nutty Conservatives are willing to combat climate change — when it’s not called “climate change” Conservatives have a kneejerk reactions to the phrase, so environmentalists are finding ways to reframe the issue … The […]

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