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Evil Poetry Meme

moehawk from oystersnout has tagged me with the evil "turd in a puchbowl" meme. In poetry no less! The rules are simple: write a poem with "turd in a punchbowl in the first and third lines, that pass it on to 3 unsuspecting blogger sucker. And, just so everyone knows, I will be boarding Blog […]

Stoopedist moment meme II

Billy Budd at American Dinosaur has his monent up.

Stoopedist moment meme

So Phin got tagged, and he has passed the pain goodness on to moi. In keeping with the way he got tagged, and since he is a fellow East Carolina graduate, why not stick with the drunk theme. I got a dandy. And it ‘taint pretty. Though my Mom thought it was funny. So, this […]

Janette and the Book Meme

Janette at Common Sense Runs Wild has answered the Book Meme. Check it out.

If I could be….memearama

Ye Ogre has tagged me with the "If I could be…." meme. Hah! I like memes. Let’s get to it, shall we? I will have have the rules and who I tag at in the "read more" section. If I could be a scientist, I would invent a super battery that could be used to […]

DC answers the Book meme

Daisy Cutter has done the Book Meme. Go here to see what he has to say. (trackback will come later: Haloscan doesn’t work at work) Of course, looks like the Ecosphere did not run last night, so a TB might not matter.

A Book Meme

A book lover’s meme: Sadie at Fistful of Fortnights tagged me with this meme, very interesting. You’re stuck inside Fahrenheit 451, which book do you want to be? Just about any Robert Heinlein book, but, particularly To Sail Beyond the Sunset, Stranger in a Strange Land, or Time Enough for Love. Guaranteed to get me […]

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