Climate Change Blasted At West Virginia Rally

Heh heh

Massey Energy chief executive Don Blankenship blasted supporters of climate-change legislation and other environmental issues affecting the coal industry at a corporate-sponsored Labor Day concert and rally in southern West Virginia.

“Our government, environmental extremists, American corporations, and politicians on the right and the left are all endangering American labor,” he said. “Let’s send the message to Washington that the politicians have to stop giving our jobs away. If they don’t, it’s the politicians that need to retrain and relocate.”

“We don’t need a government that wants to shut down our coal mines. We don’t want a government that wants to increase our power bills,” Blankenship said. “We don’t want a government that is run by people who believe they can change the earth’s temperature when they can’t balance a budget.”

Or run Social Security. Medicare. Medicaid. $600 hammers. House cafeteria. Don’t read bills. I can keep going.


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