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We Should Be Talking About ‘Climate Change’ Because A Woman’s Baby Can’t Sleep At Night Or Something

Personally, I’d recommend turning on the air conditioning and living in modern world, but, hey, we all know that a 1.5F increase in global temperatures over 170 years is doom My baby can’t sleep from the heat, why aren’t we talking about climate change? Irritated and covered in sweat, yet again my two year old […]

New Hot ‘Climate Change’ Term: Climate Gentrification

Because, thanks to you driving the kids to soccer in your fossil fueled minivan and bringing them oranges from far away places, the poor will be forced from their homes Climate Change Will Force the Poor From Their Homes It’s no surprise that a list of places most at risk from climate change and sea-level […]

Young Climahypocrites Say Now Is The Time For Revolution

What these young climate activists are showing is that the ‘climate change’ movement is really just about left wing politics These Young Climate Justice Advocates Say It’s Time for a Revolution On July 21, youth climate marchers will converge on Washington and around the country to demand a better future. So, wait, they’re going to […]

Ireland Becomes First Nation To Divest From Fossil Fuels (Which Government Will Still Use)

This is supposed to be super duper crazy big news, especially for a nation that is 2nd worst for tackling Hotcoldwetdry in Europe Ireland becomes world's first country to divest from fossil fuels #Ireland #fossilfuels — Guardian Environment (@guardianeco) July 13, 2018 From the article (which is basically mirrored all over the leftist news […]

NY Times Wonders If ‘Climate Change’ Has Something To Do With Thailand Floods

In the wake of the kids being trapped in the cave, you just knew someone had to run something like this. In this case, it’s the NY Times’ Nadja Popovich and Kendra Pierre-louis, who want to remind us that no one’s suggesting that the kids being trapped was climate change, it’s just climate change Does […]

Youth Climate Movement Shockingly Pushing Anti-Capitalism And SJW Insanity

Who’s surprised that the little budding members of the Cult of Climastrology are pushing a whole raft of far left Progressive SJW measures (via Twitchy) July 21st, Youth will be marching for climate justice. Will you be there? Take a look at the Guiding Priniciples and follow @ThisIsZeroHour 🌎 — Youth Empower (@WomensMarchY) July […]

Surprise: California Blackouts Blamed On ‘Climate Change’

It couldn’t have anything to do with California making it difficult for reliable energy to operate and instead be dependent on so much alternative energy which is unreliable, could it? Record heat put thousands of Californians in the dark Friday. Scientists predicted this from climate change. Temperatures shot up over 110 degrees in Southern California […]

Bummer: Unseasonable Ice Storms Cause ‘Climate Change’ Problems For Gardens

The UK Guardian’s Catriona Sandilands can totes look out her back window and see climate change doom I see my garden as a barometer of climate change I worry about my beautiful, compromised plants, exposed to unseasonable ice storms and heatwaves … On that particular afternoon, I had to wait until the sun had passed […]

Remember, ‘Climate Change’ Is All About Science, Not Politics

Tweeted out using a capitalist created technological device Climate change is class war. The capitalists will gleefully destroy the environment for profit and retreat to armored bunkers or other planets with their piles of gold. Only socialist revolution can stop climate change before they kill us all — Rosa Astra (@morganastra) July 7, 2018 […]

‘Climate Change’ (scam) Doom Bring Extreme Anxiety And Climainsanity

This is what all the doomsaying from the Cult of Climastrology has caused The Threat Of Climate Change Brings Both Anxiety & Apathy The young man believed he only had five years to live. “Not because he was sick,” said Kate Schapira, “not because anything was wrong with him, but because he believed that life […]

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