AP: Fiercer Storms Are AGW, Confirmed By Study By Climate Alarmists

It’s springtime, so, here we go

The Northeast is seeing more frequent “extreme precipitation events” in line with global warming predictions, a study shows, including storms like the recent fierce rains whose floodwaters swallowed neighborhoods and businesses across New England.

The study does not link last week’s devastating floods to its research but examined 60 years’ worth of National Weather Service rainfall records in nine Northeastern states and found that storms that produce an inch or more of rain in a day — a threshold the recent storm far surpassed — are coming more frequently.

So, when it is cold, it is weather, but, when it rains, it is global warming? Interestingly, 30 of those 60 years were reducing temperatures, leading many news outlets to wonder if a new ice age was coming. We have also seen flatlined temps over the past 10 years, and, as Phil Jones stated, no statistically significant warming over the past 15.

“It’s almost like 1 inch of rainfall has become pretty common these days,” said Bill Burtis, spokesman for Clean Air-Cool Planet, a global warming education group that released the study Monday along with the University of New Hampshire’s Carbon Solutions New England group.

Hmm, those groups wouldn’t have any skin in the game, would they? They don’t make money off of AGW becoming big business, right?

The study’s results are consistent with what could be expected in a world warmed by greenhouse gases, said UNH associate professor Cameron Wake. He acknowledged it would take more sophisticated studies to cement a warming link, though.

“I can’t point to these recent storms and say, that is global warming,” he said.

Hey, it could very well be. I do not dispute warming. It happens. And it is mostly natural. I wouldn’t be surprised if the warming sticks around for another hundred years or so, then goes back into a cooler period. It’s happened before. Heck, we know that Greenland’s Medieval warming was hotter than today. No SUVs, no this or that.

Yes, these storms are costly. And a part of life on Earth. But, hey, as the end of the AP article points out, we should spend lots of money on stopping AGW because the storms are costly. Sigh.

Elsewhere, some humor

Aral Sea – – It is really shocking to see that one of the largest lakes in the world doesn’t even amount to one of the middle sized lakes anymore as global warming is making its impact be known by the Aral Sea before and after images and discoveries which show it completely dried up.

It isn’t all because of global warming though as much of the drying up has to do with this cotton boosting initiative that Russia took some years ago in the process of which it changed the directions of the rivers or diverted them to cotton plantations which in the end left no water making it to the Aral Sea.

Ah. So it really isn’t AGW at all, but agriculture.

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9 Responses to “AP: Fiercer Storms Are AGW, Confirmed By Study By Climate Alarmists”

  1. Otter says:


  2. manbearpig says:

    If we would just invest some of that stimulus money on Simon Bar Sinister’s Weather Machine to distort the Earth’s weather patterns, we would all be better off.


  3. John Ryan says:

    And another HEAT RECORD broken today 91 in New York City !!

  4. John Ryan says:

    And anyone willing to bet money that 2010 will not be in the top 5 hottest years can wager real money on Intrade. Current payoff for deniers is about 4-1 contract pay off

  5. Otter says:

    Anyone familiar with El-Nino knows that heat waves like this one, ‘lil’ johnny, have happened several hundred Thousand times before, over the past half billion years.

  6. manbearpig says:

    and who’s data is Intrade going to use? East Anglia who has cooked the books, or NASA who freely admits that their data sucks?

  7. gitarcarver says:

    And another HEAT RECORD broken today 91 in New York City !!

    This is the lunacy of people that won’t debate the science. Whenever a skeptic says “look at how cold it was this winter,” AGW proponents will say “that is a localized data point. It doesn’t reflect the global warming trend.”

    When skeptics say “look at the evidence that the world is not warming,” AGW proponents will say “look at this data point! It proves that global warming is happening!”

    There is no intellectual honesty from these folks.

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