California Looks To Pass New Gun Laws That Won’t Stop Mass Shootings

The state with the most gun control laws, that mostly affect law abiding citizens looking to protect themselves from criminals, wants to do more

California Introduces New Gun Legislation Following Mass Shootings

California Gov. Gavin Newsom and other state officials announced new gun safety legislation Wednesday, days after the state was rocked by a string of deadly mass shootings.

California has the strongest gun legislation in the country, Newsom said at a press conference Wednesday, but the state continues “to recognize with humility that we could do more and better.”

The legislation, which the Democratic governor announced alongside state Attorney General Rob Bonta and state Sen. Anthony Portantino (D), is very similar to legislation that failed last year, but its proponents are confident that a key change to the language and a new slate of lawmakers in the California State Legislature will help it glide to victory.

The new rules proposed in the legislation are largely aimed at making it harder for guns to end up in the hands of dangerous or irresponsible people. If enacted, they would beef up the licensing protocols local officials must follow when issuing firearms permits, requiring them to conduct in-person interviews, gather character references and review applicants’ social media profiles.

It would also prohibit anyone younger than 21 from obtaining a concealed-carry license and designate certain public spaces as gun-free, including schools, hospitals, government buildings, places of worship and public transit facilities.

That should scare off criminals, right? It’s just another way to go after the law abiding, instead of cracking down on the actual criminals who use guns, the gang bangers, and other degenerates. It’ll definitely let the criminals know that anyone under 21 won’t be carrying.

As for those interviews and references and social media, well, the courts just wacked those in NY, right?

The things is, Gavin failed to mention how any of this would have stopped any of those shootings.

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7 Responses to “California Looks To Pass New Gun Laws That Won’t Stop Mass Shootings”

  1. Dan says:

    The purpose of “gun control” and the laws promulgated for it are NOT safety or prevention of crime. The purpose of gun control is the only thing people in power care about….CONTROL. And they have been caught on camera over the years openly admitting this. They know laws don’t prevent crime. They don’t care. The law was never intended to control criminals. It exists solely to leverage control over honest people.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      True! Gun grabbers want to control men who would walk into a school and shoot 20 kids. They want to control men who spray bullets in a neighborhood killing innocent bystanders. They want to control parents who allow a child to handle an unsecured handgun. They would like to reduce the homicide and suicide rates in the US.

      The fantasy that an army of packing Loretta Boeberts are protecting the citizenry from a tyrannical gubmint is the stuff of B movies. Wolverines!!

      • Our sage from St Louis wrote:

        True! Gun grabbers want to control men who would walk into a school and shoot 20 kids.

        If those who were charged with enforcing the laws hadn’t treated Nikolas Cruz leniently, then he could not have legally purchased an AR-15, but they kept letting his sorry ass go, leaving him with no convictions, so yup, it was legal for him to buy it. The Club Q shooter could have been behind bars for an earlier stand-off incident, but it was dropped without any charges. Now what even Mr Dowd labeled “gun grabbers” want to put more restrictions on law-abiding people because the liberal and lenient treatment of previously arrested criminals don’t give them records.

        They want to control men who spray bullets in a neighborhood killing innocent bystanders.

        No, actually, they don’t, because unlike the few incidents of school shooters, the vast majority of “men who spray bullets in a neighborhood” are black gang-bangers shooting at other black gang-bangers, and anything approaching serious law enforcement in our major cities brings out cries of “Raaaaacism!”

        In 2021, as Philly was well on its way to a record-shattering 562 ‘official’ homicides, plus another 192 ‘suspicious’ deaths, the good people of the City of Brotherly Love re-elected, by a landslide margin, the George Soros-sponsored, police-hating defense lawyer to be District Attorney, because he let the ‘lesser’ crimes go.

        • Dan says:

          ‘Mr. Dowd’ is a shill. A plant, probably paid by or even employed by the Fed Gov to shitpost in trying to denigrate and nullify anyone pointing out the truth. Ignore it…. it’s a troll?

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  3. Hairy says:

    Most anti gun control zealots are hypocrites
    They say that gun ownership should not be infringed, that it is guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment for all.
    But they really mean gun ownership should be guaranteed for THEMSELVES.
    Not really everyone. They want the state to allow guns for some but not for all. They DO want strict gun laws, but not laws that would restrict their own right guaranteed fully for themselves

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      Once again you’re a damn liar H. Show me any “anti gun control zealots” (that’s a long winded label) who ever only want guns for themselves.

      You are full of shit.

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